And unfortunately, I can’t blame this one on sleepwalking.

IMG_8641Bruised bones, compressed tendons, and some awesomely nasty swelling.

As soon as I figure out how to effectively type again (and change diapers and carry a baby and fix meals, and, and, and…), I will be sure to share the story.

But until then, it’s your turn to blog for me!


I’ve picked up several new readers lately, and so you newbies may not realize that I have a deep and possibly obsessive desire to get to know you all.  I love your comments, emails, and reading your blogs, and I have what I’m sure is a drastically wrong mental image of what each and every one of you look like.

If you’ve never introduced yourself (or want to further introduce yourself), this is your opportunity to do so.  Say hey, tell me a little about you, and link to your blog if you have one.  I’d love to say hey back!

(When I can figure out how to type with a cast, anyway.)


And, whether you’re new or old or have been here from the beginning, if you have anything you’ve been dying to ask me, well this is your chance, too.  Last time I opened up the floor for questions, it took three posts to answer them all!

(If you’d like to review, the answers can be found here, here, and here.)

So ask anything, and you’ll give me something to think about tomorrow while I’m sitting around in Tuscaloosa all day.   And, speaking of…


If you’re going to The Game of The Century tomorrow (you know which one) and would like to meet in person, I’ll be there from morning on and would love to meet! Just leave a comment and I’ll email you directions to where we tailgate, assuming you don’t sound like a mass murderer or anything.  We love visitors!  Except for murderers.

Okay – that’s it.  Off to rest my hand and make Ali serve me.  It’s about time she did the serving, after all.

54 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Sick Day.

  1. O my gosh!! I seriously hope you heal quickly! Briused bones and compressed tendons sound super painful!! — I’m glad it didn’t involve sleepwalking, though the sleepwalking sagas are downright hilarious (after-the-fact, of course); did it involve a car door?

    Question: Do you know of any fellow homeschool moms, church friends, or anyone at all (within reason and safe) that may be looking for a chance to provide childcare for a 1 1/2 year old at a reasonable cost? We are getting desparate…. if nothing else, could I solicite some prayers in this area? :D


  2. Oh no Rachel! Hope you are learning how to do everyday things in unique ways (that would probably be a blog post in itself!)
    I was listening to the Early Show this morning while I was getting ready and they were talking a lot about “The Game”, but also about how Tuscaloosa and Alabama in general have come together to help out those affected by the storms last spring and it made me remember all of your efforts.
    ….take pictures of the houndstooth crazies if you can with one hand!

    1. Yes, Tuscaloosa was one of the biggest areas that was completely destroyed by the storms, and Alabama has come together through the storms in an amazing way. I’m hoping to have a Christmas project soon for some of the Tuscaloosa Survivors that readers can get involved in if they want to!

  3. 1. I’m Amy. I live in Kentucky. I’m a geek…

    2. So if it wasn’t sleepwalking, then how??

    3. I live in Kentucky… What game?


    1. 1. I love geeks! But you knew that.

      2. Pure klutziness. I am going to attempt to get it written up soon.

      3. Football. Alabama vs LSU, #2 vs #1. It would be hard to explain in an email the significance of craziness that will be going on in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, but suffice to say I’m glad I now have a cast on my hurt hand.

  4. I’m Brandy and have been a lurker for a while. Love your posts! I think I found you from a post on the alabama moms community. Maybe. I’m not sure.

    I have a blog, but it’s infertility based so you might not want to read (as it’s kind of depressing). Just fair warning!

    1. Hi Brandy!

      Nice to meet you!! And thanks for reading!

      I checked out your blog, and it’s not depressing at all – it’s real, and that’s very valuable. It took us a while to get pregnant (2 years for Ali and 1 year for Noah) and we went through the first stages of fertility tests and treatments, so I understand. Granted, I know that a lot of people have to do a lot more than we did and wait a lot longer, so I don’t want to make it sound like I know it all because I certainly DON’T, but I do understand some of the emotions involved in infertility. I really hope that you’re able to find a solution that works for you very soon!

      Thanks for introducing yourself!

  5. Hey Rachel- Sorry to hear about your hand! I was hooked on your blog after the whole mom-jeans saga! Loved it. I am from Ohio and a very small town. I will be at a big football game on Saturday but not the one you are talking about!. Our small town team has made it into the playoffs and the first round is Saturday night. My son is a Sophomore on that team and starts both offensive and defensive tackle. I love football and love your pictures from the games (although I am a Buckeye fan). Good luck on Saturday and hope you get to feeling better.

    1. Hi Julie!!

      One of my close friend’s husband is a huge Buckeye fan, so I always root for Ohio, too!! :) I hope your team does great tomorrow night – how exciting!! And that’s awesome that your son is a starter – I’m sure you’re very proud!

      Thanks for saying hi!!

      1. Just had to tell you WE WON!!!! Round 2 of playoffs this weekend!!! Sweet 16 is awesome! Can’t believe it. I hope your hand is feeling better. Sorry about your loss over LSU (I never did like them)….

        1. That’s so excellent!!! Now I have a football game outcome that I can be excited about! :) I’m so glad y’all won, and hope you do wonderfully this weekend as well!!

          1. Just had to let you know WE WON AGAIN!!! We play this Saturday for Regional Finals….. Can’t believe it! I just have to tell you your Ali is just too cute for words. I love seeing the pictures of her.

    1. I am the first to admit that I often struggle to enjoy football. But when the game is this big, it’s hard not to catch the excitement. But we’ll see!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness girl! You have to share this story as soon as you are able. So sorry though.

    I can’t think of any questions right now, but I hope you have fun at the game tomorrow night! I’ll be rooting from my living room. ROLL TIDE!

  7. I’ve read you for quite a while! Have dropped random comments and maybe an email or two. Love reading you :) I too was hooked with the Mom Jeans saga. I hope you heal fast and enjoy the game tomorrow. I’ll be taking my two munchkins to gymnastics while my husband and dad do some woodworking. Take care!

  8. Oh no!! Your hand! Here are my questions:
    What does ROLL TIDE mean?
    Do you get to enjoy any tasty snacks while at the football game. It’s difficult for me to really get into football, but I love a good snack!
    Hope you’re feeling better and recovering soon! Was it an injury related to all that dipping at the Melting Pot? =) Gotta train for that kind of dipping.

    ROLL TIDE! Angela

  9. Hi, I’m Justina (also from a small town in Ohio. Wondering… do I know Julie?). Anyway, a friend of a friend posted the mom jean article on Facebook and I read it about 2 weeks ago. Anytime I find a blog that is funny or about crafts (or both!), I add it to my reading list and follow it forever unless 1) the person doesn’t post very often, which annoys me and then she gets deleted from my list 2) her posts are continuously boring.

    Also, new blogs go on the bottom and then, if interesting and posting frequently, will get steadily moved up further on the list. Congratulations! Not only is yours still on the list but you have moved up about to the halfway point so far!

    Three things about me:
    * I am a mom of a blended family of four kids (all live with us) and have an adorable husband who owns his own business which basically means that I am exhausted, don’t sleep enough, and have my hands full most of the time.
    * I used to be a VP of a company and retired when my husband and I got married so that I could stay home with said children and help him with the biz. My current job is way harder than my old job was and the pay stinks. (you know…$0). However, I do believe my current job is way more important and that someday. . . in the far future . . . I hope . . . I will look back at this time in my life and feel like I made a difference.
    * I love crafts and I love scrapbooking and I hardly ever have time to do either one but I still like reading about it and occasionally trying one.

    So that’s a little about me! Hope your hand feels better!

    1. I feel so privileged to be making it up the list!! Now I’ll be thinking about that every time I write a post… will this post move me up or down in the list?? Oh, the pressure!! :)

      Thanks for the fun overview! It’s nice to hear about other people’s lives. You know, since you get to hear all about mine. I’m not a narcissist, after all!

  10. I don’t think we’ve “formally” met, sooo…Hi, I’m Ashley! I don’t remember how/when I was introduced to your blog, but I’m thankful my computer mouse found you! :) I lived in Alabama for 8 years (4 years of college at Samford, then 4 years of Med School at UAB for my hubby). I’m a Kentucky native and have lived in Ohio for a year and currently residing in Oklahoma. Could I have made all that any more confusing? I think not. HA. Your blog is not only entertaining (I love your writing style), but you are also a great inspiration when it comes to parenting! I’m so thankful to “know” you! :)

    1. I didn’t know you had Birmingham history – that’s awesome! I bet we know some of the same people – I know a lot of people who went to Samford. What years were you there?

  11. Hi Rachel,

    I have only recently discovered your blog but have to say that I may be hooked. I am a SAHM to 2 young boys and live just outside of Richmond VA. I worked as an autism specialist before having my boys and love to read, take photos, bake, sew, do yoga, hike and try to make everyday as special as I can for my boys. My husband works a lot so I can stay home so most of the time I feel like a single mom but I feel blessed and spoiled that I can. So nice to meet you and I love your name! Most importantly thanks for the heads up on the Dr. Pepper 10, we just got it at our local store!!

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Thanks for saying hi! I have an oddly high percentage of readers named Rachel… I guess finding a blogger with your same name lends a slight advantage in some way?

      And I’d say the DP TEN is definitely worth trying, despite their insensible math. I’m totally hooked on it!

  12. sorry you injured your hand! i’m sure the story will be amusing and will give you more to write about…when you can.
    i am a new reader and enjoy your blog. i’ve been very touched that you have checked out my blog as well though i’m not as popular as you ;)
    my husband and i watched “the game” last night and i wondered if you’d be there. how fun. except you lost! bummer dude. we are transplants to nebraska and hence do not really “bleed red” like everyone else around here. but as i was remarking to my husband, it appears that football is a BIG deal in the south. we are from south dakota. you know, where those funny president heads are – mt rushmore. i actually worked there in high school and college b/c my dad was a law enforcement park ranger.
    okay, enough about me. questions for you… how many siblings do you have? were you home schooled for your whole school years?

    1. Yes, football is a ridiculously big deal here in the South. And I do mean ridiculously. But it was a fun game anyway! :)

      Ali is obsessed with Mount Rushmore – she would love to know someone that has been there! I’ll have to tell her.

  13. Get well soon. At least you can add some variety to the sleepwalking stories with this one.

    1) I’m pretty sure that the last time you did a q&a, I asked about Ali’s sleep schedule given that she was a regular napper even at the ripe old age of 3, almost 4. I’ll reprise the question. Now that you have a non-sleeper, what do the sleep “schedules” look like in your house and how on earth are you blogging/working. :-)

    2) I’m curious about if/how you have been teaching reading. I’ve just started (very informally) with my son. When did you start, what did you use (did you use any curriculum), how well is she reading at this point, lessons learned along the way. You can answer as much or as little of that as you would like.

  14. I’m so sorry about your hand! I pray that it heals quickly. I can only imagine the challenge diaper changing has become!

    My question for you would be, of all the blogs you follow if you only have a little bit of time which ones are the ones you check out first so as not to miss even a bit of bloggy goodness?

  15. Hi Rachel!

    To feed your fascination about your readers, here are a few facts about me:
    1. I’m from Australia.
    2. I am a Clinical Psychologist and a Research Fellow, and no, don’t worry, I don’t analyse you from reading your blogs (that’s the first question people always ask me. My response to the question is usually “are you paying me?” this usually ends the concern pretty quickly)
    3. I stumbled accross your blog a couple of months ago and now I read it when I have a lull at my research job and it always gives me a smile :)

    I hope your hand heals soon!


    1. Hi Christina!

      I love my Australian and New Zealander (?) readers – you guys always have such interesting tidbits about how much life is different there. Be sure to chime in anytime! I’m glad I’m able to provide a bit of entertainment during your breaks…

      Thanks for saying hi!

  16. Ya, I got hooked after the mom jeans series. Fabulous! My jeans have improved, but not as much as I would like. I live in a small town in southeastern Idaho. I love how funny, down to earth, and honest your blog is.

    I’m a stay at home mom and always have been. I’m lucky!

    I have a boy that will be 20 tomorrow. He is in Korea. He has taken two years of art at college and thinks he would like to major in Asian studies.

    Another boy who is 16 and just passed his GED. Will be attending college in January. He thinks he would like to major in computer programming.

    And a girl who is 13 and in 8th grade. This is her first year ever at a public school. She doesn’t like formal education very much and loves arts, crafts, and reading. She is a great story teller.

    My husband has a masters in finance from Miami University of Ohio.

    Hobbies I’ve had over the years: sewing, remodeling houses, painting ceramics, scrapbooking, reading, learning, and I’m passionate about architecture and floor plans. I have an associates in arts and science from Miami University of Ohio. Pretty amazing! ha ha. I was – 23 yrs ago!- studying computer programming. ROFL! At 44, I am probably one of your oldest followers. :)

    We have public schooled, private schooled, and home schooled our kids. Our home school is known as the Stein Academy for Wayward Children. :) My youngest is wanting make it the Stein Study Abroad Academy. We are hoping to do that in 2013.

    Hope that isn’t TMI, but I too love to know about people and their lives.

    Keep up the good work and use that cast for as much service as you can get.


    1. Thanks for sharing!! That’s all awesome information. You are definitely not my oldest reader! :) Where are you hoping to take studies abroad? That sounds amazing. I’ll be jealous!

      1. My daughter and hubby want to go to Japan. I would like to spend some weeks in Germany, Holland, and Denmark (family roots).

  17. I’m a mom of a three-year-old in Birmingham, and found your blog through another local blog, but I’m not sure which one. (I read way too many.) Since my child is between the ages of your children, I often relate to your parenting stories, even though you are younger than I am! I’m sorry to hear about your hand. I also blog, almost daily, about my daughter’s adventures. The blog is restricted, but if you’re serious about getting to know your readers, I’ll send you an invitation. I’m sure we’ve been at some of the same places at the same time – maybe I’ll bump into you one day!

    1. Definitely invite me to your blog! I do love reading all of my reader’s blogs, although I’ll admit that I struggle with keeping up with private ones since they don’t work in Google Reader.

  18. Hi! I’m Kristin and I’m also new to your blog. I’ve posted a few comments, but doing so always makes me nervous. You’ve been very sweet and gracious with each one, though. (btw, I’m the one who posted about my son and the elevator in Boston after your experience at the Galleria.) I first found the Mom Jeans post which I loved!

    About me: I’m a working mom of two boys, a 4 year old and a 3 year old. I, too, live outside of a prestigious suburb of Bham–I’m figuring it’s the same prestigious suburb near you, except I’m located in the “not-quite-as-prestigious-as-the-first-one-but-usually-a-close-2nd” suburb’s city limits, so we are definitely paying for the school system! I’m a teacher at a local two year college, and I’ve always wanted to blog. I created one but I haven’t posted yet. Nerves again! I recently lost my father and I wanted to honor him by writing, something he embraced in his last years. Ok, enough about me!

    Looking forward to your future posts and adventures! Hope your hand gets better soon!

    1. No need to be nervous! Comments are always awesome.

      I’m so sorry about your father!! Blogging is definitely an awesome outlet – you can always try it for a while before you give anyone the link to it if you’re nervous – I’ve known several other people who have done that. It’s a good way to see if blogging is a good “fit” for you or not. But watch out, because it’s addicting!! :)

  19. Rachel,
    I haven’t ever posted except for posting a comment last week on a give away. So I thought I would leave you a comment and introduce myself. I have been following your blog since about the time you introduced you were pregeant with Noah. I love your writing style, you are super entertaining. I live just a little north of Birmingham. I am a former k4 preschool teacher and now a SAHM with a 1st grade little girl that I currently homeschool. She dreams of crimson and white, Big AL is her most favorite person…uh animal. She is the most die hard 6 year old Alabama fan I know. I also have a 16 month old little girl that is my anti-sleeper. She finds nap time a BORE!!!!LOL. I hope your hand heals quickly and doesn’t keep you away from blogging to long. Thanks for keeping us all laughing!

    1. Hi Chancey!

      Thanks for saying hi! It’s always fun to meet other homeschoolers. Have y’all taken your 1st grader to a football game? I bet she would be in HEAVEN!!

  20. My name is Travis, and I see I’m the only guy to comment so far.

    I’ve been a single dad for 3 years, so some of your mom posts I can totally relate to. I live in central Florida. My blog is linked to in my signature, although I rarely update it. In previous lives, I’ve worked for a fortune 100, been a successful blogger, fishing guide, and pastor. Now I own a technology company that has several large contracts in Alabama.

    My girlfriend (soon-to-be-wife) forwarded the mom jeans link to me; I laughed and added your blog to my reader. She follows your blog, too, but I doubt she’ll comment. She’s gotten Birmingham restaurant recommendations from you on twitter before, I think.

    I’m a rabid college football fan, although my loyalty’s lie quite a bit further south (even of me) – University of Miami. My daughter wants to go to that other school in Alabama (yikes)

    I think that’s all for now! Hope the hand feels better soon . . .

    1. Hey Travis!

      Yes, you’re quite memorable, because you’re one of only two male readers that I don’t know in real life that have ever commented on my blog! I figure I chase off most men pretty quickly. So your girlfriend is @lovedaluca? I didn’t put that connection together – good to know!

      Thanks for saying hi! When is the wedding?

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