If one desires to learn how to use their camerain a more proper manner, one must first bribe their subjects.

For instance, suggest a fun morning of chalking up the sidewalk, with the slight caveat that the child must, every now and then, look up for a photograph with a marginally happy look on their face.

One must also be ready to snap photos quickly, regardless of the risk of being drowned in drool.


One must be ready to endure looks of confusion,



And indignance,

And even be okay with the fact that those looks may be in their best shots of the day.


And, of course, one has to learn to live with rejection,


and possibly even derision.



Learning photography is a school of hard knocks for sure, but the memories of those contemptuous looks will quickly fade.

Oh yeah – except for the fact that they were photographed.

13 thoughts on “Everything I Know About Photography.

  1. Hehehe… that’s why you gotta take 200 and hope for 1 or 2 great ones! So easy to take several hundred pictures before you even know it with those DSLRs… just get a bigger SD card, that’s what I always say. These are some of the ones you’ll look back on and laugh the hardest at :)

  2. Lol, funny as usual! But even with the funny expressions those are great pictures! How do you get the lighting so nice and bright without making them squint? That seems to be my big problem. Or do you brighten it later while editing? That doesn’t seem to work as well for me, it seems to end up a litlte hazy. I wish I took as good of pictures as you!

    1. When you brighten a photo, if you up the contrast a little as well it will take away alot of that haziness.

    2. Rachel – my camera has some brightness settings that I’ve been playing with, which by making it brighter has greatly diminished the face shadowing. But I’m definitely still just figuring it out…

  3. a lot of it could just be the current lighting. if it’s really bright outside, try to keep the sun behind the subject or you could end up with a lot of shadows..

    I know it’s hard, I’m trying to learn myself…I normally shoot manually, but I really need to take a photography class :P

  4. Kristina went through a phase where every time she saw the camera she’d shriek “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” and attempt to run away/hide/duck out of camera range. So there’s a couple of months where she had remarkably few pictures taken, and most of them were of her screaming at me. Woot.

  5. These are awesome photos! Great job, Rachel! :) Love ’em and Noah gets cuter with every single new picture you post…how is that possible!?!

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