Ali is a miniature expert at “Playing Pins” on the Wii, so we decided to try to turn her virtual skills into IRL* skills.

* For those of you who live so much in the real life that you don’t know what IRL means, it means, well, “In Real Life”, used often by those of us who live too much in the virtual world.

We weren’t sure how it would go, seeing as how the smallest ball available was approximately 1/4 of her body weight, but she was a huge fan of the bowling fashion, so if nothing else, at least she’d get to broaden her style horizons.


However, she showed no hesitation to give it a try. She tried to pick up Daddy’s special, custom, name-engraved, from-his-geeky glory-days-of-league-bowling ball right at the start while he was too busy finding her a light ball:


AJ came to join us, just as excited as Ali:


And Tessa was perfectly content watching the light show.

We started out helping Ali and carrying the ball for her (thinking for sure that she’d drop it on her toes), but after a few frames, if we weren’t quick enough to come help her when it was her turn, she would go get her own ball, carry it to the lane, and drop throw it:

And, of course, there was a celebratory hug after every throw,

…and a game of ring-around the rosies…


…and a nice long chat…


all before the ball even made it halfway down the lane.


16 thoughts on “The Bowling Ali

  1. Santa brought us, um, I mean my daughter, a Wii for Christmas and we decided we have to go bowling now, too. Now I can't wait! That was too cute!

    And we also have the same curl issues! I bought spray get, but it doesn't do half the job that gel does. Guess I'm off to buy real gel today!

  2. Sometimes the thunk of the ball dropping as they begin can be embarrassing! No? (Maybe that was just my kids)

  3. The bowling Ali is too cute. I think ALL kids love bowling. Now I can't wait to see the skiing Ali, the tightrope walking Ali, the hula-hooping Ali… Oh wait, I'm getting carried away on all of our Wii games!!

  4. Cute–but remember the real danger there is not dropping the ball on your foot: it's in sitting in those funky pants-ripping chairs. *Shudder*

  5. Oh that is darling! I love the celebratory Ring around the rosy before the ball even makes it down to the pins :)

    Looks like she had a wonderful time!

  6. "before the ball gets half-way down the lane"! Hilarious! And so true. We took our boys bowling for Harris' birthday, and we had the same experience – as far as the slow-rolling ball goes. There weren't hugs and ring-around-the-rosies, of course. I'm glad she enjoyed the IRL experience!

  7. The ring-around the rosies dance is my favorite…I wonder if I do that after each bowl if it will make the ball hit more pins. :)
    Those are the cleanest, most new looking bowling shoes I've ever seen…guess the toddler sizes aren't used very much!

  8. Too cute. Love the title too! And thanks for linking up. It is amazing how much kiddos can actually learn from those video games these days.

  9. You need to come to New England where we have candlepin bowling with bumpers. The balls weigh about 2 pounds and there are no gutter balls! Much more kid friendly.

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