The Legends of Mysteries.

Since I haven’t been much of a fun Mommy lately, I wanted to get Ali a special craft that we could do together while still in my couchbound status.

So I bought her a new Sticky Mosaic kit, but this time it was super exciting: Mosaic Princess Crowns:IMG_9407

After all, no three year old can have enough crowns.

Just like last time, she loved her legend, and followed it closely to make her crown:IMG_9408(And of course I did a bit of helping as well…)

She was QUITE happy with the results:IMG_9423

(Why yes, she’s wearing her bathing suit cover-up over her nightgown. At 11 am. Because she’s very avant-garde in her fashion choices.)

Around the time we finished our crown project, I realized that I actually felt pretty good, a feeling I haven’t been too familiar with the past few weeks. Plus, Ali had asked to “do school”, something I’ve been woefully neglectful in doing with her lately.

Since we haven’t done too much (except for working on our countries) in a while, she was pretty rusty on writing her letters.

And so, I had an idea to make it fun for her, combining her love for legends and her recent obsession with the word “Mystery”..

(You see, she got the words Mister and Mystery confused and was calling all men “Mystery David” and “Mystery Chuck”, so I had to define the two words. And ever since that moment, she’s been begging me to tell her another mystery, and another, and another….)

So…I made her a legend,IMG_9409

Using what she considers the Holy Grail of Mommy’s Precious Office Supplies..
And then I made her a MYSTERY:IMG_9410

She got right to work finding the shapes on her legend and writing out her mystery:IMG_9417
It took a lot of concentration, of course:IMG_9424
I was sure to use words that I knew she would recognize (of which there aren’t too many)…IMG_9428
And she was THRILLED to be a mystery solver!IMG_9429

Of course, after that, she insisted that she just needed to use the Holy Grail Highlighters herself and make a legend for ME,


And then asked me to make a mystery out of THAT. After all, she doesn’t want me to feel unchallenged.

But at any rate, I think Mystery Daddy will be very proud of her Mister-solving abilities.