A little over a month ago, I asked your opinion on whether I should take the new, fancy, unknown-whether-it’s-trustworthy Intelligender gender predictor.

I finally decided I would take it, but here was my logic as to how I wasn’t going to let myself get “all crazy” attached to the results: You see, (and this is totally a secret), if I had to say what I wanted this baby to be, I’d have to say a girl. I know, everyone tells me how much I’d love a boy, and I’m sure I would, but that’s just my initial desire.

And, since this predictor is looking for a male hormone or the lack thereof, I figure (completely my own opinion) that it is MORE accurate if it tells you it’s a boy.

So my plan was: If it says a girl, I can take it with a grain of salt and assume there’s a good chance it could be wrong. If it says it’s a boy, I would be safe believing it, because I wouldn’t be disappointed on sonogram day if it turned out to be a girl.

(Not that I overanalyze or anything.)

Also, my sonogram is less than a month away(!!!) – July 14th. Surely I can’t get TOO attached to the results, right?

SO. I finally decided to take it this morning.

After making sure that I had jumped through all of the hoops recommended for the best results and taking a couple of very deep breaths,

I took the test.

It has three parts. A plain ole’ cup, a huge syringe, and a sealed test cup with all sorts of fancy crystals and minerals in it.

You pee in the cup, then you use the syringe to get the EXACT amount (20 ml) of pee that the test requires, then you insert it in the test cup, swirl (not shake), and wait around for 10 minutes.

If your pee turns green, it’s (predicting) a boy. If it stays relatively yellow, it’s (predicting) a girl. They have colored labels to help you decide the color of your product.

So, after 10 minutes,

I totally couldn’t decide what it read.

(Since I know that you’ve always wanted to see my pee-mixed-with-granules-of-mystery-minerals in a cup..)

At first I thought it was a boy, because it had a greenish tint…


But then I realized the coloring was coming from the minerals, not the pee itself, so thought it meant a girl.


I read the “what to do if you’re uncertain” part, and it said “We’d be glad to help you!! Just call our 1-800 number!!!”

So I called, and got this… “We’re sorry, but the person you’re trying to reach is unavailable.”

Four more calls throughout the morning, same recording.

I checked out their website, hoping for pictures of real samples, and thankfully, they did have quite a few pictures. On their results page, most of the “boy” results were dark and nasty – they looked like a bubbling brew of tar or something. So I started thinking “girl” again.

They also had the Chinese Gender Chart on their website and a list of all of the “old wives tales”…..and on all that were applicable, they predicted girl, too (especially the “more acne” one – wow my face is offended by this kid).

Finally, at lunchtime, I tried one more time to call them. My call rang through to a very nice lady.

She seemed to think it sounded like a girl reading (saying not to look at the minerals for the color but the actual liquid), but told me to email my pictures to them for a more definitive answer, so I did.

I haven’t heard back from them yet.

So I’m still undecided as to what the “prediction” is.

(Feel free to give your opinion regarding the tint of my pee.)

The bottom line:

As I waited those agonizing 10 minutes that led to only vagueness, I found myself feeling a bit too much invested in the results. I was NERVOUS. And once I get a definitive answer from the Intelligenderers, I’m afraid I’ll put too much stock into it.

I already do think I’m having a girl a LITTLE bit more than I did yesterday (I’ve been pretty convinced it was a boy), and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Am I glad I took it? I don’t know yet.

But I do know that July 14th can’t get here soon enough.

Editor’s Note: Intelligender answered me the next day and said… “Based on these pictures this is a girl result. The only thing that matters is the color of the urine and there can be dark sediment on the bottom.”

21 thoughts on “I’m Not Intelligent Enough for Intelligender.

  1. From the results, it looks more like girl than boy, but from all the uncertainties with this test, I would NOT put ANY stock into its answer!

  2. I can't decide what I think. Next to the boy label, it looks greenish, next to the girl label it looks yellow. I wouldn't get attached to either idea until your ultrasound. Does this pregnancy seem anything like when you were pregnant with Ali? Both of my boys were the same….Easy peasy!! A little morning sickness for a few weeks, then nothing. Great hair, skin and nails. They were a breeze. My last pregnancy was a miscarriage and I had NO SYMPTOMS at all, which let me know that something was wrong long before I found out for sure that I was going to m/c. Anyway, that's not the point. My friend has 3 boys and a girl. Her girl gave her HORRIBLE acne. They say (old wives tale) that baby girls steal your beauty while your are pregnant, hence the acne. I dunno, I don't have girls and had a small bout of acne with my last boy but nothing serious.
    I'll stop rambling now. Good Luck!!!! I can't wait for your ultrasound now!!

  3. well, now you have to wait a month to know for sure!
    and dont forget my disclaimer: our tech has never been wrong, but you will be at 16.5 at the sono…so just keep that in mind in case yall have to come back for a repeat sono! ;) not that you would mind ANOTHER sono or anything!
    but the tech will tell you if she's not comepletely sure on her reading anyway…
    for the record, i think its a girl too…but i'm hoping for a boy, just so your little family will be even! ;)

  4. My educated (from their website) guess of the Intelligender results would be girl and not because I know you want a girl but because the boy results looked like tar. I wan determined that I was having a boy but I was HAPPILY surprised when the doc said, "It's a girl". I can't wait until July. Best wishes.

  5. It's lighter than the other boy results (and girl results too. for that matter), but it definitely has a more greenish tint than orangeish. All the girl results look very orange to me. Hmmm…. I'm still stickin' with my guess that it's a boy!

  6. I'm gonna vote on the ultrasound results. Unless, of course, his or her legs are tightly crossed! :-O

  7. I can't believe you put pictures of your pee on the internet for all the world to see.

    I still say it's a girl.

  8. I am laughing so hard at you posting these photos! Call Rick & Bubba and see what they tell you although I'm not sure how far along you have to be. If you do call them though twitter first so I can get to my radio. :)

  9. All of us will be anxious for July 14th to get here so I can only imagine how anxious you are feeling right now.

    The test seemed very unpredictable and left you more uncertain…dang that test!

  10. Oh goodness, next to the green "boy" sticker it looks yellow and next to the orange "girl" sticker it looks slightly green to me.

    I am definitely not ever going to take one of those b/c I would not be able to keep my emotions neutral about the results!

    I am voting for a girl! I am having so much fun watching K and S together. I pray every day for them to always be best friends. I ALWAYS wanted to sister when I was growing up so I am thrilled that they will have that experience.

    But I'm sure a boy will be fun for Ali too. :)

    The next month is going to seem like forever for you now!

  11. Ugh … those predictors are no more reliable than a stranger walking up to you and telling you what they think you're having. AND … I have a friend who had an ultrasound just a week before the baby was born. They were told it was a girl. It was a boy. So, good luck. When the little one finally emerges you will be totally and completely thrilled either way :)

  12. Okay….Since I JUST now looked at the results on their site, I say girl for sure…IF that thing is accurate, but I highly doubt it is, I mean it can be what, a 50% chance it right, eh?

  13. We didn't find out what we were having for either of our kids! I do recommend this, best surprise ever. Plus, my sis-in-law was expecting a baby girl, prepped for a girl. Zacharie Pierre is 8 now. Boys hide things.

  14. It looks like pee to me, but that's just me. I would say girl if i hafta choose. Maybe if it's up against a solid white background?

  15. After reviewing the sample pictures, I say a girl. I am also intrigued my the pictures of people's pee. Like, because you sent them a picture is it going to end up on the site? Is it like a puppy or kid or your handwriting where you just know it's yours by looking at it? Because then you'd be super famous if your pee ended up on their site. Millions of ladies would be looking at it everyday!

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