The Secrets of Pisgah.

So.  To celebrate our tenth anniversary (coming up on Thursday), Chris and I went to Pisgah this weekend.

Yes. Pisgah.

But you know what’s weirder than a town named Pisgah?

The fact that there are two towns, in Alabama, named Pisgah.

I discovered this by trying to map my iPhone to our destination.  Then I had to Google Map a “From Pisgah To Pisgah” just to prove to myself that it was true:

PisgahAL copy
But nevertheless, the peculiar naming of this town is a great way to keep a secret… this secret:

Astounding, no?

That was taken on the back porch of the Bed and Breakfast at Gorham’s Bluff – and they weren’t exaggerating when they said that they were on a bluff.  It was PHENOMENAL.


When we arrived on Saturday, it was storming – and so foggy that we could hardly see the road, let alone the bluff.  It was bizarre how completely covered the landscape was.  Here’s the same view, except a day earlier:


It was the most perfectly awesome setup for our overactive imaginations…

Remember the movie “Clue” ?

We drove 20 miles deeper and deeper into the woods in the rolling fog, rain, and lightning..

We arrived for dinner in the Lodge – a mysteriously fabulous house to be in the middle of nowhere…


We fought our way through the rain and into the inn, only to be greeted by name, despite many guests arriving that day.  How did they know who we were??

The dining room was lively and warm, with a crackling fire in the giant hearth, and a room full of strangers dining at a dozen white tablecloths.  The indoor ambiance was significantly nicer than the enshrouding fog, crashing thunder, pounding rain, and eerie lightning outside.

Then, with a crack of thunder and an ominous bolt of lightning, the power went out.

Only for a split second, but it was long enough for our imaginings of a murder mystery to be thrillingly heightened…the old house with it’s wood paneled walls and background jazz was just timeless enough to make us think that at any moment the lights would REALLY go out we’d hear a shrill scream, an awkward thud, and then Tim Curry would appear.


But alas, there were no screams in the dark, no candlesticks, and no Professor Plums.  But dinner was wonderful, and extra romantic with the storm raging outside the window by our table.

Although we ate dinner and breakfast at the Inn, we actually stayed in a cozy one-bedroom cottage within the resort:




It was the perfect environment to get away for a day and reconnect, seeing as how we haven’t seen much of each other without an accompanying little person or two for the past few months.

And the dining was fabulous – we got a gourmet boxed lunch that we ate in our cottage,


Had an amazing four-course dinner,

And a delicious breakfast.

The fog, rain, and chilly weather was the perfect excuse to stay in and watch a movie together Saturday afternoon, and Sunday’s clearing let us bask in the amazing scenery, which made the perfect vacationing mix.




We treasured our 30 hours of adult-time, but when we got back, we rolled right back into our kiddo-lifestyle when Chris, in his best Dora the Explorer voice, asked me,

“What was YOUR favorite part of the trip, Rachel?”

Then stared at me, motionless except for his blink-blink-blinking eyes…

“I liked that part too!”