We always take Ali to get her portraits made around her birthday (you know, because I don’t take enough pictures of her throughout the year). This year, my sister-in-law Lindsay and I were talking about it, and I had this Wonderfully! Bright! Idea! To combine photos!!

We thought…

  • We’ll get some of all of the cousins together!
  • Gramamma will only have to make one trip to the portrait studio to make our kids smile!
  • We’ll combine our package and save money!

Then, as the time grew closer, I started to get nervous… can you successfully photograph three kids three and under together? It’s hard enough with one.

Is this going to be more chaotic than we’d hoped, trying to get their pictures and our pictures and combined pictures and individual pictures and picking out pictures together….oh my!

It turned out to be not bad at all – with the exception of actually achieving an “all three cousins together” picture as a reward for all of Gramamma (AND Pop’s) hard work in forcing getting the kids to smile.

The process started with rounding them up, which in itself was a challenge (darn Lego tables!!!)….

Take one: Ali’s doubting this whole idea too, Tessa’s wondering why she’s been abandoned and left between such unsafe creatures, and Eli is plotting his escape: 0057

Take Two: Ali realizes she’s supposed to smile so she can be set free, Tessa’s still asking where her Mommy is, and Eli’s starting to move out of the picture.


Take Three: And He’s off!!! Tessa’s making sure to lean far away from him so that she doesn’t get implicated in his crimes. Smart girl – I could have used that tactic as a kid. 0058

Take Four: Eli’s unceremoniously returned, but he’s got a grudge to settle now. Ali’s feeling all “Ha Ha you’re in trouble now” smug.0056

Take Five: The “This is as good as it’s gonna get, crazy idealistic people” shot.0060

We DID try again later, after their outfit changes and after they’d “gotten used to the idea”. However, Eli really just was done with all that, so he fled the scene:0128

When we DID get him back, he refused to sit up. So we thought, let’s just capitalize on that and get them all to lay down.

Of course, when they laid down WITH him, he wanted to get up.

And Tessa wanted to cry.

Ah well, we showed our endurance, at any rate.

Ali’s pictures went fairly well (as did Eli and Tessa’s individual shots, but I’ll let Lindsay show you those). But Ali seemed to have a strange propensity for looking like a bunny in nearly every picture:0029


And if she wasn’t doing her Bugs Bunny impression, she appeared to be concocting up some evil scheme of which she took GREAT pleasure in:


But somehow amidst the chaos, we managed to get a few keepers:0078




By the time it was all over, though, I think Ali just wanted some time to be alone and gather her melodramatic thoughts.

As did I.

23 thoughts on “Attempts at Capturing The Moment.

  1. These are all great! Portrait sessions are oh so much fun with little ones. You couldn't pay me enough to work at Portrait Innovations! I'd lose it after an hour.

  2. I love the "bunny" pictures! She is such a doll. I can't believe how big Tessa is already! It seems like she was just born the other day. Great family pics! I hope mine go as well when baby gets here. :)

  3. Tyler just walked by and said "That is a cute little girl." I said, "That is my friend Rachel's little girl Ali. That's who I want James to marry." He shrugged and said "Okay," like it was perfectly normal for me to be planning my 3 year olds marriage.

  4. Great job! I am glad you got some good ones. And as a mother of three, YES, it is impossible to get good shots of them when they are little!

  5. Oh, they turned out great! I love the cheek-smushing kissy-face pics! I see the infamous ring made it to the photo shoot! :)

  6. You have beautiful children! I also followed you on facebook form the Zoe's post as frstyfrolk, my other alter ego, Smiles, Cyndi

  7. Y'all were very brave to take all three of them! Getting your kids' pictures taken can be very stressful!
    The one of Ali and Tessa is adorable, I think it's so sweet that they're holding hands!
    You and Chris are very photogenic, that picture of the 2 of you is great!
    It never crossed my mind that Ali looked like a bunny in the picture you gave us ;)

  8. The pictures are awesome. Ali is as cute as ever. I love the smug "You're in trouble now",–that was hilarious!
    I think Eli and Jack could hang out. They both seem to have the same amount of stamina/tolerance for these things. :)

  9. Y'all are so gorgeous Rachel. I love the pictures from your photo shoot. I wish I had more pictures of our entire family together.

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