Dear Imaginary Friends (that also go under the aliases of “The Girls” and “The Princesses”),

I understand that you are a normal part of childhood development, and I’m not freaked out by your presence. However, I’d like to set some ground rules with you.

1. Please don’t make my child cry because of how sad you are.

2. Especially right before naptime.

3. At said naptime, if I go downstairs to get you because you’re sad that you got left on the couch, please then hurry up and make up your mind once we get back upstairs as to whether you want to sleep in the floor or the bed. Quit being so wishy-washy.

4. And don’t change your mind once I leave the room.

5. You are ESPECIALLY not allowed to change your mind mid-nap, thereby waking Ali up to tell her that you need to be moved. By me.

6. Bottom Line: Naptime is a precious time. Don’t mess with it. Or you shall find yourself kicked out, sitting on my imaginary doorstep.

And no, I don’t care if you ARE princesses. You’re not running my household.

p.s. – please also quit tee-teeing in your imaginary big girl panties. Your imaginary pee makes an imaginarily horrible mess.

12 thoughts on “A Decree to All Imaginary People Wishing to Live In My House.

  1. Oi! Kick them to them to the curb. You don't need any little divas comin' in to crash your style and mess with Ali's beauty sleep. See you later, moochers!

  2. Oh boy…I remember those days. Anytime T's room was a mess, her 'friend' did it. I eventually banned her friend from coming in our house. It was a hard day on us all.

  3. My imaginarys are doing a cooking show right now with Schyler…it usually doesn't turn out all that great. But I get to sit here and read and "it's a learning experience", right?

  4. My kids never had imaginary friends. Little lovable freaks. I guess they decided to save their imagination for the later years. Be thankful for toddler imagination versus teenage imagination (think tee tee versus bong water). She'll have it all out of her system by the teen years. I was just kidding about the bong water. Well, mostly. You're going to be beautiful gray headed! LOL!

  5. Yeah my kids never had imaginary friends either…but I do. ;)
    Of course there is still time for that to develop. At the rate we're going I have at least 20 or so years for those stinkers to show up.

  6. Our imaginary friends are pets who talk and constantly make us late for school, playdates, etc. Hooray for childhood imagination, but it isn't always easy to encourage.

  7. Perhaps she should hang out with a better quality imaginary friend…Foster's is full of imaginary friends just waiting for find a good home and I bet they'd behave…

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