Designer Denim Weight Loss Contest GFO

When I lost over 30 pounds last year, two things motivated me: competition and the promise of new designer jeans.  Chris and I crafted a two-person contest, and we worked both of those things into the schematics.  Even though he ultimately won the contest,   our rules provided that I still got my earned winnings, which I used to buy four pairs of jeans.  The jeans then motivated me to keep the weight off, thereby proving that denim is the best weight-loss motivation tool IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Since I blogged our weight-loss journey, many of you have expressed to me that you would like to lose weight as well.  And, since I happen to have access to hundreds of pairs of designer, name brand denim, I decided to throw a contest.  Better yet, a contest where everyone can win.

Here’s the concept:

~ You weigh in with me at an open house or private fitting at the time of your choosing.

~ You lose weight.

~ For each pound you lose up to 25 pounds, you get 1% off of a pair of designer jeans from me.  Simple math – if you lose 21 pounds, you get 21% off.  You get the idea.

~ Many of you have told me that you need jeans to get you through the weight-loss process, so if you buy a pair when you start the contest (or have already bought a pair from me within the past 30 days), you get double points: 2% off per pound, up to 25 pounds.

…which means that you can earn up to 50% off of a pair of designer jeans that are already marked down by 50%.

…which means that you could potentially get a $200 pair of jeans for $50…AND weigh 25 pounds lighter.

~ Whenever you’re ready to cash in your pounds, you come over and weigh in again, claim your earned discount percentage, and get fitted for a perfect new pair of designer jeans.

~ After cashing in your discount, you can then start over earning 1% off per pound, up to 25 more pounds.

~ And just to sweeten the deal a little bit, the person who has the highest percentage of weight loss by October 31 also gets a completely free pair of jeans.

~ You can start any time, but the contest ends on October 31, 2012 – you must cash in your pounds by that date to get your discount.

So, to recap:

Designer Denim Weight Loss Rules GFO

Before you ask, let me answer:

Where can I weigh in?  You must weigh in with me when you decide to start the contest, and again when you cash in your discount so that the same scale is used and it can be tracked objectively.  However, if you live over 50 miles away from me, I will permit you to send me a photo of your feet on your scale.  But please, no cheating.

(No water-weighing, either.  I’ll know it if you come to my house to weigh in and then disappear to the bathroom for an hour.  I’m on septic, not sewer.  Be nice.)

I reserve the right to disqualify anyone who doesn’t play by the rules.  But I’m not the disqualifying type – so just play by the rules.

When can I weigh in? You can either come to an open house, a Vault party where I’m the rep, or schedule to stop by my house one day.  My upcoming Open House dates are:

Tomorrow, June 26 (To start the contest as soon as possible!)
Wednesday, July 11
Friday, July 20

To set an appointment on one of the above days or to schedule a private appointment to weigh-in, leave a comment on this post and I’ll email you.

Where is my discount coming from? Not from Vault – this is NOT a company-wide promotion.  Your discount is coming directly out of my Vault commissions and credits.  I became a Vault rep to help rid the world of Mom Jeans, not necessarily to make a ton money.  So I’m not making money from this contest (and may even lose money), but I thought it would be fun and motivational, and hey – If I give you a denim makeover, you might come back for more one day, and even bring friends.

What if I live far, far away? This contest only applies to in-person fittings – not shipping jeans.  The proper fitting of denim is just too particular of a process to try and attempt long distance.  So this contest only applies if you’re willing to come to Birmingham to get your jeans.

What if I’ve already lost ten pounds? That’s great – you’re on a roll! But your discount begins when you weigh in with me.

What if I don’t want you to know how much I weigh? I promise I won’t remember.  I’ll put it on a spreadsheet for the contest’s sake, and then forget about it instantaneously.

What if I want to host a party when I cash in my points? That’s fine – you can use your discount on top of your hostess credit.  But this promotion is only available through me, not other Vault reps.  So if you’re too far for me to travel to, this doesn’t apply unless you want to pay my airfare…which kinda defeats the point (sorry!) except that you’d still get a great denim makeover.

(Side note: I just found out from Vault that all hostesses in July earn 15% party credit instead of the usual 10%.  Let me know if you want to host a party.)

What sizes do you offer? We have sizes 0-24, but I personally feel like the best designed jeans that we carry are in sizes 0-15.  If that helps you set your goals, so be it!

What brands do you carry? As a Vault rep, I’m not supposed to name the particular brands on this vast thing called the internet because those extremely high-end brands would get mad that we’re undercutting their retail prices at Saks Fifth Avenue.  But suffice to say, we carry almost all of the major brands of designer denim, plus Vault’s own lines, also crafted by top designers.  If you want to know more about the brands we carry, leave a comment and I’ll email you.

What are the price ranges? Before your weight-loss discount, they are $48-92.  So if you earn the maximum discount, you could be paying as little as $24 – for designer jeans.

If you’d like to participate, comment and let me know, and we’ll schedule a time for you to weigh in!

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions!

42 thoughts on “Lose Weight, Earn Jeans. That Simple.

  1. Well, wish now I had gotten sick later. I lost 12 pounds and still trying but do not think I can make 25. I have bought in the last 30 days though. I always weigh naked, sure you want a picture?

    1. Hm. Clearly I didn’t think the pregnancy thing through. But no – if you gave birth, you still qualify for the contest! I know how badly one needs to look good after doing such a thing.

  2. Does it count if I’m 7 months pregnant when I weigh in? :) I’m too far away to take advantage of this, but I have found a rep for this area that I will be getting with After Baby. This is a really cool idea!

  3. I would love to stop by and weigh in -and most of all meet you- tomorrow as I will be (I think) close by you. However, I’m not very familiar with the Birmingham area so I’m not sure that I will be all that close. Could you email me please so you can help this directionally-challenged gal figure it all out?! Thanks!

  4. This sounds like a good motivator to get me back in the gym! I will try to make it to tomorrow’s open house. Please send directions. Thanks!

  5. You WOULD totally launch this when I’m already half-way to my goal weight. Nevertheless, I’ll take any discount I can get. See you tomorrow ;).

  6. great idea! you are so generous! wish i was closer. oh and that i still had baby weight to lose. i’m working on 5 pounds right now… lots of fruits and veggies… i’m hungry.

    1. I feel your pain. Did you know that you can eat bucketfuls of steamed broccoli? Your family may not appreciate the after effects, though.

  7. Not that I live close enough, but I’m curious if you would have let me flip the rules around and get a discount for weight gained, seeing as I am about 9 pounds *below* my goal weight.

  8. I’d like to do it too! Any afternoon times available tomorrow? I need motivation! I can’t keep claiming I’m trying to lose my baby weight. My baby turned 4 today!

    1. Sure! I have a bunch of people coming around lunch, so afternoon is perfect. You’re going to get really good at getting to my house!! :)

  9. Awe, man!! I really wish you were coming to Dallas or I was going to Birmingham! I’ve already lost 30 lbs but am aiming for another 15-20. Plus I really want to try out Vv

  10. Awe, man!! I really wish you were coming to Dallas or I was going to Birmingham! I’ve already lost 30 lbs but am aiming for another 15-20. Plus I really want to try out Vault! I’ve actually been telling myself when I hit my goal weight I will find a local consultant.

    1. That’s awesome!! Congratulations!

      Chris is coming to Dallas in September. I don’t think he would want to do a fill-in fitting for me, though… #awkward. :)

  11. Can I send you the email of my “before” weight? I live in South AL but go to North AL often so I can come for my fitting just not for the intial weigh in if that is ok. I’ve never had designer jeans. I was already motivated but this will help!

  12. Boo… too bad I can’t participate. I have a feeling I’m only going to weigh more come October :) I am going to put in a request for a new year’s contest so that I can be more motivated to lose the baby weight!

  13. Me likey! Not sure any of those dates will work for me, but I’m in metro B-ham and want some designer jeans (and of course the thrill of competition and weight loss incentive). Sign me up :)

  14. Just found your blog via Pinterest (the “Inconvenient Gap of Truth” post– so great!) and I’m so excited to see someone so adamantly opposed to mom jeans! I was even more excited to see that you’re from Birmingham, my hometown. And I found you on Pinterest! Guess it’s a small world.

    I have a couple of questions about the weight-loss challenge. I live in Birmingham, but I’m out of town most the time because I go to school in a different state. If I were to buy jeans at the end, would I be able to hold my discount until I was in town again? I come home on all of my breaks, so I’d be back for Thanksgiving. I know that’s a little while after the challenge ends, and I want to make sure I’m not too much trouble!

    Anyway, great blog and great idea with this challenge! I’d love to sign up, even though I’m a little late. Been dieting all summer and I’m just starting to get into a slump… this incentive is exactly what I need!

  15. You soooo need to convince a Vault consultant in Denver to do this! Found your blog via Pinteest. Never heard of Vault before, now I must know more! Could you hook me up with a consultant in my area?

  16. I’m pretty curious about the vault jeans. Since having found a link to your Gap comparison on Pinterest, I discovered Express Rerock jeans, and purchased my very first pair. I LOVE them!!! have been lauding their praises to the girls I work with and preaching against “Mom Jeans.” Can you email me some particulars on having a Vault party (and also the types of brands that are offered) ? I would absolutely love getting to help the girls find their very own awesome jeans at a fraction of retail! Thanks!

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