There are a lot of great things about Ali being the old age of three.

No more cleaning poo out of diapers is most definitely towards the top of the list…

Full and total communication – also nice (although sometimes it might get a bit TOO full and TOO continuous-ad-infinitum for my taste, but no need to be picky.)

Also fun is listening to her sing all of her stuffed friends to sleep every night via the baby monitor…her varied repertoire including Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James, Jesus Loves You, and Rihanna’s Umbrella

But the latest and greatest discovery that I’ve made about this awesome age is her new big-girl Gymnastics class.

You see, once you hit the mature age of three, you’re no longer in a Mommy and Me class.

Which means that I no longer leave gymnastics every week completely frazzled, exhausted, and frustrated by trying to desperately beg and bribe her to participate properly in her class.

My job now is to….sit. On the observation deck, a whole floor away from the action. And watch. And take photos if I like. And stay out of the way.

(Insert Huge Sigh of Relaxation here.)

So when it’s time to stretch, the teachers have to convince her to sit and stretch.


And when it’s time to do jumping jacks down the trampoline, I don’t have to try and convince her to not do bunny hops, or backwards jumps, runs, or whatever-it-is-that-SHE-wants-to-do-right-then…


When it’s time for rolling, THEY get to help her…

IMG_0093And even when she has to take a break and go pee – nope, not my job to peel her sweaty-won’t-come-off-without-a-tub-of-greased-lard leotard off. It’s the teacher’s job.

And balance beam – no more holding Mommy’s hand just because it’s there, refusing to let go even when she could easily do it on her own.

And….wait a minute…why is she being so much more cooperative with them than she ever was for me?!?

And why is she SMILING SO BIG about this new arrangement???IMG_0082
Apparently, I’m not the only one who prefers Me Without Mommy classes.

12 thoughts on “Three Totally Rocks.

  1. That is a BIG step Rachel! What a big girl Ali is becoming.

    I love all the photos with this post, especially the airborn shot and the big smile.

  2. I've always thought parents should just rotate kids every couple of months because they behave so much better for others!

  3. She did great…And I'm so glad for you (and me) that this arrangement is working out so much better. It's gonna be a fun year. Averi is already asking me when she gets to go back…

  4. Jackson always cooperates better with other people than he does with me. At least we know that we're not alone!

  5. Such sweet photos.

    My little girls also both LOVE gymnastics and I also felt such a relief when the "Mommy And" part faded away for Julia and she was able to do all the activities on her own.

    Sophia is not yet three, but some of the things you mentioned are starting to happen. For instance, she's fully potty trained and that rocks.

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