10. Making biscuits with Pop..IMG_8954

In all shapes…IMG_9045

Even if she DID have to share the fun with Eli, or as she named him for the weekend, “The Short Friend With the Curly Hair.”IMG_8955

9. Pillow fighting with Gramamma, Nick, and The Short Friend With the Curly Hair.IMG_8956


8. The Tide Pool, also known as God’s Beach Present for Toddlers…IMG_8970

If not for Great-Grandmothers who didn’t want to cross it. IMG_8969

Even if the men DID offer to carry her across, in her chair, Arabian-Nights-Princess-Style.

7. Cousin Play. I don’t think she realized how fun cousins were until this trip.IMG_8960


Tessa was great, but Especially…

6. The Short Friend With the Curly Hair.IMG_8972


5. Helping Nick with his Sand Fort, IMG_8976

And then, after being abandoned by Nick, renaming it Cinderella’s castle, and working tirelessly on its culmination,IMG_8990

building alone most of the time, but bringing in contract labor every now and then,IMG_8991

Including getting everyone to pitch in for emergency moat-building relief efforts as the tide threatened the castle. IMG_9000

4. Learning how to fly a kite.IMG_9022

Even if the kite didn’t ALWAYS participate in said flying.IMG_9026

3. Having four generations of people to choose from, depending on one’s mood and desired activity.IMG_9035


2. Running up and down antique stairs while pretending to be a Confederate Princess.


And finally, Ali’s Number One Vacation experience,

1. Getting to see the much-discussed Yucky Bubble Gum Pole live and in person. IMG_9062The shock and awe of such a Grand Life Experience is completely overwhelming for such a tiny person.

The Event started with naming all of the colors..

IMG_9056(Including black. Who chews black bubblegum?)

Being a bit disgusted by the amount of germs housed on that one piece of downtown log,

And then a little bit more disgusted…IMG_9064
And finally, the thrill of the experience set in.IMG_9065 Yes, the Yucky Bubble Gum Pole was most definitely the Bright and Shining Vacation Moment.

12 thoughts on “Ali’s Top 10: Vacation Edition.

  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! That is hilarious about nicknaming her cousin. :)

    That tide pool looks AWESOME! How fun. Now I REALLY want to go to the beach. We are going to a resort for the next few days for one of T's conferences, but it will definitely not be warm enough for swimsuits and shorts. It's supposed to rain all three days. Bummer.

    Glad Ali had such a wonderful vacation! (and you too:)

  2. It looks like you had a grand time. I love that bubble gum pole and "the short friend with curly hair" and the four generations and pillow fights and everything you did.

  3. Nice top ten list. Grandmama at the other side of the tide pool is funny. The gum pole? Eoowwww! I have yet to read the post on that delightful piece of artwork, but I will.

    Oh, the 4 generations photo… beautiful in so many ways.

  4. I loved this post, Rachel. It was great to see Ali be with cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents, and even a grandmama!! Not knowing nearly enough about you, I will soon try and read more of your blog to discover if you get to do this very often.
    What a wonderful privlege and gift for Ali to be around what I believe to be often the very best thing in life…FAMILY!
    And..I don't think a parent can take too many beach pictures of their children or pictures with their grandparents. Those will be treasures in the future..I assure you! As usual, she made my heart happy today..she and the short friend with curly hair! :)

  5. That's a pretty cool germ pole! Looks like y'all had a blast and way too cute with "the short friend with curly hair" =)

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