First of all, may I defend ourselves…

We don’t vacation an extreme amount – I promise!! We just take quite a few small, weekend trips during the summer rather than any extended trips. We actually haven’t taken a week’s vacation since…our honeymoon 9 1/2 years ago.

(From which we shamefully came home a day early because we got homesick, and realized that henceforth, we’re just not made for weeklong vacations.)

Plus, just because we happen to have family that lives at the beach, it’s not fair to punish them and not visit just because it might also be construed as “indulgently vacationy”… right?

After all, who are we to deny them seeing their only Niece-Grandchild??

Not cruel, that’s who we are. So in an effort to not be cruel, we come to the beach. Because we’re just sacrificially overly kind and generous like that.

With all of that being said…err…we’re at the beach again.

After three nights in my own bed and three days of frantically trying to get caught up AND ahead at the same time after returning from New York, we’re enjoying our annual trip with Chris’ Dad (and therefore his Aunt and Uncle who live down here) in Orange Beach.

And I have to say, I’m pretty tired, but this is a pretty relaxing place, so I’m taking the opportunity to take on a comatose-like state of being and be as low key as possible to try to get Noah and I caught up on our rest.

And, apparently, I’m not the only exhausted member of our family…

8:00 AM:IMG_0145

9:00 AM:


11:00 AM:


1:00 PM:IMG_0163
3:00 PM:
Being three. It’s an exhausting life.

13 thoughts on “Sleep is for the Sleepy.

  1. Too funny, glad everyone is getting caught up on their rest!

    I think we need a vacation like this!

    Was Ali really sleeping on the float with Chris?

  2. Looks like the perfect vacation to me! I'm all about the relaxing vacations as opposed to the have-to-see-everything-never-stop-moving ones.

    And if we had relatives on the beach we'd have to sacrificially visit them every other weekend.


  3. Leslie – that's a travel toddler bed we got for her – it's blow-up (and comes with a pump) and works really well – it's great for our small group on Thursday nights because there aren't enough beds for all the kids, and a lot easier to travel with than portable bed rails or something. And she loves it! We got it from the One Step Up catalog – a little pricey, but we're definitely getting our use out of it.

  4. too cute…I wish I could go on mini vacays…I mean, I suppose I could go to the lake house that only an hour away often, but then there's the whole packing up the dogs and cat and leaving my couch and my bed and all…

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