We took Ali to the Alabama/Arkansas Gymnastics Meet Friday night. It was fun for me to actually go to a sporting event in Tuscaloosa that I really could get into – after all, 10 seasons of football games should buy me a few events of my choice, right?

But Chris got rewarded to taking us too. He spotted this in the window of the Athletic Building:Crystal Ball (Photo Courtesy of Chris’ iPhone)

That’s right: He didn’t have to go on the ever-classy Wal-Mart Tour to see the National Championship Trophy.

Once we got inside, Ali, of course, was mesmerized by the gymnasts…IMG_7176

and her ticket.

We brought Gramamma and Pop along, which also thrilled Ali’s soul to the very center.IMG_7179
She was also super excited to catch a few glimpses of her Gymnastics Idol, our friend Rachel, who is currently on the Gymnastics team.

I have only been to one Gymnastics meet in my life, and I was really young at the time, so I learned a few things.

  • ALL gymnastics coaching staff feels the need to wear cocktail dresses and crazy-high stiletto heels, or if they’re of the male variety, full suits. This leads to problems:
    • The black suits end up completely chalk-covered,
    • But the female coaches have learned how to use that chalk to their advantage, rather than detriment. We saw the Arkansas head coach take her two-story heels off, rub her feet in the chalk-that-fell-out-of-the-chalk-holder, and put her heels back on. At least she’s practical in her impracticality.
  • I always wondered if they actually performed events simultaneously. They don’t. Alabama would take a turn on the vault, then Arkansas would take a turn on the bars. This was good, but it seems like meets with more than two teams would take a decade to complete.
  • Absolutely no flash photography is allowed. They were quite threatening about it. Which makes total sense, but it had the effect of no-legged gymnasts in all of the photos I took:



  • The announcer LOVED to do the “Kiss Cam”, where they’d put a camera on a couple somewhere in the arena and get everyone to encourage them to kiss.
    • They preferred to Kiss Cam the grumpy looking anciently old couples.
    • They weren’t just grumpy looking, they were grumpy. They’d sit there with their teeth clinched and their hands in fists in their lap and stare down the camera man.
    • It’s sad to hear old people booed by an entire arena.
    • Ali felt so bad that she reached around and kissed her Daddy… too bad the kiss cam wasn’t on her.

Despite staying up later than she ever had before, Ali had a dreamy time and is insistent that she is going to do ALL of those tricks on Monday at Gymnastics class.IMG_7199

…and WE had a dreamy time sleeping in until 10am (at which time we WOKE HER UP) on Saturday morning. Late nights have their benefits.

17 thoughts on “A New Kind of Roll Tiding.

  1. What fun! We are going to Dallas to participate in the Metroplex Challenge this weekend. By WE I mean Rachel, the actual gymnast at our house. And we get to the NCAA gymnasts perform Saturday night. She is SOOOOO Excited! I am glad Ali had fun!!

  2. That whole "staying up later, then sleep later the next morning" thing never worked for either of my kids. They always get up at the exact same time the next morning and are just really ill all day. Count your blessings!

  3. Why doesn't that work with my little guy????? It doesn't matter how late he goes to bed, he's always up bright and early. Oy. :)

  4. She looks like she had a blast! And I'm glad the whole staying up late worked out in your favor. It NEVER does for us!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a blast. I was always a dancin' girl myself. I could barely do a cartwheel. So glad Ali had fun, I'm sure she'll be trying all of those tricks in class today.

  6. go hogs! When we took Kady to her first movie (in Fayetteville), we went out for ice cream after it was over. Guess who was at Maggie Moo's? The Razorback Gymnastics team. small world.

  7. Wow, you are one of those lucky people whose kids sleep in after a late night!
    Can't wait to see photos of Ali doing her new tricks today.
    That's gonna be the next post, right?

  8. I'm glad you got to see the trophy without having to wait hours at a Walmart. We know how to do it in Alabama, don't we?

  9. That crystal football looks a lot better there than in front of the Coca-Cola display. And yes, even I admit that Alabama does host other sporting events. But that is a big secret to some. :)

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