I always find the beach to be an inspiring place to take pictures of Ali. There’s something about the lighting…the color her eyes are down there…the air…the surroundings.

Granted, she wasn’t quite in the mood for photography this weekend, and when I did get her cornered, she didn’t want to put down her fork…IMG_8431

And she didn’t appreciate me saying that she had boingy curls from the salty air.IMG_8446

Apparently, “boingy” to her is about as insulting as “gigantasaurously fat” would be to you and me. Who knew.

But I noticed something that’s changed about Ali from the last time I took a significant amount of beach pictures…IMG_3607

Besides the fact that she’s a year and a half older.

I noticed the eyebrows.

They’re Greek.

And they’re growing in very quickly.IMG_8433

They seem to be growing in at a faster rate than even my monstrous Greek eyebrows did – mine at the age of 5 were approximately where hers are at the age of 3:r19

They may be cute at that age, but believe me – they turn on you. Greeks are hairy people. Not nice-thick-hair-on-the-head hairy people, but so-hairy-that-they-need-a-weed-wacker-in-their-personal-hygiene-kit hairy people.

Which means…

1. Her eyebrows will, at some point in her early adolescence (or sooner, at her rate), take over the entire surface of her face, much like mine did before my Mother mercifully stepped in and taught me how to use a lawnmower tweezers:pics029
…Eyebrows are the number one leading cause in Awkward Pre-Teen Years. Sad but true.

2. If hers are growing at a faster rate than mine did, then I have to worry about people looking down on me for teaching a six year old how to tweeze her eyebrows.

3. And shave her legs.

4. Because, if she got the Greek eyebrows, she probably got the Greek in-general hairiness too

5. Along with her college fund, I need to start her a laser hair removal fund.

But, luckily for her, she’s completely oblivious to the hairiness of her future. IMG_8296 IMG_8432

…but she is still a bit mad at me for using the adjective “boingy” to describe her curls.IMG_8443

11 thoughts on “A Pair of Greeks.

  1. God is generous in the eyebrow department with those to whom He gives extraordinarily beautiful eyes. Such lovely eyes call for a substantial frame.

  2. Maybe that's why I always say she looks serious.

    Greek brows aside, the girl is absolutely gorgeous and the beach definitely highlights it!

  3. That is very funny, I was noticing her Greek eyebrows this weekend myself. Of course, I think they are cute but she is not a tween or teen yet.

  4. She will come to realize that the boinginess in her curls will take away from the hairiness of her eyebrows. She'll come around. ;)

  5. Bless her, I've got that Greek problem and I'm not even Greek! I agree with Linda, her "frame" just highlights her beautiful eyes!

  6. Love the boingy curls! I have the opposite problem…very light eyebrows and I have to darken them or I look freaky. I think Monkey Mae has inherited that.

  7. I have some Greek frinds who want me to do my genealogy, because they swear I've got to be Greek. Not because of my mad dancing skillz, but because of my extra hairiness.

  8. I think there's something wrong w/ google or maybe it's just my computer, I was only able to see about 3 of the pictures on the post! Hope it's fixed soon!

    Italians are very hairy people too, I had a unibrow by the end of my elementary school years and I can already tell that Aubrey is going to take after me in that department! Everyone is always making comments about the surprised expression she often has on her face, I think she just looks surprised b/c her eyebrows are already so thick & defined for a baby :)

    Since Ali loves Hair Reflections so much, she might like to get her eyebrows waxed there (when the time comes for that)…they do a pretty good job! :)

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