Ali, of course, is my blog’s biggest fan.

She pores over every single word I write, reading and re-reading every post.  Her eyes well up with tears as she thanks me, overflowing with gratitude, for documenting her childhood in such a laborious and meaningful way.

Okay, maybe that’s just what I hope she’ll do one day – like maybe when she can read.

But for now, she does enjoy looking at the pictures.  She also especially loves the videos – of which there were a lot more created when she was younger and cuter.

So when I told her this morning that her best friend AJ was coming over to play today, it was totally natural for her to jump up with excitement and say, “Oh good! Can we remake the “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy” video???!!”

It took me a minute, but I caught up with her scary-good memory.  AJ had stayed with us when her little sister, Tessa, was born, and I made the following video – one that apparently really made an impact on Ali:

It was, oddly enough, exactly two years ago, as Tessa turned two yesterday.  So a remake was meant to be.  Except this time, it would include another kid – one that happened to be the age that Ali and AJ were in the original movie:

(And obviously, my videographering-while-swinging skills have not come very far in two years.)

One day, Ali’s going to thank me for this post, with tears of gratitude in her eyes.  And who knows – maybe AJ and Tessa will as well.

15 thoughts on “The Side Effects of Blogging, as Indicated in Children.

  1. Oh my…if Tessa is not a little Ashley!! How cute – all 3 of them! Isn’t it crazy how kids can remember off the all things that happened years back but yet can’t remember to do something I told him 5 minutes ago!

  2. I love sweet AJ’s question to her little sister- “Are you having fun, Tessa?” They’re all such sweet friends for each other!

  3. Those were cute! My 17 month old is learning to work the computer, I paused the video to answer the phone and she hit the right button to unpause, play, and replay the video several times while I was otherwise occupied. She loved the second video of all three of the girls.

  4. Adorable! Such fun with the 3 girls! That’s a keeper for AJ and Tessa’s grandparents, too! Thanks!

  5. You can’t help but smile hearing those giggly girls. They’re all so cute. Noah needs to work on his eye roll, he’s outnumbered.

  6. That is too cute! I can’t believe Tessa is 2 already! It seems like we just watched that first video a few months ago. K loved it then and she loved it now. :)

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