(At this point, I would love to draw a cartoon of a wife, arms crossed, looking angrily at her husband while he is glued to a Basketball game on the television…with the caption underneath the cartoon: “March Madness”.  But I can’t draw.   So I invite you to imagine that cartoon with me as you read this post…)

(Or you can draw it for me and I’ll totally add it to this post!)

I know it’s been very contesty around here lately, but Spring is the time for excitement! And contests! And guessing! And fun spreadsheets and brackets!!

And Basketball is no exception.

Not that I like the sport – I actually despise it.  There’s just nothing interesting about it AT ALL.

(Except for that Giganticasaurically tall player on Mississippi State’s team – I’m pretty sure he is a direct descendant of the Nephilim.)

(Don’t know what a Nephilim is? Shame on you.)

Anyway.  Basketball.

Despite my intense avoidance of watching the sport, I absolutely adore filling out brackets for the tournament.  Because it’s just so fun to make such an awesome chart, especially on the internet where you get to drag-and-drop the whole thing.

Drag-And-Drop is VERY satisfying.

Plus, it gives me something to look at while Chris has that vile sport on the television.

And actually, my complete basketball ignorance serves me well – I completely swept Chris’ Office bracket a couple of years ago – an office that is composed entirely of guys! Who actually watch the stuff!  And know which teams are good!

I invited you all to join in my bracket entertainment last year, and since we had so much fun, I’m doing it again!

But unlike last year, the prize is OH-so-much-better!

CSNStores.com offered to sponsor my Basketball Bracket, and has offered a $110 gift certificate for the winner that can be spent at any one of their 200+ stores!

I always get Spring Shopping Fever around this time – I itch to buy new sandals, outdoor fun (like wood swing sets – something Ali would LOVE), patio furniture.. and all of these things can be purchased at CSNStores.com!

They have an awesomely easy-to-navigate website, free shipping on almost everything, and crazy-good selection!

So.. create a bracket – it’s easy and oh-so-fun – (trust me – the drag and drop will thrill your inner geek!) and be sure to enter your bracket into my group. Whoever ends the tournament with the most points wins the $110 gift certificate to CSNStores.com!!

(And all are welcome to play – even you weirdos people who actually appreciate basketball  – my bracket group isn’t JUST for haters.)

AND, it was a lot of fun last year to have the kids play along as well (and their brackets made our brackets look almost decent), so let your kids create their own brackets (you can always get creative in helping them make their choices like I had to do with Ali last year), and whichever kid does the WORST will win a special surprise prize as well!


Selection Sunday JUST HAPPENED, so you are able to create your bracket starting right now.

But hurry!

You’ll only have until Wednesday Night before ESPN shuts it down for the start of The Tournament of Vileness.  So lock in your brackets soon!

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions or problems joining the group.

10 thoughts on “A Contest To Cope With March Madness.

  1. I share your “enthusiasm” for the game. :o) My husband is a die-hard Bama fan so you can imagine the atmosphere around our home at the moment. hehe.

  2. haha, it’s a shame you don’t like basketball! :) I’m obsessed with it. I just started on my bracket today

  3. I’m with you! I absolutely hate basketball, but I love the brackets! Usually the guys from work do one but I’m glad I don’t have to play with them this year!

  4. Yay! Other people who like brackets a million times more than basketball! My computer made me mad but I think I got my entry in. You’re allowed to do 5 on ESPN so I always do different logic for each one…hopefully I picked the right one to submit for yours! Oh, and my name is PacificDixie =)

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