Last year, Chris and Ali debuted their first Nativity Scene made from Legos.  This year, they started earlier, planned better, and enlarged their panorama to encompass the entire city of Bethlehem.

However, Lego isn’t exactly a religious company, seeing as how they have custom sets for every possible historical and fictional setting, but not a single biblical one.

So, when constructing Jesus’ birth, you have to make do with the bricks you’re dealt.

Chris and Ali did a great job, considering.  In fact, with just a few minor tweaks here and there, they managed to construct a visualization of many of our favorite Christmas songs.


“O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie!

With medieval inns and Hagrid’s Hut,

And dragon perched on high.


Yet in thy dark streets shineth,
A Christmas tree and lights,


Where barmaids and King Arthur’s Court all meet in thee tonight.”


“Away in the manger, no crib for a bed,
no patterned comforter to lay his sweet head.”


“What Child is This, who laid to rest, in a treasure chest is sleeping?

Whose giant head, and missing limbs, and jaundiced face are keeping.”


“Hark the Herald Angel Sings, glory to the newborn King!


Dressed as a ghost with a magic scroll, just as uncanonized prophets foretold.


“We three kings of Orient are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar.

Knight and Wizard, trailer and phaser, following Yonder Star.


O magic wand of wonder, magic wand of night, magic wand that shines but not so bright,

To the  dining room leading, not proceeding, guide us to thy glow-in-the-dark Light.


We three kings, scurry away, avoiding Herod, and his extra-large crown,

Eastward fleeing, Angry Birds feeding, guide us to our Asian town.”



“Said the RobotSheep to the little boy, do you hear what I hear?

Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy, do you hear why I hear?
A cauldron boiling, Hedwig the Owl, and a Dragon eating lunch,


and a Dragon eating lunch.”

Merry Christmas from Chris and Ali!!!

20 thoughts on “Hark the Herald Legos Sing

  1. That was one of my favorite posts :) I just read it with a big smile plastered onto my face the whole time. Love it! Great job, Ali and Chris, and great job, Rachel! Great job to Noah for overseeing the whole works.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I just had to comment on this one. :). My 10 year old son LOVES Lego and our home overflows with creations. This post is great! :). Lego actually does (or did) make an Advent calendar. I saw it at Target, but I’m sure their website would have it too.

    1. Thank you!! They had a lot of fun making it.

      They actually have been doing one of the Advent Calendars this year also, and have greatly enjoyed it. But the scenes are still just “winter scenes” – so Baby Jesus still has to be a make-do type of building project. :)

  3. I laughed the whole way through this post, and every time I laughed my sleeping little boy would jump. Sweetness!

    Tell Chris and Ali congrats on a job well done.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! And congratulations on your new blessing!! That was me last year – with a new one right before Christmas! I hope y’all had a fabulous Christmas!!

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