Lessons Out of Appleton.

Guest post by my Dad. To see all of his previous guest posts, click here. I was angry.  But then, I had a right to be! As I arrived at the airport and turned in my rental car, I received a text message that my 10:15 flight was delayed until 2:30. Why couldn’t they have […]

A Journey Update

This is a guest post by my Dad. His prior guest posts can all be found here. A year and a half ago, Rachel related the diagnosis of my cancer. I was stunned and deeply appreciative of all of the comments, concerns and prayers that her readers expressed. This week, when Rachel asked for a […]

Passing the Torch.

This is a guest post by my Dad. Besides being an expert mechanic on all things and especially those antique, he is a writer, an artist (one of his pen and ink drawings can be seen below), a Tech Inspector for the Le Mans racing series, a beekeeper, a Chicken Coop Designer, an adventurer (I’ve […]

Going Postal.

This post is a guest post, written by my Dad. You can read his last guest post here. First, let me say that I am, for the most part, a person who appreciates the various functions of the different levels of government. For instance, I don’t have to worry too much about national security, knowing […]

The Woeful Tale of Laguna Seca Girl.

This is a guest post by my Dad. He told me this story a few weeks ago, and I have been cracking up about it ever since. In a sympathetic way, of course. So I asked him to write it up for me, which he graciously agreed to do. I find it fitting and an […]