80 Writing Prompts for Children

One of the most entertaining school tasks that Ali and I attempt is what we call writing prompts. The idea is to encourage her to think outside of hard facts, which can be challenging. This exercise isn’t about correct spelling, proper penmanship, writing paragraphs or even proper sentences – its purpose is to practice creativity and thought, and the ability to get those down on paper.

We don’t do this every day, but we have a notebook that we’ve kept for Kindergarten and First Grade containing many pages of my questions and her answers. I usually give her about six questions, expecting a short answer in return. And at the bottom of the page, I write “Ask Mommy Anything!”, where she has the chance to try and “stump” me. Her answers are not always what I expect, nor do they even answer the question in the way that I meant it to be understood, making the entire exercise much more fascinating.

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It’s just as difficult for me to come up with new questions as it is for her to think of answers, so I decided that I would share some of my past prompts for you to use (albeit some will need to be modified to your family), along with her answers (spelling in tact) for you to enjoy.


1. If I could go anywhere in space, I would

Go back to irth

2. One day, I want to name my daughter


3. One day, I want to name my son


4. Next time we go on vacation, I hope I get to


5. If I could fly, I would fly to

The oshin

6. I think the world would be a better place if

It wod hav no bad gis in it

7. If I were president, I would

Do wut I’m told

8. If Rapunzel was president, she would

Obay Flin

9. If I could create a holiday, I would call it

Holiday av min

10. We would celebrate my holiday by

Having a parti

11. If I could have any pet in the world, I would get

A elafint

12. If I had 50 kids, I would

Tack them altsid

13. If I had 50 brothers and 50 sisters, I would

Play apstars {upstairs} with them.

14. If I got to meet Sofia the First, I would tell her

Abalt my lif

15. When I’m 60 years old, I want to

Go swimig

16. If I wrote a book, it would be about

Fary Sofia the First

17. If I had been on Noah’s Ark with all those animals, I would have


18. When I grow up, I will

be a backr {baker}

19. If I could be an animal, I would choose to be

A elafint

20. I bet that living in China would be


21. If I designed clothes, I would make them all


22. I can’t wait for Spring, because

Piking flawirs it’s my favrit

23. If I had a thousand Mommies, I would

Go altsid

24. If I could be a princess, my favorite part would be

Waring a dres

25. When I grow up, I want to drive a


26. I would love to visit this country:


27. If I could be a cartoon character, I would be

A helpr for Dora

28. I think that boys are


29. My favorite place to eat is


30. My favorite adult that’s not in my family is


31. If I could live in another state, I would move to


32. My favorite part of church is

Lirnig abalt God

33. My favorite thing about Kitty and Leo’s House [Her great-Aunt and Uncle at the beach] is


34. I love Mommy because

Your speshl

35. I love Noah because

Hes speshl to

36. When I grow up, I want to

Driv a Flex

37. I am excited for Summer because

Its worm

38. My favorite food is


39. I liked going to Kitty and Leo’s because

I lick the Duck’s

40. My favorite part of the car trip was

Woching Sofea

41. I bet Noah’s favorite part of the trip was

Playeng with Leo.

42. The most fun thing I did with Kitty was

Playig hide the ducks

43. The most fun thing I did with Leo was

The sam with Kitty

44. I loved Quiet Time at Kitty and Leo’s because

I lick poring alt my shels and sortg them.

45. Daddy made the trip very special when he

Tock me to the tickit gam

46. Three things I did at my friend’s house yesterday:

1. We eat a snack
2. Played altsid
3. And wacht a movy

47. I love talking to Gramamma about:

Now stuf

48. My Mommy  makes me happy when she

Tells me I love you!

49. My Daddy makes me feel special when he

Givs me swet sadrday milk {That would be “Sweet Saturday Milk” – milk with coffee creamer in it}

50. When I grow up, I want to have _____ kids and name them

2, Danyl and Dayse

51. I bet that when Daddy’s at work, he does

rit a lot

52. At Gramamma’s house, I thought about


53. Something I did with Nick was

Played Fruit Ninja HD

54. Something I did with Pop was

Made bisckits

55. Three things I did with Gramamma were

1. Book
2. Wotched strobery shortcak
3. Played

56. My favorite part of the weekend was

Goeg to Gremomma’s Hals

57. If I had a mustache, I would look

Boreg. {Boring}

58. If I had three arms, I use my extra arm to

Play iPad

59. If I could live anywhere, I would live

At home.

60. I think Daddy is the greatest because he

Hugs me

61. I think my Mommy is awesome because she

Maks ckampany chickin {Company Chicken – apparently a recipe she likes.}

62. I know Gramamma is amazing because she


63. Pop is fabulous because he

Maks eggs

64. If you got to plan a perfect day, what would we do?

Go to Macwayn {McWane Center is the science center in Birmingham}

65. Next time we go to vacation, I hope I get to


66. My favorite person is

Mommy and Daddy

67 I love school because

I Lrn

68. My favorite game to play with Noah is


69. My favorite thing about Daddy is

To cudle

70. I can’t wait until I can drive so I can go

To the stor

71. My favorite vacation was when we went to


72. I love Sunday School because


73. Summer was fun because we

Played altsid

74. My favorite playground is

The won at Nabils

75. I love doing this with Mommy:

Cus its fun

76. I know that it makes Noah happy when I do this with him:

Cus he liks it {…but we still don’t know what “this” is…}

77. I think that flowers are the prettiest when they are


78. Birmingham is great because

It’s great for wocking on.

79. I love giving cards and gifts to people because

its fun

80. My favorite dream is

The won last nite.

12 thoughts on “Writing Prompts for Children.

  1. Thank you for sharing these, Rachel. Great ideas! I’ve been hoping to add more creative writing to our day, and these would be great prompts for my left-brained, 6-year old boy. To prevent an insurrection, I will probably have to substitute Lord of the Rings characters for the princesses. I hope Ali doesn’t mind!

  2. Cute! I always had trouble thinking of writing prompts last year. These are some good ones. But I am curious about what kind of duck’s she is licking at Kitty’s house?? :)

    1. P.S. It has been SO hard for me to let K do her own spelling, but her teacher does NOT want us to correct them. So now if I tell her she is spelling something wrong she says, “That’s ok Mommy, I am supposed to spell phonetically!” :P

  3. I love this idea! We used to do something similar when I was a kid on Mother’s Day. My Sunday school teacher would ask us stuff like “What does your mommy do all day?” and then write down what we said. I ask my kids these kinds of random questions pretty regularly when we’re sitting around a meal and have nothing to talk about, but I like the idea of writing them all down. It helps to remember the adorableness! Mind if I copy this idea and post it on my blog?

  4. I am all for phonetically spelling but for her sake, teach her how to spell like. She is doing too much licking. My 6 year old has some creative spelling! Her kindergarten teacher chooses some words from journaling to work on spelling. I like that because I think the words ae more meaningful when they have used them for something important to them. My daughter might enjoy these prompts! She has no homework in Kindergarten but i am trying to prep her for first grade ( we are spoiled with a small quaker school for kindergarten) in the district and so I create homework a few times a week!

    1. Ha! You’re so right. It’s going on her list of spelling words NEXT WEEK. The whole lick for like thing has led to some EXTREMELY inappropriate notes.

      Let me know how your daughter enjoys them!

  5. I love how she would take 50 kids outside and that she would be outside if she had 50 moms. Girl knows how to get away from a crowd. :)

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