Facebook Christmas Lights

On the First Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Christmas Lights on Halloween.

On the Second Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Early Christmas Haters and Christmas Lights on Thanksgiving.

On the Third Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Pumpkin Spice Latté, Thanksgiving Smock and Holiday Family Drama.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Cliché Sentiments, Gingerbread Latté, Hanukkah Smock, and Complaints About Christmas Music.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, ELF ON A SHELF!, Cheesy Inflatables, Vague Holiday Angst, Gingerbread Smock, and a Stupid Game of Dirty Santa.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Santa Hatted Dogs, ELF ON A SHELF!, Pinterexia, Christmas Shoes, Santa Claus Smock, and The Dean and Company Christmas Special.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Whining About Shopping, Santa Hatted Cats, ELF ON A SHELF!, Outdoor Christmas Lights, Santa Baby, Cross-Stitched Reindeer Bloomers, and an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Red-Eyed Pics with Santa, Bragging about Shopping, Santa Hatted Bunnies, ELF ON A SHELF!, Christmas Candy Crush, Elf Yourself, Eggnog Hangovers, And a Dudley Pile of Presents.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Nine Holiday Hashtags, Snotty Pics with Santa, Selfies While Out Shopping, Santa Hatted Chickens, ELF ON A SHELF!, Holiday Farmville, Three Moose Mugs, Extreme Teacher Gifts, And Excessive Christmas Baking.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Ten Homemade Ornaments, Nine Holiday E-Cards, Screaming Pics with Santa, Such Crowded Shopping, Santa Hatted Hamsters, ELF ON A SHELF!, Lego Nativities, Christmas Angry Birds, Car Reindeer Antlers, and Miley Cyrus Dressed in a Wreath.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, Anti X-Mas Activists, Ten People of Wal-Mart, Nine Family Photos, Terrified Pics with Santa, “All Done with Shopping!”, Santa Hatted Horses, ELF ON A SHELF!, Reindeer Pancakes, Facebook Guilt, Christmas Monograms, And Children in Santa Claus Dresses.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my feed did give to me, “What Does the ELF Say?”, Happy Holidays Haters, “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”, Nine Yuletide Bitstrips, Creepy Pics with Santa, Christmas Eve Shopping, Santa Hatted Goldfish, ELF ON A SHELF!, Matching Family Jammies, Three Leg Lamps, Yuletide Pedicures, and One Jaded Blog Post Like This.

Facebook Christmas Lights

16 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Facebook Christmas.

  1. HA! Love it! cept the one about “you’ll shoot your eye out”- that movie is a classic and should be required watching for everyone. I cant tell you how many times my tongue got stuck to frozen poles, fences, frosty forks, etc as a child….. maybe its just a Canadian thing? :)
    To be honest- some things about Christmas time irritate me on Facebook , but mostly i just miss home at this time of year… Christmas was allways big for us… my mom loves Christmas, so I miss the tradition and such…. and the snow… Christmas in plus 40 degree heat is just NOT the same. at all.

      1. to be honest, i dont beleive i saw that movie until i was a bit older, since my parents had a very strict no movie policy for my younger years… but when you live in Canada its pretty hard NOT to stick your tongue onto something at some point! I mean… EVERYTHING in Manitoba was frozen solid for five months of the year! There were school bus windows to lick, metal doors, stair railings, even cutlery if exposed to the elements for long enough was fair game, and the worst one… zipper pulls… sho those could hurt! Its like we are drawn to see if it “REALLY” works.. or if all the other kids are pretending… and then compelled to prove our Canadian toughness by repeating the process just because we can! That or we were just little and stubborn and didnt want to listen. :)

      1. ….and last night in my mailbox was a Pottery Barn catalog full of Elf on the Shelf. Sheets, PJ’s, little baker sets with aprons, plates, place mats, coloring books, night lights, advent calendars … he’s trying to take over the entire Christmas season. Creep-O.

  2. That brought me great joy! So…when are we watching Christmas Vacation? I know you sit around waiting for it all year long.

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