I haven’t finished watching Wednesday night’s show or even started last night’s show, but I did check out who the vote-off was so that I could post the Predict America’s Pick leaderboard.

And  may I say I am REALLY going to miss that fascinating horizontal hair.

Ashthon Jones

If I were a hair socialist, I would absolutely demand that she share the volume.

But anyway, here’s the leaderboard after the first week:

PredictAmericasPickButton copy

Rank: Name:
1 Elizabeth Parsons
1 Kim Barg
1 Trish Bogdanchik
1 Elizabeth Hostetler
1 Rebecca Moody
1 Michelle Brose
7 Stephanie Bacon
7 Hannah Jo
7 Jennifer
7 Sharon Ivy
7 Lisa
12 Leanna McClellan
12 mary
12 Rachel (Me)
12 Patty
12 Lianne Robinson
17 Amanda Bosque
17 Elizabeth Keller
17 Shelly Manston
17 Mary @ Parenthood
17 Jennifer Paxton
17 Giann
23 Trista Stewart
23 Bethany Kilcup
23 Diane Haas
23 Lynda Del Castillo
23 Lesley Romans
23 Greta Carter
29 Brandy Bates
30 Cara
30 Brandi Bryant
30 Lindsey Murphy
33 Rebekah Tarbutton
34 Amy Wade
34 Kitty Engle
36 Lauren
36 Stacey Hood
38 Rachel

(And if you’re wondering exactly how I’m ranking, I set up a super geeky spreadsheet that ranks all of the entries on a percentile basis as to how close they were to the correct rank.  So since six people said Ashthon would be #13, they are currently tied for first place.  And Rachel (who’s never watched Idol and therefore made blind guesses), ranked Ashthon as #1, so she’s currently in last place.  (Sorry, Rachel.  Non-Watchers totally should have gotten a handicap.) And everyone else is in between them based on how they said that Ashthon would rank.)

Make Sense?



And now for a few random thoughts about the show so far (or at least what I’ve gotten to watch of it)…

1. I have trouble concentrating when Pia Toscano sings…

Pia Toscano2
Not because she’s boring, but because she sounds like an Olive Garden Special.

(Thank you to my dear husband for pointing this out.)

Every time she takes the stage, Chris starts narrating a commercial…

“Come in today to try our new special, Pia Toscano!

Angel Hair Pasta covered in our rich and creamy Alfredo sauce, and topped with steak medallions and capers, it is a dish you will remember!

Olive Garden – When You’re Here, You’re family!”

And then her song is over, and I realize I’ve heard none of it because I’m WAY too busy thinking about breadsticks and Alfredo Sauce.

2. The reason that 15 year olds should not be allowed on American Idol: Alphabet Sweaters.

Thia Alphabet Sweater
Although still wearing an alphabet sweater at the age of fifteen MIGHT constitute style insanity, so I think Thia is working a devious master plan – she knows she won’t win Idol, so she’s totally selling herself to Disney – she’s the next Afternoon Tween TV Star.

…Which means she’s the next skanky-addict-that-was-formerly-a-Disney-Afternoon-Tween-TV-Star.

Move Over, Lindsey and Miley.  Thia’s comin’ through, Alphabet Sweater and All.

(And yes, for those of you who don’t watch Idol, there’s a Pia and a Thia this year.  They sound like rhymily-named-twins, no?)

3. If Ali got to watch Idol with us, (which she doesn’t even though Noah does – oh, the unfairness), I know exactly who her favorite Idol star would be.

Jennifer Lopez.  Because of her style influencer.

Jennifer Lopez Tinkerbell


…I guess Thia’s not the only one who wants to be a Disney Star.

12 thoughts on “Idle Idol Observations.

  1. I don’t watch the show either, I just ranked them based on how appealing I found their names :). I am much more invested in the outcome than normal though. Although I have completely forgotten who I predicted would win.

  2. I didn’t get to watch much of it this week, so I was glad to see I am somewhere in the middle :) I just hope my top few stay on top! Although I have forgotten where I ranked everyone else (I meant to write it down, but you know – work got in the way – LOL!).

    This is going to be fun to see how it changes every week!

  3. I totally commented to my husband when Thia wore that sweater that I was pretty sure I had one very similar when I was in the 5th grade. And, yes, in case you were wondering, that was a LONG time ago.

  4. I picked Ashthon to get the boot! I totally would be in first place had I played!

    I didn’t even notice her alphabet sweater the other day, but yes, she’s total Disney pre-skank material!

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