I admit it: I am apparently in “Mommy Mode” now.

You know that dream you have right as you’re drifting off to sleep that you’re falling and it jerks you awake, as you gasp a huge breath and try to grab ahold of anything to keep from plunging to your death?

That dream varies for me from falling off a tall building to falling out of the bed, but I have it a lot.

(Luckily, so does Chris, so we are equal in our need for apology when we almost knock the other one out of bed with our spastic efforts at saving ourselves.)

Well, I had a very original (and disturbing) twist on it the other night. I was falling asleep very quickly after laying down, and then all of a sudden, I’m sitting in front of the toilet, and Ali is sitting on it. Except that she is sitting completely on the FRONT of the seat of the toilet, and begins peeing, creating a yellow waterfall down into the floor and me. I jump up and shriek to scoot her back and save myself from the impending flood,

and then I awoke with a jolt.

Oh, this is bad. My falling dreams have now turned into potty-training dreams.

Granted, this isn’t the first time I’ve had Mommy dreams. After all, my most injurious sleepwalking episode ever (and, thankfully, the only sleepwalking incident (so far) that resulted in an emergency room visit) was predicated by me trying to save Ali from falling down nonexistent stairs.

But there’s just something about dreaming about POTTY-TRAINING that just sucks all of the individuality right out of you and just makes you feel like MOM.

hello-my-name-is Rachel-Mom copy

Good thing it’s a pretty rewarding job.

15 thoughts on “She Has Now Taken Over My Dreams.

  1. I'm a new reader and having fun following your blog.

    Is it surprising that you're dreaming about potty training? It's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing before you go to bed…no wonder! Potty training dominates your time like nothing else!

    hope it keeps going well for you…

  2. Hi Rachel! Nice to meet you! Let me know if you have a blog – I like to check out my reader's blogs and be able to respond to their comments also!

    And you're right – I always dream about whatever is dominating my life at the time, and potty-training is definitely dominating!

  3. That is too funny. I have to admit I haven't had any potty dreams:) Is Ali doing better with it? I know you said she would just hold it before. Hope it's going better for you sake:)

  4. I never had a potty training dream, but I always have crazy mommy dreams in the summer right before we find out who kiddo's teacher is going to be.

  5. I figure it is the same thing as work stress dreams. :) I feel like 50% of my dreams are mommy ones! It's even worse now that number two is on the way!

    I see you have another Rachel reader…we should start a Rachel club. :)

  6. BTW, I had a terrible time with my daughter and keeping the pee in the toilet. She would sit all the way on the toilet, but she would lean back and the pee would go up and over the edge and all over her clothes. We had to teach her to always LEAN FORWARD. So some nightmares can become a reality…

  7. I can so identify with you on this. It's amazing how our little ones ingrain themselves so deeply into our lives and even our dreams!

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