Big Announcements, and Designer Denim Giveaway!!

Update: Due to significant changes in the company and a terrible downward spiral in denim quality, I no longer recommend shopping through Vault Denim. I now buy all of my jeans through Nordstrom Rack’s app, HauteLook, which regularly features my favorite brands of designer jeans at half the cost. I highly recommend it! My current favorite brands are Joe’s Jeans, Genetic Denim, Hudson Jeans, Frankie B, Mother Denim, and 7 for all Mankind



So some of you might remember that I’m a Vault Denim consultant. I’m not a consultant because I just love direct sales and I can’t wait to get a bunch of people signed up on my team.

I’m a consultant because I have a dream.

A dream of never going to the park and seeing an adorable young Mom wearing elastic-waisted jeans with no back pockets.

(That actually happened on Friday. And I wept for her.)

(Okay, the weeping didn’t actually happen. But I did mourn.)

A dream of showing middle-aged women how they can do fashionable, slimming denim without sacrificing comfort.

A dream of showing teenage girls that their butt crack does not, indeed, need to hang out of the back of their jeans for them to look stylish.

Although blogging has afforded me the opportunity to spread my message of denim love, the thrill of being able to offer denim consultations and parties AND be able to offer designer, top-name jeans at half price – it’s something I couldn’t pass up, despite my completely unsalesish personality.

It has given me the opportunity to do this:

Jeans Comparison C 2

And this:

Jeans Comparison L 2

Also? I do Vault because I personally like having direct access to all of my favorite designer brands at prices I’m willing to pay.

Recently, there have been some really thrilling changes with Vault, so I felt it only right to share them with you.

First of all, I have just been given the job of Inventory Coordinator for the Birmingham area. This means that I get to house the jeans, order the jeans, swim in the jeans, and bask in the glory of the jeans continuously.

It also means that I can do more open houses, more private fittings, and even keep a watch out for specific pairs of jeans.

(It also means that if you are local and interested in becoming a Vault rep, you’d be picking up and dropping off the jeans with me.)

I also got to do a complete refresh on our inventory, so as of Wednesday, we will have a newly improved selection of sizes (up to 24), styles, and summer wear.

To celebrate this denim news, I have an open house scheduled for all day and evening on Tuesday, May 29. If you’d like to come, let me know by emailing me (at or commenting on this post. Or if you’d like to schedule a private fitting on another day, I’d be glad to arrange that as well.

Secondly. Vault has finally opened up online shopping for some of their brands. And besides the usual women’s jeans, the long-awaited men’s, children’s, and maternity lines are also available there!

(Getting fitted properly is always the best option, as every body and every pair of jeans are different, but if you don’t have that option available, I can help guide you towards which jeans would fit you in particular.)

Finally, for the local(ish) people, I have a special going on through the end of May that if you book a party with me for any date up through September, you earn 12% hostess credit instead of the usual 10%. So let me know if you want to get on the schedule!

So. The Giveaway.

To celebrate all of these exciting changes, I am going to give away one free pair of designer jeans to one lucky reader! If you’re local, then we will schedule a private fitting to select your jeans. If you’re not, then you can select from the online options or from my inventory, and I will consult with you on what should fit best.

If you would like to enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post and tell me about what your biggest challenge is when you’re searching for the perfect pair of jeans.

You can get extra entries by:

  • Liking my Vault Denim Facebook Page.
  • Going to the Vault Denim Online Store (access code 146861) and telling me which pair of jeans that you like best.
  • Liking my Blog’s Facebook Page or following Me on Twitter.
  • Tweeting, Blogging, or Facebooking about this giveaway.
  • For local people, scheduling your own Vault Party with me.

(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

This giveaway is open until Monday, May 28. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, May 29.

Best of luck, and may your life be full of properly fitted denim!

Leave your comment below!


  1. Forrest says:

    My challenge is finding the balance between modesty and mom!

  2. My biggest challenge with jeans is getting ones that fit around my middle, I am fluffy from the waist to a little below my hips. HELP!

    • William Rast jeans are great for that. It’s actually Justin Timberlake’s line, but you’d never know it – they’re one of the more conservatively fit brands we carry.

  3. Just liked your Vault FB page. You have the best giveaways.

  4. And I shared abut the giveaway on FB….Can you tell I need some jeans?

  5. I went on their web site and was looking at the PHD1005J but you would be the expert. Would any of these jeans work for me…an older woman?

    • It depends – do you have a larger or smaller butt? Those pockets tend to be small, so they accentuate butt size. What do you think about the ones under Ten Denim – TD 1007J?

  6. Laura Gallitz says:

    My challenges are myriad! I am short, which makes me a candidate for petite length jeans, but I have quite a large middle and am often mistaken for being pregnant. I have the heart of a teenager but the body of a 50-year-old, and, as you know, I’m actually somewhere in the middle.

  7. I really like these AE1008J… plus a lot of others. Please delete the extra post about sharing on FB. I was trying to correct my spelling and it posted twice. And I still typed “abut” instead of “about.” Maybe that was appropriate. Definitely gonna reward myself with some Vault jeans when I lose more weight.

  8. Love it! I have troubles fitting my largish thighs and my smallish waist. I’ve been known to tailor the waist. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Yipee! Since I can never seem to make an open house or party (well, except for that one poor party…) I’ll get with you soon-ish to do a private fitting. :)
    My challenge is hip to waist ratio, and oddly getting jeans long enough. I’m borderline between average and tall….to short for true tall jeans but too tall for average jeans. I need average and a half….
    Anywhoo, you know i’ve liked and folllowed everything and whatnot. :)

  10. Jennifer Paxton says:

    Finding the perfect fit without getting a muffin top

  11. Liz McGinnis says:

    I could so use some new jeans. I don’t think I have ever had a pair that fit right. I have 5 kids and have lost weight (thank you, zumba!), and would LOVE some jeans that don’t make me look like I have the “mom butt.”

  12. I wish I was local. I’ve all but given up on finding jeans and have been switching to skirts. You know me and my dislike for shopping. So going to twenty stores to find jeans is not going to happen.

  13. My biggest challenge is finding jeans that are long enough (I have a short torso and long legs) and that don’t show my butt crack.

  14. Challenge…finding them to fit correctly and not look like teen jeans with too much bling!

  15. I remember the first time I tried on designer jeans… I was in high school, and used to
    Mercy, the way that first pair fit… I promise you- I’ve never paid $20 for a pair of jeans since…

    I think the biggest challenge is finding jeans that cover my butt. As a mom, I squat down, a lot! Jeans have to stay in place. :)

  16. Liz McGinnis says:

    Oh, and I like JF5002. :)

  17. Liz McGinnis says:

    I liked your Vault fb page!

  18. Liz McGinnis says:

    I liked you blog fb page! (Can you tell I’m desperate for new jeans??)

  19. I liked your FB Vault page

  20. I follow you on twitter

  21. I liked your blog’s FB page…what is there not to like about you?

  22. Price is my biggest challenge. It’s hard to afford a nice pair of jeans after buying clothes for your children!

  23. Leslie R says:

    My biggest challenge is finding a size that fits well in all areas.

  24. Leslie R says:

    I like your blog’s FB page!

  25. Leslie R says:

    I like your Vault Denim FB page

  26. Shannon Bencomo says:

    Liked your facebook page… would love to win a free pair!

  27. Leslie R says:

    Oh…I love the the RPS OS6005P. I don’t have any Hudson’s, but they remind me of them and I have been wanting some.

  28. The dreaded mom maternity jeans! Why must they all be horrendous?! My dream would be to have great jeans when I’m not feeling my greatest.

    • Oh I feel your pain. I ruined half my jeans when I was pregnant with Noah because I refused to wear maternity – I just rubber banded my waistline and went with it!! I HATE MATERNITY.

  29. I follow you on twitter.

  30. It’s hard to find the right length and fit of course, being a gal with more to love! Most jeans in the size I need don’t come with fun details in dark washes (mom/grandma jeans will just NOT do!)

  31. Renee Guichard says:

    Oh, the challenges I encounter when buying denim…

    I have a certain degree of “junk in the trunk” (fearfully and wonderfully made “junk,” mind you!) and it’s almost impossible to find a pair of jeans that fit my butt, hips, waist, and thighs in good proportion. When one area fits, three others don’t.

    I also have an issue with stretchiness… Jeans that seem to fit well in the morning are falling off, sagging, and gapping in the back (hello, undies) by the afternoon. Either that, or I have to contend with sausage-casing-like jeans in the morning, which i can only walk out of the house in after doing a do a series of specialized stretches, lunges, and squats to loosen the vice-like grip they have on my body… Giving me a much undeserved “muffin top” until about noon when whatever makes them stretch finally relents.

    Find me denim that overcomes all that AND looks fashionable and Rachel, you’ll have a devoted client for life!

    • Yes! Believe it or not, there are some brands out there that don’t lose their shape at all – even if you (like I do) wear them at least five times between washes!

      And Junk in the Trunk looks Goooood in jeans. Easier to fit than an empty trunk!

  32. Tiffany says:

    The hardest thing about finding a good pair of jeans is finding ones that fit my waist and thighs….they never fit right!!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I like your vault denim page on facebook!

  34. Tiffany says:

    I like your blog page on facebook!

  35. My biggest challenge has been that I just can not find comfortable jeans. The closest thing I have are some hand-me-downs from a friend (who is six feet tall, compared to my five foot five), that are well and truly broken in, and about 4 sizes too big – and I’m guessing, not super sexy on me. I hate having things press on my middle when I sit down, and I can’t seem to find any jeans that don’t make me extremely uncomfortable and sweaty. (Except the ones mentioned above.)

  36. Biggest challenge. I’m a shapeless giant with large calves & thighs who doesn’t like for anyone to see my underwear or crack. :)

    You know, just a minor challenge. :)

  37. My biggest challenge is finding ones that are stylish but comfortable!!! Oh, and ones that don’t show crack when you bend over…which seems like every pair ever made these days!

  38. P.S. I saw some Grandma jeans in Walmart on a woman. Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t get my phone fast enough or I would have texted you a pic. Elastic waist, check. Weird, not light but not dark, color that looked more like cotton than denim, check. Pockets, check. But what kind of pockts? HEART pockets. Oh yeah. I wished you were there to stage an intervention.

  39. How to avoid the dreaded muffin top and still wear nice looking jeans.

  40. I liked you DV site on facebook.

  41. I liked Grasping for Objectivity on FB.

  42. I like OS6002P

  43. Kris N. says:

    my challenge is smaller waist, muscular thighs, shorter legs….

  44. Jennifer Paxton says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  45. Biggest challenge: finding jeans to fit my waist.

  46. I follow your blog on fb :-)

  47. I am tall and fairly wide….hard combo :(

  48. Qoumidan says:

    I liked Style JF5003. Sadly, I am currently 5 months pregnant and will not be in the market for new jeans for a good 6 months. I’m also very nervous about buying pants online. My last attempts resulted in returns. There is always something wrong. However, once I get to the point that I can figure out what I need, ordering online should be easier.

  49. Qoumidan says:

    Drattit, my sister liked you first….

  50. Length! I’m a tall lady and many nice jeans don’t come in tall sizes.

  51. Liked your Facebook page for GfO

  52. Liked your Vault Facebook page.

  53. I like the Emerson Edwards colors gothic gray. :)

  54. So…I’ve lost 40 pounds since Christmas.

    And none of my jeans fit. Not a single darn pair.

    So that’s my dilemma with jeans right now. :)

  55. My biggest challenge is that I’m short but not petite – and my legs apparently aren’t the same size as my middle.

  56. I really can’t find jeans that fit my waist, hips, and thighs all at the same time. I have to settle for just one or two of the three measurements!

  57. My fav. jean from your online store is the RPS Women’s – OS6008P

  58. My biggest problems is finding the right fit at the waist so that i dont have that dreaded muffin top!

  59. I liked your FB page

  60. I like the OS6002P jeans!

  61. We have four children. I have lost 55 pounds after my pregnancy last year and my biggest problem finding jeans? A full time job, a two hour daily commute and never having time to shop… I need to win some Vault Denim and a babysitter for 30 minutes so I can actually try them on! :)

  62. I am at a loss for picking a fav from the vault web site. I’m glad the prize comes with your consultation service! But, if I was to pick one that caught my eye, I’ll go with – TD1001P

  63. I like you on Facebook

  64. Gained 25 pounds in the last year – all in the waist area. And I am hypersensitive to the way fabric feels around my middle. I can’t stand anything restrictive.

    Also, my legs are still kind of skinny, so any jeans that fit in the waist (or where a baby would normally be carried) are huge in the thigh. And I’m fairly short, so finding the right length is difficult.

  65. Finding jeans that still fit the same after being washed a couple of times!

  66. Liked your facebook page! :)

  67. I like the look of the Philanthropic 1005J’s on your vault page!

  68. (can you tell I need some jeans!?) :)
    My usual problem with jeans is that they are all made for skinny asian legs here! :) ha! ok…no seriously…what’s with the crotch on some jeans that sag too low and make me feel like I’m wearing jeans 2 sizes too big by the end of the day? Jeans that fit be through the waist and hips seem to have long crotches! weird! :)

  69. Length and style seem to be my biggest challenges. Some of the jeans I have tried appear umm, matronly while the others have way too much bling.

  70. Jennifer Paxton says:

    Liked the RPS OS6003P the best!

  71. Jennifer Paxton says:

    Liked your Vault page!!

  72. My biggest challenge? Finding jeans that don’t make me look like I’m wearing a saggy diaper. :( I need major help in the booty department!

  73. I follow you on Twitter! (jonathansmom)

  74. I liked your Facebook Vault page.

  75. These are my favorite on the site: JF5004 (that’s the style number, not sure if you wanted brand or what). :)

  76. I liked your Facebook page for the blog!

    (Oops! I just got in trouble for “posting comments too quickly.” Sorry!)

  77. Leanna Thompson says:

    I would love to get a new pair of jeans. I suffer from flat behind syndrome and am upside-down triangle shaped. I have nice legs and a bit of a tummy.

  78. Leanna Thompson says:

    I likd your Vault Denim page on FB.

  79. Leanna Thompson says:

    I liked your blog page on FB.

  80. My biggest challenge when searching for jeans: trying to be modest, and yet, still getting a good fit. I have thick thighs, so I try to fit the thighs, so they won’t be ubber tight (since I spend most of my time outside of the house at church functions). But in doing so, the waist is too loose. Ahh, it’s stressful. I’d love to win :)

  81. My biggest challenge is definitely modesty! If they are loose enough in the legs, they are falling down when I bend over or I look like my backside is much bigger than it is, lol! So yeah, would really love a good fitting, modest pair!

  82. My biggest challenge is trying to see if my rear-end looks okay in a pair of jeans. : ) Your advice and help that night at my party was SO very helpful!

    By the way, you never did send me my “old butt/new butt” pictures….

  83. I liked your Vault Denim page a long time ago. That should count for extra credit…

  84. I also follow you – all of you – on Twitter. (By all of you, I mean all your Twitter accounts.)

  85. Ten Denim TD1003PL

  86. Marie Freeman says:

    I love my jeans! Soooo worth having a party to get 2 pair FREE. If I had not just had back surgery I would have another for the capris.


  87. I know you think I ha ve forgotten you. I havent! I still want to have a party. I finally got my floors put down, and guess what….major leak! Someone is coming out tomorrow to write a work order. At least the leak was confinded to only kitchen area. But still I am SICK!
    Anyway, enter me for a great A$$ pair of jeans. I need an asservention in a bad way! Thanks !!!!

    Im having a giveaway on my blog too if you’d like to enter:

  88. I already have you in my head every time I go jean shopping. It’s a good thing I don’t have your cell#, because otherwise you’d probably being getting pics of my denimed ass asking if these are good pockets.

    (Although, should you feel like offering that service at any time, I would totally be signed up for it…..)

    • I get those photos all the time!! Especially from my husband’s Aunt. If anyone wants my cell phone for this purpose, you may have it. (I already gave it to Marty).

      • Um, technical question. How do I take a picture of my booty in a pair of jeans? Mirror? I don’t think I would have the never to ask the sales lady to do it. Can you only imagine? Ha!

  89. I think I want to come in and trade my butt in. I’d like a smaller version please.


  90. I struggle to find jeans that don’t accentuate the muffin top, but at the same time have a high enough rise to allow me to sit down in public. The only pair of designer denim I’ve ever owned I bought second hand. What a treat this would be.

  91. Liked your Vault facebook page.

  92. I like the OS6003P jeans. Decorating my rear at all would be quite a step out around here. ;)

  93. I follow you on twitter and your blog on facebook.

  94. Elizabeth P says:

    I already liked your FB blog page :)

  95. Elizabeth P says:

    Great giveaway! :)

  96. Elizabeth P says:

    It’s so hard to tell jut looking at pictures, but I definitely like the simple jeans…not a ton of bling. Code denim brand for sure… DC31077 looks nice. My problem is usually getting jeans that are long enough for my height (almost 5’9″) but that don’t sag in the butt. I was not blessed in that area :)

  97. Kristina A says:

    Avoiding the dreaded muffin top. I also have a long torso and shorter legs so that can be a challenge.

  98. Kristina A says:

    I like the EE1002FSC. Don’t know if they would look good on me but I like the style/

  99. I posted about your giveaway on FB under my real account and my alter-ego :) can you tell that I am desperate for a free pair. Maybe if I stopped buying my children all these clothes then I would have money for me.

  100. Nicole Wilsey says:

    My biggest challenges are an appropriate rise and jeans that stay up. I’m constantly pulling my pants up. I’d love to find the perfect pair of jeans that make me look good and feel great!

  101. Missi Rogers says:

    My challenge is finding the balance between Mo
    & modest w/o the sacrifice of comfort!

  102. My biggest challenge is my height (short) and hip width (wider than I’d like). If I get something that rides lower (ie not mom jeans) I feel like it makes me look even shorter and wider. I just found your blog and my daughter & I laughed until we cried reading your post about mom jeans!!

  103. Liked your FB page.

  104. My biggest challenge is finding jeans that flatter and that are the right length

  105. My problem buying jeans is twofold: 1, being able to find a pair that fit nicely enough in the waist that they don’t gape and fall off my butt when I sit down or bend over; 2, (and this goes for all pants) I’m about half an inch too tall for petite pants, but I’m too short for regular length pants…and I’m too practical to wear 4 inch heels with every pair of pants I own, so I usually end up stepping on the bottom cuff when I walk, resulting in the hem getting worn out long before the rest of the pants.

  106. I follow on Twitter

  107. Just added your Vault page on FB!

  108. Definitely finding jeans that fit my short legs and allow me room to tuck in my post-partum rolls! :)

  109. My biggest challenge would be the length…I can never find jeans that fit perfect in the waist and yet are long enough for my legs…

  110. I’m tall, so pants always seem to be a littttle too short.

  111. Jaci Spain says:

    Definitely could use some new jeans!

  112. Jaci Spain says:

    I liked hour FB page

  113. Gretchen says:

    My biggest problem with buying myself jeans…coming off the $$. Why is it I have 2 children that both have a closet full of designer jeans and the only ones I own came from the thrift store.

    That and jeans that don’t kill my stomach. After my csection 3 years ago I hurts my stomach to wear tight jeans so they’re all a size too big and aren’t flattering on me at all.

  114. wish i could make the trek from south dakota to alabama. my biggest problem is length. i’m 5’8″ and long jeans are expensive. i’ve taken to taking out the seams of jeans, but even that doesn’t help so much. also, a lot of times when i try jeans on in the store, the ones that feel good stretch out and look baggy at home. and then the ones that are so tight and hard to get on i just can’t will myself to buy, afraid they won’t stretch at home. and what if everything shrinks. ug. oh, and i’m not a fan of the super low rise but don’t like very high rise b/c it looks sloppy. wow, i have more woes than i thought.

  115. Casey B. says:

    Choose me!

  116. My biggest issue is finding something I like in a price range I can afford.

  117. I’m a blog follower!

  118. I’m a FB follower!

  119. Biggest challenge: hard to find tight enough in the booty/thighs without it being waaay too tight in the waist. Sooooo, that leads to having to choose between saggy booty or muffin top. Lose, lose. :o/

  120. I’ve liked your Vault denim page! :)

  121. I follow you on twitter!

  122. I went to you Vault store page, but I got a little overwhelmed! I liked the ones that had a darker wash, boot cut, & not so much bling. Does that narrow it down? ;)

  123. The hardest part of finding good jeans is finding some that aren’t too tight!

  124. I follow you on twitter!

  125. I already follow you on twitter!

  126. And, I already like your Vault FB page!

  127. Just liked your blog FB page….didn’t know you had one till now…

  128. I like the dark wash of the RPS jeans…

  129. My biggest problem is not buying them all!

    I love these yellow Emerson Edwards- I want some colored skinnies really badly!!!

  131. I already follow you on twitter, yo! :)

  132. My biggest problem is the giant gap in the waistband over my bum. SIGH.

  133. I liked your FB Vault page. :)

  134. I love your facebook page!

  135. I like your blog’s FB page. :)

  136. I like the Women’s Philanthropic Denim. Where were the Seven for All Mankind?

    • They can’t put those brands online – it would undercut Seven for All Mankind, and they’d be unhappy. Those are only available from me! :)

  137. I am posting about this giveaway RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Show me the denim!!!!

  138. I just posted on FB!!!

  139. Stephanie Brannan says:

    Oh how I wish my husband would get my house done and quit starting new projects, so I that I can have my party!!! I am going to try and come by tomorrow and get some jeans or capris though. Can you email me directions to your house….this is dependent on the cooperation from my dear children…I pray they are sweet tomorrow! ;-)

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