* One should be very structured in introducing babies to solid foods.  Do not introduce them to too many different flavors at once, and keep the variety of foods to safe, bland choices.

** Rice cereals should be offered first (unless your particular doctor says they’re now poisonous…much debate is currently in action over the efficacy and benefit of rice cereal), then fruits and vegetables, one at a time.  Go very slowly with the introduction of new flavors to test for allergies and baby’s ability to digest and like new foods.

*** One should especially not introduce babies to sugar too early – certainly not as one of their first foods.  This can be very detrimental to the development of their taste buds and their desire to eat normal foods.

**** One should never give a baby chocolate – and never even consider giving a baby anything espresso flavored, unless they want to put their own sanity and ability to sleep at extreme risk.

Here is an instructional video to illustrate these tips.

17 thoughts on “Because I Like to Be Helpful: Baby Feeding Tips.

  1. Okay! Absolutely precious! BTW–Ali was sticking her fingers in her ears during Rally Time today. I’m assuming she thinks I’m too loud. :) Your kids are so cute!

    1. She’s going through a stage where EVERYTHING is too loud for her. I think it’s just a habit, because she does that for things that are SO not loud, but she’ll take her fingers out of her ears with no complaint to hold something, like, say, a popsicle.

  2. That is too cute! I love Ali’s commentary in the background about chocolate all his mouth. They are adorable! Noah is such a cutie pie.

  3. To further test this theory, you should get more of those neon green spoons and try other things (less desirable than chocolate) to see if he has a thing for green spoons. Which would then be an amazing child development/psychology trick to share! Love the baby giggles, by the way =)

    1. True – next time I’ll have to steal a couple spoons to try at home. But I’m pretty sure it was the Chocolate Frozen Yogurt. He was BEGGING for it later in the night. I’m certain that he ate all of the calories right out of my bowl.

  4. That is TOO cute! Love those little giggles. And I love how he doesn’t seem like he actually likes it once it gets in his mouth, but he still thinks it’s funny. What a cutie pie. :)

    1. Oh he definitely loved it. He inhaled that stuff! I couldn’t believe how much he ate. I think the looks were just the shock from the coldness of it.

  5. Ok, so because my son is a mere 4 days older than Noah, I constantly find myself using him as a comparison for how Landon should be developing. And for the most part, they are right together. However, Landon just doesn’t giggle out loud like that yet! It kills me- he will grin and hold his mouth WIDE open, and he’ll coo and such, but will NOT giggle! If I tickle him, he kinda gets close with this grunting thing, but I am just bum-fuzzled. Noah is such a doll – I say it all the time, but he is! It’s so cute to watch them learn to reach for things like that that they want. Growing WAY TOO FAST!!!

    1. Don’t feel bad about the laughing! Ali didn’t laugh until much later. She was a very serious baby. And even after she started laughing, it was a rare occurrence.

      Noah was just a born laugher – I don’t know why, but he laughs at everything! He’s going to be the class clown.

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