Ali and I have been taking trips to the park lately to feed the geese. And, because we’re nice (and we’re afraid of what they’d do to us if we didn’t), we’ve also fed the overly pushy and extraordinarily frightening Ugly Ducks.

…of whom I mentioned one day on Twitter and Facebook, and no one seemed to know what I was talking about (except for my one Zoologist friend).

So, let me introduce you to quite possibly the ugliest creature that God has ever made:IMG_4928

I’ve heard that this is what happens when Geese and Ducks decide to inter-marry, but I don’t know if that’s true… but they are covered in bulbous red and slimy warts, are unattractively spotty, waddle like a lady 12 months pregnant, and make the most disgusting belchous quacks you’ve ever heard.

But, after all, they need to eat too.

The first day we went was a spur of the moment decision after gymnastics, so instead of taking our old bread, we actually paid about 20 times the retail price for THEIR cat food to feed THEIR geese:IMG_4970

I know. It’s Stupid Tax.

But it made for some happy geese, ugly ducks, and a toddler: IMG_4933

When we first got there, Ali was thrilled and pointing at the Uglies: IMG_4958

But I quickly warned her (thanks to my previous Mommy Mistakes) that if she did that, they WOULD bite her finger.

So then., I got about 567 shots of her doing this:IMG_4961



IMG_4937 IMG_4946

I didn’t have to tell her twice.

She much preferred feeding the pretty white ducks who were safely out of biting range to the ugly ducks who were harassing her:IMG_4942

And I can’t say I blame her.

But she did dole out some of her princess goodness on the uglies, as well:IMG_4955


Then, after a few laps of “Balance Beam Walking”,IMG_4972

It was time to bid the ducks, geese, and uglies goodbye.IMG_4922

Yikes. She should be having nightmares about Ugly Ducks instead of Cinderella’s Dress – I certainly am.

19 thoughts on “Ugly Ducks.

  1. The ugly ducks are Muscovy ducks, and I always felt kind of sorry for them since they are not attractive and don't really have a quack. We had them at one of the ponds back home and would go and feed them. The hospital up here even has some at their little pond. Feeding the ducks and geese was one of my favorite childhood things to do.

  2. Our pond has those wretched ducks in it. I do feel sorry for them, but at our pond our beautiful geese and swans are mean as a snake. The ugly ducks are actually the lesser of two evils!

  3. Those ducks can be very mean. We had them on my college campus and every time I went running I was scared of getting attacked (plus I had to watch my step)! We have some in the park downtown, too, and they are very ornery! Crazy ducks!!

  4. WOW…those are the ugliest things I have ever seen!!! On the other hand, Ali is adorable! LOVE the tiara. I sure wish I could get away with wearing one all the time!!!

  5. We fed them at the Pell City Park. I actually liked them, they were very gentle and would come close to us. The poor things are ugly though :)

  6. I grew up across from a lake that had ducks that looked just like those!

    Man, they can be aggressive! I don't blame Ali one bit for feeding the ones in the water. They really bite, and not gently.

  7. Those ducks are tragic-looking. You have to wonder if they hold out hopes of growing up to be beautiful swans. Bless their funky hearts.

    Thanks for setting up lunch today! It was fun as always!

  8. Pushy ducks are all over these parts. I'm really starting to develop a fear of ducks in general. I'm mean they don't even move when you are trying to drive your car in the road!!! That's just scary….hope Ali doesn't wake up screaming about ducks.

  9. Good grief! That has got to be one of the scariest looking creatures I've ever seen. Bravo to Ali for not taking one look at those things and running screaming in the other direction…I think that's what I would have done!

    I miss feeding the geese…they put up signs at all our parks now "Please do not feed the geese or ducks." Sad, that used to be one of my favorite pasttimes when I was a nanny, and the kids loved it too. We just used stale bread, I've never seen an actual duck-food dispenser like that.

  10. Yes, those ducks are ugly, but the geese are mean! Watch out for them!!

    Next time you are at the pond, give us a call! We would love to hang out with you guys. Miss you!

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