Alabama, Meet Greece.

Chris and I are in Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game.

(At this point, I WOULD say that I am fully prepared to comfort my husband in his mourning after the game tonight, but I already got roasted on Facebook for saying that. It’s just that my opinion about the facts trump my admittedly weak fandom…I can’t help it. But I genuinely hope you can ALL come back and tell me how so very wrong I was. Truly. For my husband’s sanity.)

At any rate, Chris’ Aunt Kitty and Uncle (Toenail Art) Leo are here as well. Our plans were to go to our favorite Atlanta experience, Taverna Plaka Friday night for dinner. And between Chris and Leo, about 15 extra guests were invited as well, all Alabama fans here for the game.

If you’ve been around here a while, you already know that my family is Greek, and Chris and I both adore Greek culture and food. Taverna Plaka showcases both like no other. From flaming cheese to belly-dancing to whole families (including children) dancing on the tables to throwing napkins and yelling “OPA!!!”, it’s the epitome of the culture that you all came to know and love in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

And, since we had 15 first-time guests, Chris, who is all about showing southern hospitality in every situation, was very intent on making sure that they got the full experience.

Chris’ friend Tim and co-worker Dax were a bit shy of the belly-dancer at first…IMG_5908

Leo, having been there before, had no such qualms.IMG_5931

One round of belly-dancing passed, we finished our amazing dinners, and no one had gotten on any of the tables.

This concerned Chris greatly.

He just didn’t feel like his dinner guests were getting their money’s worth.

So when he saw the belly-dancer headed back out, he asked me if I would dance on the table with him if he could get the belly-dancer to join us.

Let’s see….I’ve had bronchitis for over a week…I’m basically hacking up carpenter’s glue…I am the worst dancer in the whole world due to a severe lack of the rhythm chromosome, and…call me a curmudgeon. I can take it.

But I willingly agreed to let HIM dance on the table…and I’d be his loving and supportive photographer.

And so…IMG_5921

IMG_5923 Yes.

He was a natural.

I think he may have been taking belly-dancing lessons without telling me.

Now I know exactly what to get him for Christmas: A “Prince Ali, Mighty is He…” Aladdin-esque Belly-Dancing Outfit. Mm hmm.

Leo couldn’t resist the fun that Chris was obviously having, so he cut in:IMG_5926

I THINK he might have been teaching her the hokey-pokey, but I’m not quite sure.

Needless to say, there are 15 Alabama fans that are now more educated on my husband’s booty-shaking talents the Greek culture than they may have ever wanted to be.






Oh…wait…you wanted videos?

Lucky you. I’ve got ‘em.



And Leo…featuring his blinking Alabama Elephant tie – it really makes the dance pop, don’t you think?

Welcome to Greece.