I’ll Fit Myself, ThankYouVeryMuch.

IMG_5282 I’ve been seeing this term thrown around in a lot of the newspaper ads lately, not to mention the Southern Women’s Show… “Certified Bra Fitter”…or a different variety is “Certified Bra Specialist”.

And it makes me ponder…how DOES one become a certified in bra fitting?

I googled it to satiate my curiosity, but came up zilch – except for one bra-fitting certification school in England (Tuition is £200, by the way), but that doesn’t count, because I’m sure the certifications are different on this side of the pond.

So where DO you get trained? Is it a course at the local Community College? Or maybe the Technical College??

I can see their commercials now, where they scroll the degrees available across the screen…

Get your degree now!!! In all of our available majors…

  • Court Reporting 

  • Medical Billing 

  • Medical Assistant 

  • Dental Hygienist 

  • Bra Fitting Specialist

And if they DO offer that certification, are only women allowed to enroll in that course? Because you know the line of guys signing up for “Auto Mechanic” would totally change majors, if nothing else for the “lab” classes.

And, speaking of men, what if there were such a thing as a “Certified Boxer Fitter” or a “Certified Brief Fitter”?

Can you imagine the response you’d get from your husband if you said “Honey, your boxers don’t seem to be fitting right. I think it might be causing your back problems. And your posture might improve too, if you were fitted properly. I scheduled you an appointment with Derrick – He’s a Certified Boxer Specialist down at Macy’s.”

(Insert your Husband’s unprintable response here.)

“But Honey, they’re having a Boxer Fitting Event!!”