I really thought we would never solve the mystery.

But, since every child’s goal is to be as entirely unpredictable as possible, it was solved in less than 24 hours of my post.

My parents stopped by on Monday for a little while (apparently they were going through Grandkid withdrawals), and since they had read my blog post the day before, they asked Ali about it.

(I rolled my eyes at their naivete, seeing as how I had already thoroughly interrogated my child on multiple occasions.)

“Is Daddy the Lion of your Skirt?”

“Yes! He IS the Lion of my Skirt!!”

“But what does that mean?”

And then, in the exact same exasperating way that Ali walked for the first time for them, despite our months of desperate attempts and in-depth training that she completely ignored, she gave a perfectly clear and precise response.

“Because sometimes, he takes my skirt, and puts it on his head, and pretends to be a lion.”

As she said this, a vague memory surfaced in my mind…one night, about a month ago, during play-before-bedtime, Chris took Ali’s beloved Tutu,


and placed it around his face, giving him a full head AND mane of sparkling tutu hair, and proceeded to pretend to be … a lion.


Her Daddy is, indeed, the Lion of her Skirt.


16 thoughts on “The Lion of Her Skirt: Case Closed.

  1. Okay it's definitely an FB problem or networked blogs problem cause here I am commenting just fine when I navigated straight to the page and did not follow the FB link!

    What I've been trying to say was,


  2. So funny what they can remember and what is important in their minds. I second the request for the mystery of the "onion of purity". :)

  3. Nice! I LOVE that picture, those types are my absolute favorite!

    Congratulations on solving the mystery.

  4. Well I bet that's one you would have never thought of! Great story, very glad to have the closure! That one was going to bug me, and I'm sure you!

  5. Yes please, explain the onion of purity. Hubby and I work with teens who have heard it all before, but I bet they've never heard anything about an onion of purity.

  6. that is too funny. they remember so much.
    still waiting on the onion of purity explanation also.

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