Big Announcements, and Designer Denim Giveaway!!

Update: Due to significant changes in the company and a terrible downward spiral in denim quality, I no longer recommend shopping through Vault Denim. I now buy all of my jeans through Nordstrom Rack’s app, HauteLook, which regularly features my favorite brands of designer jeans at half the cost. I highly recommend it! My current favorite brands are Joe’s Jeans, Genetic Denim, Hudson Jeans, Frankie B, Mother Denim, and 7 for all Mankind



So some of you might remember that I’m a Vault Denim consultant. I’m not a consultant because I just love direct sales and I can’t wait to get a bunch of people signed up on my team.

I’m a consultant because I have a dream.

A dream of never going to the park and seeing an adorable young Mom wearing elastic-waisted jeans with no back pockets.

(That actually happened on Friday. And I wept for her.)

(Okay, the weeping didn’t actually happen. But I did mourn.)

A dream of showing middle-aged women how they can do fashionable, slimming denim without sacrificing comfort.

A dream of showing teenage girls that their butt crack does not, indeed, need to hang out of the back of their jeans for them to look stylish.

Although blogging has afforded me the opportunity to spread my message of denim love, the thrill of being able to offer denim consultations and parties AND be able to offer designer, top-name jeans at half price – it’s something I couldn’t pass up, despite my completely unsalesish personality.

It has given me the opportunity to do this:

Jeans Comparison C 2

And this:

Jeans Comparison L 2

Also? I do Vault because I personally like having direct access to all of my favorite designer brands at prices I’m willing to pay.

Recently, there have been some really thrilling changes with Vault, so I felt it only right to share them with you.

First of all, I have just been given the job of Inventory Coordinator for the Birmingham area. This means that I get to house the jeans, order the jeans, swim in the jeans, and bask in the glory of the jeans continuously.

It also means that I can do more open houses, more private fittings, and even keep a watch out for specific pairs of jeans.

(It also means that if you are local and interested in becoming a Vault rep, you’d be picking up and dropping off the jeans with me.)

I also got to do a complete refresh on our inventory, so as of Wednesday, we will have a newly improved selection of sizes (up to 24), styles, and summer wear.

To celebrate this denim news, I have an open house scheduled for all day and evening on Tuesday, May 29. If you’d like to come, let me know by emailing me (at or commenting on this post. Or if you’d like to schedule a private fitting on another day, I’d be glad to arrange that as well.

Secondly. Vault has finally opened up online shopping for some of their brands. And besides the usual women’s jeans, the long-awaited men’s, children’s, and maternity lines are also available there!

(Getting fitted properly is always the best option, as every body and every pair of jeans are different, but if you don’t have that option available, I can help guide you towards which jeans would fit you in particular.)

Finally, for the local(ish) people, I have a special going on through the end of May that if you book a party with me for any date up through September, you earn 12% hostess credit instead of the usual 10%. So let me know if you want to get on the schedule!

So. The Giveaway.

To celebrate all of these exciting changes, I am going to give away one free pair of designer jeans to one lucky reader! If you’re local, then we will schedule a private fitting to select your jeans. If you’re not, then you can select from the online options or from my inventory, and I will consult with you on what should fit best.

If you would like to enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post and tell me about what your biggest challenge is when you’re searching for the perfect pair of jeans.

You can get extra entries by:

  • Liking my Vault Denim Facebook Page.
  • Going to the Vault Denim Online Store (access code 146861) and telling me which pair of jeans that you like best.
  • Liking my Blog’s Facebook Page or following Me on Twitter.
  • Tweeting, Blogging, or Facebooking about this giveaway.
  • For local people, scheduling your own Vault Party with me.

(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

This giveaway is open until Monday, May 28. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, May 29.

Best of luck, and may your life be full of properly fitted denim!