Only in Alabama would you find this postcard hanging on someone’s Refrigerator:

(My Parent’s fridge, if you’re wondering. Mom said she hung it front and center because she didn’t want to forget to take advantage of that great offer from the local dump – that’s bargain shopping at it’s…nitty-grittiest.)

Only a Beer WEEK could last 10 days.


Only in the year 2010 would they start selling garbage cans for $21.99 and calling them designer baby bathtubs.IMG_9246


my kid would make the mental leap to assume that if she’s put in time out, she must also be required to keep her eyes closed.


15 thoughts on “Only

  1. She is concentrating on how good she is going to be when she gets out. Or either she is really praying and asking for forgiveness. :)

  2. Ali does look like she may be praying!! So cute!!

    PS…That bathtub does not look safe at all….especially for a newborn. Wow.

  3. You ought to have a weekly or monthly "Only" post. I can see you coming up with great ones like these often.

  4. Wow. That bathtub. "The most natural way to bathe your newborn"??? Really?? How does one get more natural than water? I think I have to say that is the MOST ridiculous baby product I've ever seen. And how long could you use it before the baby outgrows it? 4 mos.?

    The postcard is hilarious – esp knowing it was on your mom's fridge.

  5. I'm not understanding how baby would not drown in that "tub"? In fact normally there is a warning on a container like that about not having it filled with liquid so a toddler won't drown… Wow. A new level of stupid at your local baby store!

  6. Wow, that "tub" looks ridiculously unsafe! Love the dump pass. :). That would actually be pretty handy. We spent tons of money at the dump during our remodel. Love the Ali pic! :)

  7. I agree with Carol — a periodic "only" post would be awesome. I saw an "only" in Georgia recently — A SCHOOL near our house had a sign in front of it that said, "Congradulations Grads!" Hopefully the person who put the sign up doesn't teach spelling. :)
    P.S. Your little drama prayer queen is adorable!

  8. The paper on your mom's fridge is hilarious!

    That baby "bathtub" looks dangerous, why would you stick your baby in a something that small and fill it with water? Plus, how in the world do you actually wash them if they're in such a confined space?

  9. Baby Pod for bathing a newborn?!!? Since when is it safe to put a newborn in a bucket of water?!!?

    Ali in time-out would be just adorable except for the pained sad expression on her face. She is too cute!

  10. I've seen that tub everywhere recently. It doesn't look very practical to me. But again I'm the mom that couldn't figure out the baby tub, gave up and just brought Elizabeth in the shower with me.

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