I need to ask you guys a crucially important question.

I love to cook.  I’m usually too busy blogging lazy to do much of it, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

However, I’m not some super-fancy blogger toiling away at 3 AM developing recipes and discovering new ways to use rare white truffles from the Croatian Black Forest.

(I’ve never even tried truffles, except for the chocolate kind, but I really think I would enjoy them.)

(Anyone up for taking me out to dinner at a place fancy enough to serve truffles?)


Most of the things I cook are simple, homey recipes that I’ve collected over the years, especially including recipes from my treasured family cookbook that my Mom made me for a wedding present.

Occasionally, I tweak recipes to make them healthier, tastier, or just plain saltier, but that’s usually as far as my kitchen creativity goes.

With that being said, though, I do feel like I’ve collected some fantastic dishes over the years, and would love to share them.

But I find myself conflicted.


a) my blog is already schizophrenic enough in it’s random variety of subjects (and lack thereof),

b) I’m not sure as to the etiquette when blogging about recipes that one didn’t create themselves,

c) I don’t know if you have any interest whatsoever in my measly cooking endeavors (or endeavours, for those of you that aren’t from around here – I really prefer the British spelling of that word.  And of most words, really), and

d) Since many of these dishes are old classics, I’m deathly afraid that I will just be recycling material that’s been on the internet twenty dozen times already and you’ll all roll your eyes at my ridiculous unoriginality.

But in an act of rebellion to my conflicted self, I started secretly blogging a recipe here and there by putting them on a “page” instead of a “post”, and only publishing it to Pinterest.

Here are the three I’ve done so far (click on the photo to go to the recipe):

Soft Butter Mints


Mummified Chicken s


Oreo Truffles

And here are the links to some recipes I’ve posted in the past:

Cuties Julius


Potatoes Avgolemono


Breastmilk Smoothies (For the BABY, not for you.  Geesh.)


Hungarian Chicken Paprikash – one of my favorite dishes of all time.


Black and Blueberry Pie


Kitty Litter Cake (Hard to eat, but oh-so-good for the laughs)


White Chocolate Cheesecake Squares, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, and Mandarin / Craisins Salad



Chocolate Chip Espresso Bean Cookies

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Favorite Family Recipes

So my all-important, life-altering question is this:

Do you have any interest in recipes, or do you come here to escape from all of the guilt heaped on by recipe, DIY, and home décor blogs?

(And, by the way, have no worries that I will start plaguing you with the latter two types of posts.  I am in desperate need a home makeover, but I am clearly not gifted with the ability to carry it out.)

Would you like the variety of one or two random recipes a month, or would you prefer that I continue only in the endeavours (oh that feels so good) of subjects such as talking breast pumps, presidential christmas gifts or presidenim, and toenail art?

Your honest(!!) opinion counts.  So give it, or I may start robocalling your house.

50 thoughts on “The Unoriginal, Ungourmet Cook.

  1. I would love to see your recipes, although because I cook so seldom, I read them like I read fiction. I just started following you on Pinterest, so if you want keep them just on there, I’d be excited, too. Feeding one’s family is a big part of a parent’s life, and recipes, are, of course objective, so I think they’d fit with your theme. I have decided for myself that my life is not perfect, my home is not clean (much less decorated cute), and just because it says “DIY” it really means “look, someone else figured out how to do something!” Therefore, no guilt!

    1. Ha – I like the idea of taking in stuff as fiction!! I need to start doing that with DIY posts. Or home decor posts. Or all the other ones that make me feel inadequate and lazy.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a recipe here and there; I get boted myself cooking the same thing over and over.

  3. I would love some new recipes to try! I am tired of the same ol things we eat week after week! Btw, the kitty litter cake made be laugh and want to vomit at the same time! :) I am going to try the oreo truffles, those look delicious!

    1. Yes, I couldn’t really choke down the Kitty Litter cake – it came out much more realistic than I expected!! With much thanks to my husband’s fabulous tootsie-roll turd shaping abilities…

  4. I vote yes! I stick to my same 5-10 recipes most of the time anyway, but I don’t want to make anything too complicated (or crazy unhealthy, like a lot of the stuff the PW posts). So I am always up for some regular mom-food! Also, I totally want to make all of the recipes you posted above (except the kitty litter cake).

    1. It makes me wonder if the PW bikes on an elliptical all night to make up for what she eats during the day…but no, that can’t be it, because she clearly blogs all night to publish everything that she does and still cook and still homeschool her children and still go on book tours.

      Then again, maybe she’s quadruplets and we all just don’t know it.

  5. I love recipes…collecting, organizing, and sometimes even using them! My husband says I have a problem.
    And I can’t adequately describe how delicous the soft butter mints look!

  6. I like new recipes – especially ones that someone I trust has already tried, who will be honest about how it turned out. You know what? I’d even like it if you posted some recipes that look easy and delicious but turned out horribly, so that I know not to bother. ;)

  7. Please share! I love new recipes (or even to be reminded of old oens). I think we all get in a rut of the same old boring stuff from time to time.

    Share away….

  8. First off, I love that you love the British spellings!! It always makes me sad when I when my spellchecker yells at me for colour and the like.
    I don’t come here for recipes. I came here for the Mom Jeans post and couldn’t look away, but I don’t mind when you put some up. Like the Butter mints. I am definitely going to try those.
    I like when you put up the recipes in connection with whatever you cooked it for. Such as the kitty litter cake. That makes it mean something to me (somehow) and even tho I’m not likely to try most of them, it gives them a friendly context in my mind.

    1. Thanks – great feedback! Sometimes I feel like my “back stories” get too boring and unnecessary. Nice to know that back stories can be good!

  9. I love the recipe idea. I am also an unoriginal/ungourment cook so any easy/yummy ideas are pefect so I don’t have to change. :) All your recipes look really tasty too. (except the kitty litter one. That looks disgusting but hilarous :))

  10. You really need to share your recipe for potatoe salad and deviled eggs they are the best I ever ate. Great with burgers, hot dogs,smoked saugage and ham, perfect for tailgating.

    1. Mmm.. I haven’t made potato salad in way too long. Great idea!!

      And I don’t think I’ve ever made deviled eggs. You must have had mom’s or my Grandmother’s somewhere. But – noted! Maybe I’ll steal the recipe and make them for tailgating.

  11. I’m not a big cook plus I follow a very low-fat/low-cal eating plan so I wouldn’t want to see the blog overrun with recipes but I’d love to see some now an then just to mix things up!

  12. I always like getting ideas for new recipes, or maybe ones I’ve made before but I’ve forgotten about. Menu planning for me can be so hard sometimes- blogs help me come up with ideas! Those mints look amazing- I’m going to try them sometime! I like blogging a lot about recipes too. Probably because sometimes that’s what I feel like I do most of the time doing- or at least cleaning the kitchen (least favorite part!) Where is that kitchen fairy every night when I need her??

  13. Can’t cook, won’t cook! Well, actually I more or less can and I do about two-three nights a week but it’s certainly not my idea of fun.

    American food seems to be quiiiiite culturally different to New Zealand, Australia (and what I’ve seen of England). How do I know? My limited knowledge is from US food shows i.e. I’m watching a Diners, Dives and Drive ins now. I’ve watched Top Chef pretty religiously (I don’t like shouty shows like Masterchef and the ones with Gordon Ramsey). On the weightloss site I’m on, I get to see American folks’ food diaries. Odd. They eat all sorts of things I’d never consider, some good, some not (enchiladas for breakfast is a mild example). There are foods I’ve never tasted (and aren’t likely to unless I come to the US) and a lot more pre-prepared/ packaged food.

    So short answer, I’m not into recipies… but do what you feel. I’m pretty sure you could blog about watching paint dry and make it entertaining! :)

    1. For the record, I’ve never eaten enchiladas for breakfast (ew!), and I would say that food television doesn’t accurately portray the normal American diet. And Man Vs Food DEFINITELY doesn’t – that show makes me want to vomit.

  14. Personally, I see enough recipes on other blogs. I won’t stop reading if you post them, but I don’t really want them in this blog. I think it would be best if you did what you did in this post – put a link and a picture, and maybe a comment, but no full-blown recipes.

    1. Thanks! I agree – there are a lot of recipe blogs out there. If I do them, it will be very few and far between (two or less a month).

  15. i would love to see recipes! i like to cook and i like to try new things – esp since you’re greek! i think i will be trying some of the above. the kitty litter one is hilarious. i’ll have to forward that my sister who’s in love with her cat.

  16. Darlin’ (I’ve always wished that I was Southern, just so I could say phrases like that) – Darlin’, I think it would be fun! Especially because you seem to be a “real” mom who would keep the recipes out of the Too Complicated To Actually Try recipe box. Love it! Plus, I’d pretty much read anything you write (maybe not the 2012 Tax Code, but most things) and love it!
    Have FUN!!! I look forward to reading what’s next!
    Bless your heart, Angela

    1. You DO know that “Bless Your Heart” is how you give the middle finger in Southern, right? It’s not nearly as nice as it sounds. :)

  17. I vote YES as well! Like Angela said, you are a “real” mom who doesn’t spend hours upon hours in the kitchen or uses ingredients that require a specialty grocery store. I also think you’d be hilarious if you tried something and it totally didn’t work out.

    I do follow you on Pinterest (I hope you’re not scared that I’m a stalker!) so if you’d rather share recipes there, that’s great too.

    1. I promise to never think you’re a stalker. Bloggers love to be followed!!

      Okay, if you flew to Alabama from Wisconsin and followed me home, I MIGHT be a tinge worried. But on Social Media? By all means, follow away!

  18. I also love to see recipes, especially when they come from a regular mom using normal ingredients. All the more so if the recipes are tried-and-true ones. My vote is YES!

  19. I’m with Angela in Arizona – I’d read just about anything you wrote, so post away! I do love tried-and-true recipes for foods I would otherwise not try, like the Greek recipes. I love food, any food and all food – but my husband is a very cautious eater. He likes Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese and British foods, but when I branch out and try Indian, Ethiopian, Greek, etc. – he is very hesitant. So if I can say, “hey you know that blogger I always talk about?? (yeah, I talk about you, sorry, not a stalker, promise) She posted this recipe and her family loves it!” He would be more likely to give it a fair try. :)

  20. I *just* started following you, so I have no preconceived ideas about what you write about, tother than denim, which totally changed my life!

    Since I am one of those DIY/Home Decor bloggers, I’m totally ok with recipes, since it’s just a part of life, plus anything like those cookies that are so easy and quick? Yes, yes please.


  21. I think you’re Canadian at heart….we use “British” spelling too.
    I’d love to see some of your favourite (Cdn spelling) recipes, especially when you fit your fabulous sense of humour (Cdn spelling) into it!

    1. I could totally be Canadian!!

      Except for the weather. I may complain about the heat, but I think I’d complain worse about the cold.

  22. I made the butter mints last night. HEAVENLY!!! My husband decided to get creative and dipped them in melted chocolate. Simply Devine! It tasted just like a peppermint patty.

    1. What a perfect Idea!! Your husband sounds like my husband – he’s always experimenting with my food after it’s cooked.

  23. Ooh yes! Especially if accompanied by back story. Without story it’s just a recipe!

    Just need to figure out a way to incorporate fancy graphs and you’d be all set :)

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