Three Bears
Everything in Ali’s life is currently being related back to The Three Bears.

There were three table decoration pumpkins at the camping lodge. They were immediately named Papa Pumpkin, Mama Pumpkin, and Baby Pumpkin. She informed us that her favorite was baby pumpkin, my favorite was Mama Pumpkin, and Chris’ favorite was Daddy pumpkin.

All soup-like substances, including chili, must be referred to as “porridge” if one is desirous for Ali to partake of it, and every bite must be analyzed to determine whether it is too hot, too cold, or just right.

The song on her bible CD that says “Behold, Behold, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock…” is, according to Ali (who happens to sing it “Hehold, Hehold…”), apparently about Goldilocks knocking on The Three Bears’ door.

(I don’t remember her knocking…I thought Goldilocks was more of a breaking and entering sort of porridge thief.)

And the grand finale of this association obsession happened on Sunday when she pooped on the potty. She announced to Chris, the parent in charge of that particular potty visit, “I pooped!!!” Then, looking down into the potty and checking out the situation, she informed him: “There’s a big HUUUGE poop, and a medium poop, and an iiiiitty biiiitty baby bear poop.”

Chris looked, and sure enough, that summed up the situation quite well.

Anyway…EVERYTHING in life has to do with these crazy bears. And really, this makes total sense. She can relate to their family unit – There’s a Daddy, a Mommy, and a baby.

Upon deeper thought into this matter, I realized that there’s a children’s story for every family unit –

  • If you’ve got a single Mom, you can relate to Snow White.
  • If you’ve got a single Mom and two horrible sisters, then Cinderella is your association of choice.
  • For those with single Dads, there’s The Little Mermaid.
  • For the typical one son, one daughter family, you have The Berenstein Bears.
  • If you grew up in the woods and were raised by animals, you have The Jungle Book.

Anyway, you get my point.

So, obviously, it would be a complete SHAME to mess up this understanding of family that she has, right?

But apparently, she’s adaptable.

After telling me yesterday morning after gymnastics that she wanted a baby sister, she decided that this:


Was her Baby Bear Sister, Abby.

I’m sure that Goldilocks will be thrilled to know that there’s a new bear on the scene, waiting to have her porridge eaten, her chair broken, their bed slept in, and her life wrecked in general.

11 thoughts on “Life Through The Lens of Goldilocks

  1. A blog mentioning poo? I can't believe it. ;)

    I guess my family is akin to "The Incredibles." Superhero mom, and whatnot.

    I like baby sister Abby. At least she won't hog Ali's toys.

  2. What is it with kids having to examine their poop? Jackson does the same thing, and he too is all about Goldilocks!

  3. Re: Lianne's comment, LOL!

    I think all kids are fascinated at some point by poo. Xander is always asking me what color his is. *GAG* I'm sorry for the TMI LOL

  4. Oh boy, she's asking for a sister already? Good luck with that :) Babisodes was relentless once she got that idea in her head.

    As for the association, that is too cute. If it gets to poop into the potty? Whatever works!

  5. Haha, K is all about the family makeup as well. Anything and everything has to be assigned to a mommy, daddy, "Sai-shya", and baby. She will use anything to make a family: food, toys, rocks, sticks, anything!

    Yay for Ali going poo in the potty! Even Goldilocks didn't do that. :)

  6. I'm feeling like the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe today. I'm thinking Rapunzel (locked in a tower alone) might make for a nice vacation. She probably spends a ton on hair products though.

  7. Poo examination? Love it! At least she did not touch it. You gotta admire her ability to take her knowledge and apply it to other situations. It's a higher skill on the intelligence ladder. :) And hey if Goldilocks gets you poop on the potty, guess who's going to the library?

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