Sometimes it’s refreshing to simply answer questions. Especially when it’s a question you get asked at least a dozen times a week, and you run out of vague ways to not actually answer, which usually answers the question in and of itself.

So….yes, we’re trying to get pregnant.

Or rather, we’re not not trying.

And we’ve been not not trying for about a year.

(Yes, we started not not trying ironically just a couple of months after I wrote this post – proving that Blogging is therapy – once I got my feelings out, I was good to go.)

However, it took two years to create Ali (we are both, after all, perfectionists), so don’t go out and buy us any baby presents today or anything.

(Unless it’s chocolate – I’m sure that’s always helpful.)

Neither one of us are stressed or sensitive about our infertility, nor are we desperate to get pregnant this time around – we’re really both at peace with God’s timing and plan for our family, and if He wants us to have a second child, then He’ll make sure that happens.

And if He doesn’t, we are both pretty content with that. We don’t plan on exploring any fertility treatments.

The only hard part is the in-between part – the constant wondering of when our life will completely change. Oh – and the 5,672 pregnancy tests I’ve already bulldozed through. But other than that, we’re good with whatever the plan is for our family.

(Ali, however, has been making a lot of mentions lately about the fact that it’s high time I got a baby in my tummy and made her a sibling like all of her friends already have.)

(Which makes me wonder if she’s being fed those suggestions by eager Grandparents and friends…hmm…)

We did some preliminary testing in our pre-Ali days, and I seem to be the problem, but the exact problem has not been diagnosed. But I’m totally cool with the fact that I’m simply not too efficient at making babies.

(It’s a lot easier than the uber-painful diagnostics that they do to discover such problems.)

At any rate, here’s my insider trading tip of the day: buy stock in I have been and will continue to be keeping them in business.

And I totally realize that I just raised my level of “bump watch” by 5000%, but regardless, staring at my belly is completely and absolutely prohibited.

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  1. Aww yay! I know its not news news, but I'm excited ya'll are not preventing anything :) Ali would be a good big sister.

  2. Wow. Way to put it out there, Rachel. :)

    I hope things go your way. Would you like to rub my belly for luck?

  3. Even though Ali is super smart and easily express what she wants, I would say that either Grandparents, friends, or Aunt Lindsay has been whispering in her ear.
    I am impressed and admire your peace with whatever God decides is his plan for y'all, but I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Well I, for one, am sending you lots of baby dust. (You can have ALL of mine!) Hoping things work out for you.

  5. That is a bold move…the putting it out there for the whole world wide web to know part not the trying to make a baby part. I admire your boldness and your attitude…few people could have that kind of attitude, me thinks. :)

  6. lol….good luck to ya! We've been not not trying for 7 of the almost 9 years we've been married, and after the first two years of that and some of those painful ways they diagnose stuff like that that you mentioned, I decided not to be mad about it. Now I just realize that we are saving a BUNDLE on pregnancy prevention products…ROFL. There's always a bright side. And I love our non-bio kids. *grin* but here's hoping Ali gets a sibling soon…*grin*

  7. It's wonderful that God has given you both such a peace about this.

    By the way, I think your title for this post is ingenious(I'm not sure if that's the correct word or form of the word, but you get my drift, right?)!

  8. I'm proud of you both, and I'm humbled by your faith and trust. Much love to the current and possible future members of your family!

  9. Your method of trusting in God to provide is a surefire way that his will be done :)

    I commend you because I know from experience that is very hard to do.

    It yielded good results (eventually) for us though so hopefully it will for y'all too.

  10. I love your attitude about it! You are doing way better than I did! I always swung back and forth between total peace and trust, and frustration that it was not happening on my time schedule. :)

    One fun thing I like to think of though is that if I had gotten pregnant one month sooner or one month later it would have been a totally different child. God knew exactly when I needed to get pregnant to send us the two precious girls that would bless us beyond measure. :)

    Good luck and happy not not trying. ;)

  11. You reminded me that when we were really, really trying for our second, it got to the point where my ex would rather do ANYTHING than that. LOL

    Your method is much better. Let it happen when it happens!

  12. good luck! ;)

    I on the other hand refuse to address the current state of our childlessness on my blog…but I admire your transparency!

  13. YAY!!! I love people having babies (as long as it's not me!) Super excited and I promise I won't watch your belly!

  14. God has a plan for your family just be patient. I hope you will get pregrant soon. I will be praying for you and your family to soon add a member to your family. Ali sure would be a great sister. Lots of HUGS and PRAYING!!!

    Visit my blog Ali would enjoy what I posted today. The title is Looking Forward To Easter!!! Thanks and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!

    Blog –

  15. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!! It means the world to me to have such good bloggy friends!!

  16. I think you have the most fantastic attitude and know where the plans are made. When you told me I wondered if I could ever love a child like I do Ali, then I had to laugh because that is the same thing my Dad said when Mom was pregnant with me. And we know how much he loved me.

  17. Finally getting around to commenting on you blog and just wanted to say YEA!!! So excited for you guys and I'll be praying for His will to be done!

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