Ali has begun filling all of our car rides with long, meandering stories with intensely complicated and slightly psychedelic plots, characters popping in and out with no introduction, and with endless subplots with no resolve.  She has graciously offered to guest blog one of these high quality stories, with the stipulation that I do the typing for her, and that I type it EXACTLY as told.

And so, I present to you, Ali’s first guest blog.


Once there was one princess.  And she was looking for her friends.  But they…they were…she found out they were in funny looking stockings.  And then they found out that the stockings were down in big holes.


They were all very happy.


One evening they saw a person saying saying an H and a P.  Because he wanted to figure out what the princesses were about.


They found all the fairies but Rosetta was looking for all the rest of her friends.

And so.

She also wanted to go look for her Gramamma.


Her Mommy was looking for her Daddy.

And so.

Her Pop was looking for her Gramamma.


She was looking for Cinderella.  But she found Tinkerbell.  But Tinkerbell was looking for HER Daddy.  And so now they thought a very good moons but they sat on a moon.  Then they sat on top of a star.  Isn’t that silly?  And then a lantern…and then they saw a lantern appeared but they realized Tinkerbell had put pixie dust on Jasmine but Jasmine was carrying the lantern.


Tinkerbell and Silvermist were all looking for Rosetta and Iridessa.  And then everyone was looking for a moon.  But they found a moon way up in the sky.


They found lots and lots – you know how many stars they found? A million hundred thousand.  They knew there was a million hundred thousand stars in the sky.  But it was really dark. Whoa – my stories have lots of words in them.  But a Christmas tree had lots and lots of a hundred million thousand ornaments on it.  A hundred million thousand.  That’s the end of my story.

I’m going to tell you a longer story now.  Make all those words go away so there’s plenty of room for my long story.

Okay.  Here it is.

Once there was one star. A star was looking for a candy cane. And then a lantern appeared. Cinderella was not holding the lantern – only Snow White was!


This is going to be a short story, okay?  And then the letters appeared.  And then princesses appeared.  And that’s the end of my story.

Welcome To My World.

20 thoughts on “The Art of Storytelling.

  1. Very well written Miss Ali. I can see a bright future in story telling for you. My son loves to tell stories also. They are mostly about Bakugan’s and Dinosuars. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your exciting adventures….

    1. Yeah, she’s definitely better at making up stuff than me. Every time I try to write fiction, I crash and burn. Which should assure you all that everything I write is the truth and nothing but the truth…with maybe a slight amount of hyperbole mixed in every now and again.

  2. What you can’t follow that? Love her creativity! Got to love the tangential and circumstantial aspects of kid’s story telling! You should turn around and ask her about 400 questions about all of her stories!

  3. Lol, that is hilarious! Love the part about her story having a lot of words. :) We haven’t got to the story-telling phase yet…which I might be a little grateful for now. :)

  4. “Make all those words go away so there’s plenty of room for my long story.”

    This is excellent! Thank you for sharing a bit from such a creative mind.

  5. How funny! She’ll love to read that when she’s older. I am looking forward to hearing Rachel (my daughter) tell stories when she’s bigger.

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