I am feeling really lazy this Christmas.

Usually, Chris and I truly enjoy finding some sort of creative way to wrap presents, like the year we made Word Search Gift Wrap. I also usually make my own gift tags, too, but as I’ve already admitted this year, my ability to live up to my Christmas Duties has seriously declined.

So…that means I hadn’t wrapped a single present until late last week…despite Noah’s daily questions, “WHY are there no presents under the tree?” and “Will there EVER be presents under the tree with my name on them??”

I had zero ideas to make them fun this year, until I was walking through Staples.

Every time I pass a display of all of the pretty patterned tapes that Scotch makes, I stop and stare, wishing that I had a justifiable reason to buy them all – a decent use for such gorgeous patterns and pretty colors. I love mixing patterns like a crazy person, so the new line of tapes make me as happy as passing down the scrapbook paper aisle at Michaels.

This time, I had the idea I’d been waiting on.

I didn’t know if it would work, but I was willing to take the risk. I strategically bought 13 rolls of my favorite patterns and took them home to try them out. And, shockingly, it was perfect.

Scotch Washi Tape on Presents

No ribbon? No problem. No labels? No problem. I simply taped coordinating patterns around my presents, then wrote the recipient’s name in Sharpie on the tape.

Washi Tape on Presents

The tapes are called Washi Tape, and are very similar to Painter’s Tape, so when I got my line crooked, it was easy to peel off and try again.

Patterned Tape on Presents

Some patterns covered better than others, but I didn’t mind its translucent properties too much.

Scotch Tape Close-Up

The writing is easier to read in person than it is in the pictures, but the ones that take a bit of scrutiny don’t bother me – after all, people should have to work for their gifts.

Scotch Tape on Presents

….Especially the lucky people whose presents got decorated with the one roll of patterned duct tape that I bought.

Duct Tape to Decorate Presents

So in conclusion, this was the easiest decorating of presents I’ve ever done, the rolls of tape look barely used (as opposed to rolls of ribbon that last for all of one-and-a-half presents), and I’m beyond thrilled to finally be able to use those pretty, pretty tapes.

Scotch Washi Tape to Jazz Up Presents

How did you wrap this year?

13 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Last Minute Gift Wrap Idea

  1. You are awesome!!! I NEED this!!!! My stupid cats eat curling ribbon so I haven’t been able to decorate presents in 6 years. Except for when its to stick bows on and then gave the cat rip it off. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. I’m a huge fan of washi tape…it makes me seem significantly craftier than I actually am.

    For some gift wrapping washi tape extra credit, you can even make a Christmas tree shape by lining up pieces of tape from shortest to longest…if that makes sense :)

  3. What a great idea. Our youngest daughter is always making crafts with Washi tape, and would love this.

    Our oldest daughter however, is a little OCD, and evey year I have to purchase silver and blue paper that matches our household Christmas decorating theme so the presents will match the tree.

    I may have to make a quick trip to Michael’s or Staples to see if there is any silver or blue tape that would work for us.

  4. First of all, I always think of you when I’m wrapping Christmas presents, because of how you came over that time to show me how to tie pretty bows with pretty ribbon. I still do that every year.

    Second, I then think about your idea of the word search gift wrap, and realize I am entirely too lazy to every do that.

    Thirdly, this idea with the tape is completely brilliant! One reason it’s brilliant is because if you’re having to transport gifts to Grandma’s house, there aren’t any bows to get crushed or knocked askew! Sadly, I’ve wrapped most all the gifts for this year, but there’s always birthday gifts….

  5. Great idea! I love all the pretty washi tape colors and patterns. Next year I will do this with all my wrapped gifts!

  6. I used washi tape for my labels this year! I tore two, two inch or so strips and placed one above the other and wrote the names with a sharpie! I didn’t think about using them to make the bows though!! There’s always next year!

  7. I have been using fabric gift bags for years. The key to getting started is to buy festive fabric on sale in January and sew the bags when you actually have some time, NOT during the holiday rush! I just hemmed the tops of the bags (no fancy drawstrings or anything) and I either fold over the extra fabric at the top and tie a ribbon around the whole thing, or twist the extra fabric into a bunch and tie with a ribbon. Punch or snip a hole in the corner of the gift tag and thread it onto the ribbon. It doesn’t take any more time than wrapping in paper, and there’s no waste!

    Your washi-taped gifts look beautiful, though.

  8. Trying that next year. This year I needed some extra time to make our Christmas cake – I like to do it from scratch but the rum took a bit longer to distill than I had anticipated.

  9. That’s kind of genius! We were a little boring this year – we bought a 4-pack of wrapping paper at Costco and since there are 4 of us in the household, each person’s presents are wrapped in one of the patterns. No labeling necessary. Our kids are too young for that to drive them crazy yet. :-) My parents did that to me and my three brothers one Christmas (maybe two, I don’t remember). Each kid had their own wrapping paper but we kids didn’t know whose was whose until Christmas Eve when we opened our traditional pajamas. Drove. Us. NUTS. My parents got a huge kick out of it, though. :-)

  10. Cute! I’m not feeling creative this year. I think I’ve managed to get everything done except Christmas baking. I’m feeling guilty since we always take some to the neighbors. :(

  11. I obviously don’t get out enough. I have never even heard of washi tape. I love the mix of patterns. I will be looking into this stuff!

  12. What a great idea. I wish I had seen this before Christmas. I have quite the collection of washi tapes and will probably never use all of it. I actually picked up a few Christmas rolls at the Dollar Tree at the beginning of the season and didn’t once consider using it as packaging, I barely used those. . .now I’m wishing I had. Drat. I will totally keep this in mind for next year though.
    As for my packing, quite boring with use some of that curling ribbon. Pretty. . .but not unique by any means. I like the way you think out of the box!

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