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11. Modern City Murals: The murals and graffiti on the alley behind Redemptive Cycles and Faith Skate Supply (2nd Avenue N and 13th St.) is unusual, artsy, and fun. Besides this multiple-eyed woman and Vulcan, You can also find some graffiti tags and a Super Mario Brothers throwback.

151115 Murals of Birmingham

12. Closer City/UAB View: The brand new VA Parking Deck on 7th Ave. S and 23rd St. has a wonderful upper deck. It is not locked nor does it take money to get in and out.



13. Flowers: There’s a lovely small garden in Crestline Village across the street from Emmet O’Neal Library. It’s not giant and is seasonal, but for a quick pic of multi-colored flowers and a sunflower or two thrown in, it’s fantastic.


Details: This really is SMALL – not enough to justify an entire photo  shoot. But it is florally bursting enough to mention.

14. Old Birmingham Charm: Avondale Park oozes of history. From the front gate to the rock amphitheater, you’re sure to find somewhere great to take a photo.


140408c Babies at Avondale Park

140408 Cloud Watching at Avondale Park

15. Urban Historics: The Theatre District. On 3rd Avenue N between 18th and 19th, you’ll find The Lyric Theatre, The Alabama Theatre, and the earlier referenced Blank Space Mural Projects. There are plenty of great facades and angles.



16-21. Fading Urban: There are so many marvelous murals, buildings, and alleys in downtown. It pays to take a trip just to drive up and down as many streets as you can and see what you can find.

Here are some examples, but by no means an exhaustive list:

The alley behind 1st Ave N and 24th St.:


1st Ave. S and 24th St. S at the end of Rotary Trail:


Half a block further east (the doorway to First Avenue Rocks):


1st Ave. S. and 23rd St. S across from Rotary Trail:


Across the street from Sloss Furnaces:


The wall at John’s City Diner at 112 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N (it’s not fading – it’s actually relatively new and just gorgeous):

140825b It's Nice to Have You in Birmingham

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8 thoughts on “40 Spectacular Spots for Birmingham Photo Shoots

  1. Such a great list, thanks for sharing! We’ve done pictures down on Morris Ave before, but it was harder to keep my (special needs) son’s attention – he kept running off to watch trains. Last time we went to Aldridge gardens and that was much better for him with less people and a lovely setting. We got married at Samford so will do 25th anniversary pics there next year – yay!
    Anyway, now I’m inspired to get my camera out and take my kids to Sloss, or maybe the train museum.

    1. Btw, my son looked at these pics with me, and kept insisting I scroll back to the bridge one. That’s one of his favorite bridges for train watching. ❤️ I may have to order that one for him.

  2. Wow these make me want to come just to get pictures taken! But there’s the small matter of being stuck on a plane all day with 4 children. :P

  3. Such great ideas!! Thank you soooo much for sharing. And thank you for adding tips and FYI’s on them, that’s so helpful and makes the article well worth note taking!!

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