Third World Entrepreneurial Philanthropy. It sounds all big-wordish and heady, but it’s one of my favorite concepts that has been made easier due to the internet age. In short, it means freedom.

Freedom for women enslaved in sex trafficking.

Freedom for families who have no way to support their children.

Freedom from work that exploits, mistreats, and abuses.

Freedom from having to decide whether to starve or sell a child.

The particular form of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy that I’m referring to is when a company opens up in an impoverished area with the intent of employing people who need a chance to find those freedoms. They are committed to paying fair wages, treating their employees with dignity, and transforming lives.

The way the internet greatly aids this cause is by connecting these organizations with the Western Market through e-commerce. Never before has it been as easy as it is now to buy artisan products from Africa, India, and anywhere else in the world. The opportunity to be able to purchase these beautiful and unique items while helping provide freedom to people who desperately need it is truly a gift. And it is a gift I try to utilize any chance I get.

There’s a brand new organization providing the valuable service of connecting us with freedom-bringing products: Work of Worth International.

Join us

Work of Worth carries beautiful artisan products from organizations that they have thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are truly offering hope and freedom to their employees. They have a particular focus on groups working with employees who have found escape from sex trafficking, as well as groups who focus on preemptive sustainable employment so that families are not faced with the choice of feeding someone or selling them.

Work of Worth’s headquarters are based in Birmingham, so I was able to go to their launch event last month for a sneak peek at the beautiful products they’re carrying. I bought jewelry for myself, a very special journal for Ali (she obviously carries it everywhere), and a t-shirt for Chris.


I have LOVED my jewelry, and find myself constantly admiring the exquisite craftsmanship of it, shocked this amazing bracelet only cost $10!

Work of Worth Bracelet

I was also privileged with the opportunity to go through all of their collection and recommend my own mini-collection of Work of Worth items. It was difficult to narrow it down, but I pushed through – just for you.

Rachel Callahan CC L

Decopalm Journal, $15; Grecian Goddess Necklace, $20; Rings of Hope Bracelet, $15; Sari Hobo Bag, $30

These pieces are just fabulous. They are all luxurious, gorgeous statement pieces that can go with anything. And any of them would make stand-out Christmas gifts (it’s just around the corner, ladies!), or simply gifts for yourself. Because hey – why not buy for yourself when you have the excuse that it’s helping someone else?

As an added bonus, though, I’m buying something for you. Just in time for the cooler weather, one of you will receive one of these stunning Sari Infinity Scarves. All you have to do to enter is check out Work of Worth’s Shop and come back and tell me your favorite find.

Sari Infinifty Scarf

You have until Thursday, October 30 to enter. A winner will be chosen and announced on my giveaway winner’s page on Friday, October 31. Best of luck, and I can’t wait to hear which items are your favorite!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to write this post. Opinions are my own, I made purchases of my own products, and I’m paying for the giveaway item. I am simply in love what Work of Worth is doing.

41 thoughts on “Work of Worth: Pretty Things Changing Lives {Giveaway}

  1. I browsed around and loved what I saw! Some of the jewelry I thought was really cool like the Sari Leaf earrings and the Summer Orchard Necklace. And I’m a sucker for scarves so I really liked those as well! Thanks for letting us know about them. BTW – this is Meredith Davenport (now McLendon).

  2. Oh, that’s some nice stuff. Love the rice bag satchel – so unique.
    (I realize being Canadian I might not qualify for the draw, that’s ok, we’re understanding that way). This reminds me of a store we have here, Ten Thousand Villages, that carries a lot of similar product for Fair Trade. I’ve gotten some great gifts there.

  3. I love the Summer Orchard necklace! Thanks for writing about Work of Worth, I’ll be sure to check it out closer to Christmas, when I have my list all organized!

  4. I couldn’t decide between the Summer Orchard necklace and the Gypsy Relic necklace. They are both beautiful!

  5. All of the things are so beautiful, but I particularly love the Summer Orchard necklace and the Sari Infinity Scarves.

  6. I love the Sari Hobo Bag and the Summer Orchard Necklace. I am already making out my Christmas list of things I want and things I want to buy for others! I love being able to buy something pretty that also goes to a good cause. You are making a difference by raising awareness, otherwise I would have never known about this organization and others you write about.

  7. My favorite is the gypsy relic necklace. Thanks for finding a new fair trade place for me to do Christmas shopping this year

  8. Love the Summer Orchard Necklace and the Rice Bag Satchel! Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this amazing site!

  9. Thanks for sharing this site. I love it. The Eternal Scarf is my favorite with the knotting. …I’ve never seen anything like it.

  10. I loved it all but more importantly the good works behind it. I’m gonna ask Santa for the rice bag, a journal and the leather sling bag. Hope he delivers!!

  11. Thank you for sharing Work of Worth. It is always so nice to be able to get people gifts that have meaning. There are so many beautiful things on the website that it is hard to choose a favorite. I did love the sari leaf earrings and all of the scarves, though!

  12. I LOVE that leather sling bag! It’s out of my price range, but it’s awesome. I also enjoy the Tribal Meets Regal necklaces. The clasps on those are awesome!

  13. Thank you for sharing Work of Worth with us! All of the items are very beautiful. I especially love the bright colors on the Sari Hobo Bags, Scarves, and the Lungi Apron – how adorable are those ruffles?? Thanks again!

  14. Thanks for sharing this amazing effort! I am crushing on the beaded infinity scarves and the hobo bags. I wish they sold fabric, I would love to quilt with some of those colors and patterns.

  15. Ohhhh, I can’t decide between the long sleeve shirt in grey with the colorful logo (for casual days) or the Grecian Goddess necklace (for dressy days)…

  16. My favorite is the birds on a wire journal. All of the items are lovely… daughter in law may get a scarf for Christmas!

  17. I really like the Deco Palm journal and Summer Orchard Necklace (which actually screams “FALL!” to me). I love the idea of infinity scarves, but have resigned myself to the fact that all scarves look terrible on me. Add a scarf to a short neck, and suddenly you have no neck and a giant head. :(

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