** Update: we’re okay but the damage to the state is devastating. I don’t ever remember tornadoes hitting three major metropolitan areas in one day. I’ll share more when we get our power back, whenever that may be. Cell phones also aren’t working so if you’re in Alabama, let me know you’re okay, too!

If you’re elsewhere, our state is in need of your prayers tonight (we’re already all praying!).

We’re in the middle of the worst group of tornadoes in 30 years. There have been many separate ones already, two of which have already hit and severely damaged two of our good-sized cities – Cullman and Tuscaloosa – and at least one tornado will be in our biggest city (my city), Birmingham, within an hour. And they’re just getting started.

Although the tornadoes just arrived this afternoon, we had 80 mph straight-line winds early this morning that caused a lot of damage in my suburb and others. We’ve not had power since 6am (I’m typing on my phone), and we have a log-sized branch speared all the way through our porch roof a foot from our bedroom window from this morning’s winds.

But our damage (so far) is nothing compared to others in our state – many people’s houses have been completely destroyed. The pictures are insane – I’ve never seen tornadoes like this before.

Tornadoes are just a part of living in Alabama – they’ve never bothered me before – but these are horrifying.

We’re camping in the basement for now, which Ali finds to be super-fun.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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  1. Sending prayers! Chattanooga is getting hit too but we have been very lucky! Girls are in the half- bath under the stairs!

  2. I’ll add you to my list. I’ve got my brother and friends in Searcy (Arkansas), another brother in Chattanooga (TN), and friends in MS that I’ve been praying for the last few days. Praying for peace and safety!

  3. Sending prayers… I know how scary those tornadoes can be. So glad you have a basement to go to. Prayers for the long night ahead of you…

  4. I am glad y’all are okay, I agree this is just CRAZY… .we have been in and out of the bathroom, we are out currently… I think we are out of the worst for now

    1. Thank you so much!
      We only had to stay in the basement for a few hours, and luckily, Ali thought it was fun – “Camping”, she called it!

  5. Praying in Canada! I just saw this on the news and wondered if it was your area. Post an update in the morning!

  6. I am praying for everyone. Please keep safe. Tell Lindsay I hope everything is ok with her and JC. Tornadoes always scare me, but these pictures have not only scared me but saddened me too with all the devastation.

    Hurricanes I can handle I know they are coming and plan for tornadoes are just so unpredictable.

  7. Glad y’all are ok! Tornadoes never bothered me much either. But yesterday was scary! The Florence, AL area didn’t get hit too hard. My heart breaks for everywhere else. I’ve never seen it this widespread and this bad….

  8. Glad y’all are OK! We’re OK, Fultondale looks like a bomb hit it though. :( Touchdown was about a mile or so from out house, thankfully for us was headed in another direction. We currently have no power or cell service either. When I came in to work this morning had to try to track down family members because we hadn’t been able to reach anyone yesterday. :(

  9. So glad to hear y’all are ok. We didn’t get anything at our house, just power being out since yesterday morning. My sister, her fiance and their 3 week old baby live in Fultondale and their house was destroyed. They live right off 31 in the path the tornado took. Thankfully they were not at home at the time, they had gone to stay at my mom’s house.
    Praying for everyone that is affected from these storms!

    1. I know I already responded on your other email, but is there any organized relief efforts for her? If so, be sure to link it up on Alabama Bloggers. And let me know as well – I’ll tweet about it! Whatever we can do to help!
      Also – is her baby a boy or a girl? I’ve got some newborn boy things if she needs them.

  10. We are fine in Chelsea. A tornado did pass over last night but it apparently didn’t touch down – thank goodness. Hope you made it through the night ok!

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