Moms Need Retreats.

A couple of months ago, my husband gave me an assignment. He demanded that I plan a trip for the moms in our small group. He also made the suggestion that changed everything. “Pick a date. You’re going no matter what. And whoever can join you, great.” …Because we’ve tried this before, and it’s never […]

The Summer of June Bugs.

As Chris and I sat on the lawn of Gorham’s Bluff basking in the wonders it possessed, we noticed an impressive bug convention going on around us. Chris watched them reservedly and said “Are these ground bees or something?” I stared down at them, waiting for one to do a fly-by for me to identify, […]

On Declaring Independence.

I know that you’ve all been waiting with intense anticipation for an update on the fallout of Noah’s stomach virus. I am here for you. I am gleeful to report that, although it did last through the night and he woke up Thursday morning with his bed in such an abominable state that if I […]

Road Tripping North Alabama.

Up until a few years ago, I can say with certainty that I was a beach girl. I really didn’t have any interest in the mountains, always preferring to drift warmwards rather than coldwards, and in complete adoration with the ocean. I believe, if I remember correctly, that it was the fault of The General […]

The Secrets of Pisgah.

So.  To celebrate our tenth anniversary (coming up on Thursday), Chris and I went to Pisgah this weekend. Yes. Pisgah. But you know what’s weirder than a town named Pisgah? The fact that there are two towns, in Alabama, named Pisgah. I discovered this by trying to map my iPhone to our destination.  Then I […]