The Man Who Singlehandedly Saved American Idol.

I feel like I have done my state a disservice by not talking about American Idol this year. After all, three of the TOP SEVEN finalists are from Alabama. They call themselves…Alabama Power. Okay that’s cheesy but my hometown music venue, WorkPlay, even got a shout-out last week! But. Although I’ve enjoyed the Alabama connections […]

Second Annual Predict America’s Pick Contest!

The most fun contest I held last year was Predict America’s Pick. (At least it was for me, because I got to create a spreadsheet to keep up with the rankings that rose to new levels of complete geekdom.) So clearly, I want to offer it again. I almost didn’t make the “deadline”, though, which […]

Idle Idol Observations.

I haven’t finished watching Wednesday night’s show or even started last night’s show, but I did check out who the vote-off was so that I could post the Predict America’s Pick leaderboard. And  may I say I am REALLY going to miss that fascinating horizontal hair. If I were a hair socialist, I would absolutely […]

Predict America’s Pick Contest – $250 in Prizes!

I was skeptical about this season’s American Idol. Could it continue without Simon? I knew I wouldn’t miss Kara for a tenth of a second, but Simon… he made the show.  The only person that would be more of an unforgivable loss than Simon would be Ryan, whom I might have a so-obsessive-that-I-dream-about-him tiny TV-Crush […]