Being the kid of a Blogger who occasionally does giveaways, Ali has the exciting privilege of getting fun things in the mail from strangers. I’m pretty sure that she thinks this is completely normal and happens to everyone.

In fact, pretty much every day, she asks me, “Did I get anything in the mail?”

Her latest favorite bloggy mail item are her Yoo Hoo and Friends:

When she can’t find them, she asks me, “Have you seen my new friends? Where are my new friends?”

These are adorable stuffed animals that make cute noises when their bellies are pressed.

There are over 50 different varieties, and they represent different endangered animals around the world. They have a website where kids can go to play fun games with their animals, all while learning about the different endangered species and their habitats.

They have several different sizes, as well as small ones to put on backpacks and such:IMG_6163

(I’m pretty sure Ali wants a backpack just for her little friend to live on.)

If you’d like to win these fun friends, they have offered a 5″ Yoo Hoo friend to three winners! To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post.

You can earn up to two extra entries if you:

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  • Follow me on Twitter OR my new fan page on Facebook

(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

This giveaway will be open until Monday, January 18th. The three winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Tuesday, January 19th. Open to US and Canadian Addresses.

Good luck!!

I did receive products to review, but I was not compensated to write this and my opinions are, as always, my own.

116 thoughts on “Yoo Hoo and Friends Giveaway!

  1. My kids love stuffed animals…especially talking ones…*grin* I'm sure #1 has no chance of winning but somebody's gotta do it. lol

  2. You can NEVER have too many talking toys! :) Those are seriously cute though.

    I follow you on Twitter at vikki77.

  3. Oh my goodness…those are too cute!! My daughter would be in stuffed animal heaven if I were to win one of those.

  4. You have a fan page? Oh my Miss Fancy! :)

    I will follow you everywhere you go. Does that make me a stalker?

  5. Ali is a princess so of course she thinks it's normal to receive presents from strangers in the mail. That's what happens when you're royalty ;).

  6. Those are cute! I feel like I shouldn't enter since I've won twice in the past month! Exciting for me, but not for anyone else. :)

  7. They look really cute. You should get Ali a backpack. She's three. She needs a backpack. LOL. I did share via FB but the link shows up "funny". It does link to the correct post when you click on it but the preview shows AL Blogger. "Hey this is Valerie….Courtland, AL".

  8. My daughter loves stuffed animals, she would go crazy for these. They look adorable & of course the sounds :)

  9. These are cute! Even with their Precious Moments Creepy Eyes.

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  10. Discovered you looking for info on the Swift Coles Home in Bon Secour! Looking forward to reading some of your earlier writings. Love the pics! Love the little animals!

  11. The first time I saw these were when i was in China and was trying to find prizes for Mid-Autumn Festival "cookie gambling." My friend and I both had extreme and opposite reactions. I had no idea they'd be over here, too, but this is a global economy – no?

  12. These things are so adorable. I especially like the Sugar Glider….so cute! Thanks for this giveaway. My daughter would love something like this.

    heidibokor @ yahoo . com

  13. These are so cute. In fact, we found them at the childern's hospital when my daughter had surgery. It was nice to see a smile on her face when her YooHoo friend made kissing sounds…

  14. My daughter loves stuffed animals. Even at 16, she still has quite the collection and always wants to add more. *wink*

  15. We got our Yoo Hoo stuffed animal in today, and Ethan is completely in love. I have to admit that it is beyond adorable! We were all hoping for the platypus, and that is what he received. We may have to buy some more of these. They're too cute!!

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