Millions of Updates, Updates for You.

My blog posts of late have been a confusing tangle of rabbit trails that lead to nothing but loose ends.

And I despise loose ends nearly as much as I despise continuity issues.

(Such as, why can Tinkerbell make anything fly in the rain but herself?  Even if her wings are wet, couldn’t she just sprinkle pixie dust on herself and float?!?)

At any rate, I figured I better tie up some things around here.

First of all, Secret Agent Mommy.

I purposefully left the ending of that post vague so that I didn’t have to defend my purchase to those of you who weren’t in agreement with my methods, but since most of you figured it out anyway, and many have asked how it’s going, I guess I’ll come out of the drug-taking closet.

Yes, I ordered Domperidone to help my milk supply.

With, might I add, the full blessing of Noah’s Pediatrician.

And actually, it shipped from Vanuatu instead of New Zealand, coming in a very conspicuous package labeled “Non-Restricted Pharmaceutical”..

(Waiting for you to Google where Vanuatu is….)

(Okay – welcome back.)

As I was told would be the case, they came in manufacturer’s packaging and even a few pesky Vanuatuan packing peanuts..

(Bet you didn’t know that they had packing peanuts in Vanuatu, did you?  Learn something new every day.)

I started taking them as soon as the package arrived, and began to notice a difference in my milk supply within 12 hours.

And within 2 days, my milk supply had doubled!!!

After taking it for a month, I’ve gone from giving Noah 18-25 ounces of formula a day to only 6-10 ounces.

Those tiny pills are pure awesomeness.

And no, there have been no side effects – except for a whole new set of nursing dreams – instead of dreaming that I have no milk, I’m having nightmares about throwing out dozens of bottles of breastmilk that I – horror of horrors – let ROT in the fridge.

(In my dream, I tasted it before throwing it out, rotted curds and all.  It was NAST-Y.)

So go ahead and roast me, all ye naturalies, but I hope that you’re at least horribly conflicted in said roasting, since taking these pills has allowed me to nurse more and formula less, which is pretty naturaley of me, if I may say so myself.

(All in fun, I stress.  I love all of my naturaley friends.)

Next.  Chris and my uber-geeky weight-loss plan.  Thank you all for your compliments on Noah’s dedication post – as many of you noticed, the diet is most definitely working.

In five weeks, I’ve lost 15.2 pounds, and Chris has lost 16 pounds.  We’re both lighter than we’ve been in over ten years.  Here’s our before and now pictures:



(sorry – I don’t have any “before” pics where I’m not hiding my post-baby belly with a kid)




The Lose It app is completely to blame for our weight loss – I haven’t exercised at all (except for nursing, which probably also deserves some weight loss credit).  But there is most definitely some magic in simply counting calories.  Lose it is a free app (they really should charge for it – I’d pay for it!), and I think you can even use it for free online if you don’t have an iPhone, although not having it with you everywhere you go would make it more tedious to use.


I thought you’d also like to know that I took your advice.

Remember when Ashley and I decided that we were absolutely done with our weekly routine of going to lunch with all of our kids in tow?

And so many of you encouraged us to not give up?

Well, we gave it another try, then another and another, and it actually wasn’t so bad.  We haven’t had another catastrophic lunch since, so we’ve decided we can handle it after all – and who knows? Maybe even with a few more kids thrown in for the fun of it.

Or not.

But at any rate, we didn’t give up! We pressed through! And we succeeded!

And finally, we have a new cousin around here! Andi:

Isn’t she beautiful?

Noah is thrilled to have a cousin his size to bully around:



And Andi’s older siblings are pretty thrilled too.


Or they would be if they weren’t so exhausted from all of the excitement.

So there you have it.  More than you ever wanted to know about International Drugs, Weight Loss, Lunch, and Babies.  If I left anything out, feel free to ask!

Oh – I almost forgot one last update.

My Breast Pump?  Hasn’t said a SINGLE WORD to me since I exposed it’s chatty ways.