My kid is a geek. There’s just no way to sugar-coat it, because, bless her soul, she is headed for THE Uppermost Echelon of Geeks.

And she can’t really help it – she comes by it quite naturally. She was created by an Accountant and an Engineer. Two geekier parents would be hard to find.

I was reminded of her total and complete geekness yesterday when I told her to go play by herself for a few minutes while I finished up what I was working on. When I came to find her, I didn’t find her dressing her dolls or playing with her Princesses…

I found her, sitting in the kitchen floor, studiously yet blissfully taking down all of the pictures off of the refrigerator and sorting them out by family, neatly giving each family their own square of tile floor:


She was actually quite apologetic that she put Luke and Aubrey in the same square (bottom center) because she couldn’t find matches for them, but she figured since they were brother and sister, they could share a square.

Poor thing. She is destined for a life of accountancy. And furthermore, she’ll absolutely adore it. Just like her Momma.

Because truth be told, sorting pictures looked pretty excitingly fun to me, too.

That being said, her latest geeky interests (i.e. her favorite “games” to play) have been addition, subtraction, and “what happens if you mix this color and that color?”

So, for a fun-filled geekfest learning experience (and since everyone else is starting back school which made me feel like we needed to return to the school groove ourselves), I combined her current loves, and told her that we were going to have the most geeky fun ever, and do Color Addition!!!

She, of course, squealed in delight at the sound of this most excellent game.

I got out her Play-Doh and a huge piece of paper, and then thrilled her socks off by telling her that she was going to get to do something I rarely encourage: MIX up her Play-Doh colors.

Serious thrills, people.

So we started off by putting pieces of Play-Doh on her paper, and then mixed them until we got the color we wanted, and wrote the number of pieces it took to get our colors. We did the basics:IMG_0270
And then I had her start guessing as to what color she THOUGHT we were going to make. I learned that she has a very vivid color imagination.


Of course, if mixing two colors is fun, then mixing four or even seven is ecstatic glee.


(Personally, I think God SHOULD have made it so that red + purple + green + yellow + blue + green + black made gold. That’d be pretty awesomely creative.)

But, of course, color addition paled in comparison to her favorite play-doh pastime, decorating Christmas trees. So all of our color addition samples eventually ended up here:

And if nothing else already has, that first Christmas tree is proof that she was made to be an accountant – definitely not an interior decorator.

13 thoughts on “A Geek After My Own Heart.

  1. Stephanie – don't do it to yourself!!! Play-Doh is the messiest thing ever created – it crumbles everywhere and drives me nuts! I much prefer silly putty, but it doesn't come in as many colors to mix.

  2. Okay, you get the mom of the year award for that!

    James loves play-do around here. It doesn't last long though. And it is messy.

  3. That looks really fun! K likes to sort things using our square tiles too, and she LOVES to line up popsicle sticks. I think they are just learning early how much nicer the world is when things are neatly organized. I am going to MAKE my kids Type A, no matter their personalities. Haha:)

  4. Totally impressed with the sorting pictures into family squares! And she's so adorable sitting in the middle of them :-)

  5. I showed your post to my husband because I thought it was so cool. He says it's a neat idea but he will put the Play-Doh under different colors of light to teach additive colors too. Um, we might be in the race for geekier parents…

  6. creative thinking. little ones learn in the most exciting ways. Ali is so precious and is bless with such a great mom and dad. You have a blessed week.

  7. Love the play-doh addition game, looks like a lot of fun to me…guess I'm a geek too!
    So, do you guys need a family picture of us, so Ali will have something to match the other pictures with? :)

  8. If your daughter turns out to be half the person you are she will be a great person. I love how you teach her.

  9. I'm so impressed. I think Ali is already smarter than me. I want her organizational skills. Maybe I could borrow her this weekend and she could help me organize my house ;). I bet she could come up with an amazing filing system for all my important papers. Cindy's contracts: Tile 1, Cindy's bills: Tile 2…

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