If you are a Mom like me that has found quite a bit of lethargic pleasure in renewing your love of coloring thanks to having a coloring-aged-kid (even if you are also, like me, a serial crayon breaker), THEN YOU MUST GO TO TARGET RIGHT NOW. You have no idea the level of satisfaction – nay, ecstasy – that awaits you.

In their school supplies section, Target has these awesome pocket folders in various designs at the very-affordable-for-the-hours-of-obsession-entertainment-they-will-bring-you-price of 2 for $1.50:IMG_9899

Not only are the designs totally coloring ready,

but the texture of that hard, slick, thick cardstock colored on with a pack of Crayola skinny markers is simply and indescribably glorious.

You just might spend two days, coloring feverishly, until your folder looks like this:

And you put down your obsession for a time (to do things like feed your child, do the laundry, and bathe), even though you can hear back side of the folder, calling your name and beckoning you to come enjoy your coloring pleasure…

And even the inside flaps.


But alas, you need to let your bruised marker-holding-finger rest.


The best part of this addiction is (unlike my last addiction of the Angry Birds iPhone game which HAS to be the most addictive app substance on the planet), your kid will THINK you’re doing all of this coloring to spend time with them, and will be glad to color with you:


And your husband may even join in the fun:


But, of course, your coloring needs may last much longer than said child or husband’s, so husband will go back to playing Angry Birds (because it takes husbands longer to beat the game than it does us wives), and your child will entertain herself with other things, like trashing the entire house…

Or working on subliminal messages…

(No, that doesn’t say “Bad Mommy”. . . . it says “Daddy Mommy” – it’s just that two of the D’s are stacked.)

(I hope.)

So. Go. Now. Fulfill your destiny as a colorer. And if you don’t already have them, pick up a pack of skinny Crayola Markers while you’re there. You’ll thank me later…with your bruised fingers.

NO, this post was NOT sponsored by Target or Crayola. Just by my bruised fingers.

18 thoughts on “The First Step is Admitting That I Have a Problem.

  1. I'm sorry, but I had an evil moment there. I pictured you with two kids. . .and a very long time in between coloring gigs. I'm over my meanness now, and the folders actually look pretty cool.

  2. I can't sit still long enough to do that now, but I sure would have loved those in school. I would have had something to do while everyone else took notes.

  3. how fun!! I LOVED coloring all over again when my boys were younger. Now at 7 and 10 they would raher draw and my drawing skills leave much to be desired!! heehee!

  4. WANT NOW!!! The protractor was like crack for me when I was younger. I would make all the complicated designs during class and color them in with my Crayola NEW HUES markers. Ecstasy!!

  5. Ooo, that does look fun! I love all the crisp clean lines that a marker gives you, but being left handed makes it annoying b/c of the streaky pinky finger. :) I think I might have to get some of those the next time I'm in town. It looks like some good coloring therapy. :)

  6. ooohh… I love coloring therapy… I may need to go to Target tomorrow… if only my husband didn't just ban me from there. ;(

  7. Hey, dont you do blog designs? I have somehow messed mine ALL up and I need MAJOR help!!!!!!!!


  8. Oh, how I adore coloring stuff like that!

    Are you growing your nails for an art project? A sculpture, perhaps?

    My boys adore Angy Birds too. :)

  9. I didn't even know it was possible to bruise your fingers coloring!

    That would be the perfect thing to do while watching tv!

  10. Those look soooo cool! I'm afraid all your readers will have bought them by the time I can get to Target!

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