Last year when we went to Alabama’s first (in my football watching career) Atlanta season opener, we were delightfully shocked when we found out that there were not only 80,000+ football fans in downtown ATL, but there were also 40,000+ fans of a VERY DIFFERENT variety, also within a one mile radius.

Dragon*Con, a convention for all things science fiction, fiction, or really anything that you can dress up like or make up a costume for was also going on.

Since my term “crazies” didn’t go over too well with a few of the Dragon*Conners last year (most of them really enjoyed the post, but a few didn’t, even though I used the term for both footballers AND Dragon*Conners and meant it in no more of a serious manner than I would if I admitted that I was crazy due to my need to have three perfectly clean napkins in my lap during all mealtimes and if one gets messed up, I must replace it before I can eat another bite), I have decided to replace it this year.

So, to be maximally fair in every way, I am embracing my identity as a Mundane (which is what they referred to me as – I think it is somewhat analogous to a “Muggle” in Harry Potter), and replacing the term of Crazies with a more politically correct term developed with the help of my hubby. Passionistas (Passhun-eest-as).

And believe me, there were PLENTY of Passionistas to go around.

This year, since we were very excited to get some people watching in, we decided to take a stroll around downtown late Friday night (11pm +) in hopes of seeing a couple Dragon*Con sights and sounds.

And we were NOT disappointed.IMG_2873

There were thousands.

We hung around the outside of the main hotel and walked through the lobbies and conference areas of all three D*C hotels. We saw everything from the extremely classy,IMG_2851

To the halloween-esque.IMG_2854

Yes, ALL of the elements were at Dragon*Con.IMG_2944

We learned a lot about these Passionistas between our Friday night walk and their Saturday morning parade, of which we were also in attendance. And so, here are:

The Top 23 Things Learned by a Mundane from Dragon*Con:

1. Airbrushed Abs rock. I think they should offer this service at spray-tanning facilities:IMG_2819


2. Freaky contacts are totally “in” this year. And I do mean really freaky:
IMG_2809(and no, they don’t just have red-eye).

3. If your costume is too boring or Dragon*Con, just Zombie or Vamp it up to add flair:

It worked for Alice in Wonderland,IMG_2834

Marilyn Monroe,IMG_2835

Michael Jackson,

Raggedy Ann:IMG_2973
And even two girls dressed up as themselves:IMG_2810

4. Just like us Mundanes have day wear and evening wear, there is a drastic difference between Passionista day wear and evening wear.







5. Apparently, although Fred and Wilma are still happily together, Betty has been dumped and replaced with a stone-age dominatrix:IMG_2843

6. Plether is a unisex material for Passionistas:IMG_2825


7.Passionistas are just as amused and take just as many pictures of each other as us Mundanes take of them, and they are seemingly completely unaware that they are just as photographical material:IMG_2824


8. Most Tabloidable news story: Arwen appears to be sporting a baby bump:IMG_2828

9. Not ALL Passionistas feel the need to spend drastic amounts of time on their outfits:IMG_2839

I especially love the flair added by the pink house slippers.

10. Afraid to be a Passionista alone? There are plenty of duo opportunities:

”One Man, Two Retail Sales Opportunities”IMG_2842

“The Lone Ranger and Tonto Snot”IMG_2821
“Linked by Love and Robots”
“Every A is made better with a G alongside.”
”A Tale of Opposites…in so many ways”:

”A Bicycle Built for Two”: IMG_2853
“The High Fivers”IMG_2990

“Me and my pet Triangle”

11. Darth Vader has a crush: one of the Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. He tracks her…

He almost catches her by the wing…IMG_2859
But then she quickly scoots away, as he looks sadly after her magicalness:IMG_2860 (They really were there together, and they were, by far, the cutest couple I saw all weekend.)

11. It is a bit surreal to be in a five star hotel and for no one to be flinching at seeing sights like this in the middle of the lobby:IMG_2855
12. Passionista Cheeks are definitely in. Or out, as it may be:IMG_2861 IMG_2879


Even celebrity cheeks were there:IMG_2911
Although her Daisy Dukes aren’t quite the same size that they used to be:IMG_2912

And, if you don’t have a costume, no need to fret: Just wear a bra and a sheer shower curtain!IMG_2868

13. No matter how quirky and rare they are, you can always find your favorite characters at Dragon*Con: IMG_2870

But sometimes, your hero isn’t as glad to see you as you are them:IMG_3030
14. The 80’s Pop-Culture has made huge strides to come into the 21st Century, including the Mod-Squad of Care Bears:IMG_2886
And the super-Dodge Ghostbusters:IMG_2959

15. It’s best to start training Passionistas at a young age:IMG_2888 IMG_2958

16. And, in fact, miniature characters make a GREAT accessory for any serious Passionista:





And yes, even canine superhero miniatures. Of course. IMG_3032

But then again, that dog could have just belonged to a yuppy-downtown-dog-dressing-up-Atlantian.

17. Speaking of which, NOTHING bad could have gone down in Atlanta this weekend. Superheros were in abundance.

18. The Passionista band’s alarm clocks simultaneously didn’t go off in time for them to get dressed before the parade:


AND they all happen to wear very interesting pajamas. IMG_2940

19. Sometimes, every comment that you COULD make about a Passionista would just not be a good comment to make:IMG_2953
20.I was disappointed by a very low turnout of Princess Leias this year, IMG_3008
But was so happy to see my Favorite Kilted Stormtroopers once again. Because it’s just not every day that you see a man that is half irish, half Darth Vader Loyalist.

21. Just because you’re wearing matching crocheted caps, nightgowns and carrying parasols does not disqualify you from packing heat: IMG_2893
22. Jack Sparrow was there, of course…IMG_3005
But his ship has been taken by the dreaded Pirate Dodge. IMG_3002

23. And finally, NO pop culture conference would be complete without a (Monty Python) giant wooden rabbit! IMG_2932“….WHO’S supposed to jump out of the rabbit?”

***More pictures and video features from our Dragon*Con adventures will follow in the coming days, most likely on B-Sides. And don’t worry, football fans: I’ll blog about the REAL reason we went to Atlanta soon enough.****

**More Pictures Added September 7th

65 thoughts on “Passionistas, From a Mundane’s Perspective.

  1. Wow it looks like once again you had a fun people watching adventure while in Atlanta for the football game. Is Dragon-Con always in Atlanta? I know Comic-Con moves around but then that is the "big" one all the famous people go too. Hope the game was a good as the people watching.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your Dragon-Con experience. I was laughing so loud my husband thought I was crazy. He's busy right now but I'll definitely be showing him your post tonight. Good stuff, as always!

  3. Yay: Cap'n Jack, Cookie Monster, Prince Poofy sleeves, Merriwether, the tiny Stormtrooper, and the Apple product family.

    You scare the crap outta me: Zombies, blue airbrush guy, spooky contact wearers, and freaky Care Bears.

    Huh?: People who didn't check their look in the mirror before leaving the hotel room.

    "A" and "G", a.k.a. "Ace" and "Gary" of the Ambiguously Gay Duo made me laugh so hard. Very authentic!

    I really wish we would get to play in Atlanta next year, but alas, I don't think it's gonna happen. You may need to make a special trip just to see this.

  4. I love that tiny stormtrooper! Yea, when I saw Ace and Gary I wondered if you knew who they were. Also the Irish don't wear kilts, it's the Scottish. Blasphemy.

  5. "Passionista" is worse than "crazie". Just stop trying to be cute or witty and use the correct term: "geek".

    And who do you think you are, 4Chan? This whole post read very much lik it.

  6. "Passionista" is worse than "crazie". Just stop trying to be cute or witty and use the correct term: "geek".

    And who do you think you are, 4Chan? This whole post read very much lik it.

  7. Love it! That was awesome and hysterical. I now have a great yen to observe Dragon Con myself…that has never been the case before. B and I are both fascinated to admit that we were down with the term "Mundane." I just finished the trilogy that the term comes from, and he just finished the first book. Comparing it to Muggles was a pretty reasonable comparison.

  8. Apparently, Anonymous has a habit of repeating themselves. And not spell checking. 4Chan.

    Apparently, Anonymous has a habit of repeating themselves. And not spell checking. 4Chan.

  9. I LOVED the Stormtroopers in kilts! That was fabulous!

    How WILD to just stumble in to that. I told my husband I bet Atlanta was full of folks this weekend. I just didn't realize it was full of ALL KINDS of folks :) Looked like a LOT of fun!

  10. Kim, ever hear of technical glitches? Anonymous must have experienced one when posting. 4Chan refers to an existing website,, which being compared to is not a good thing.

    That said, I do agree that "passionista" is worse than "crazie" and is more stupid than cute, witty, or whatever the intended effect.

    I take it you were in the Marriott? If so, there has been a problem the past two years with folks coming to Atlanta for the football game getting discounted rooms meant for the Dragon*Con attendees, which enrages them.

  11. Some of those looks were completely off the charts with passion. What an experience!

    It's kind of wild that nobody cares if you're just snapping away taking pictures of them.

  12. Funny post, Rach. LOVE the iPhone/iPod/Shuffle trio. Very cute! The rest of the costumes? Not so much.

    It looks like some of the crazies/passionistas/whatever are going to get their panties in a wad again this year over this. Have fun with that!

  13. lol So funny. The Apple trio was too cute. The others, not so much. But hey if that's how they like to have fun, more power to them lol

  14. Let's see… family who spends a lot of time and money to travel to an event that is over in less than 6 hours feels like mocking people who spend time and money to travel and stay at an event that is over in four days. Not only that, you'll go to whatever game is nearby dress up with at least a t-shirt, if not face paint and dress your kids in future Alabama football player/cheerleader outfits. And you find it amusing that we'll spent time and energy on our costumes?

  15. Must you do this every year? >:(

    Please tell me you're not going to buy a membership to next year's Dragon*Con so you can get to more places, get more photos, and hurl more insults.

    The truth of the matter is that Dragon*Con has been around far longer than the Chick-Fil-A kickoff or whatever, and it's kind of disconcerting that you appear to have gone out of your way just to take the photos, post them, and say the things you do about the subjects of those photos.

  16. Rach-

    I honestly don't see how anyone can find your post offensive. You are generally just pointing out the obvious. It sounds like some of these folks are quite insecure with their dragon-ness. How can they parade in the streets dressed like that and not expect anyone to notice/comment? It's not like you were standing on the corner throwing eggs at them.

    I guess they don't understand the flack football fans take because of the behavior of a few. I embrace the craziness/passion of crazy football fans. I know we ALL get made fun of because of it, but at the end of the day, I'm perfectly content with myself and my life and don't feel the need to lash out at anyone.

    I think you, your writing, and this post are great. If it were me, the names I would have used might not have been so nice.

  17. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Some of them were very creative, and some were, well let's just say that there were obviously some people who spent more time on their costumes than others.

    Eh, some people are negative. They need something to complain about. That being said, when you're different, people will stare and make comments. Especially when it's your own choice to look the way you do.

  18. @ the person who said the original poster was "just pointing out the obvious": Did "k's" comment offend you? He/she was also "just pointing out the obvious".

  19. Hi! I just wanted to comment on what anonymous said in a previous reply. I attend Dragoncon myself & I don't see anything wrong with how you view us. You are very honest & not critical in your review. The review you have written of us is nowhere near 4chan lite. I don't know what bug crawled up anonymous' ass, but I wouldn't pay him any attention.
    He is probably some slobby 40 year old virgin still peaking out from under mommy's skirt.

  20. Wow….the Ambiguously Gay Duo guys are cracking me up. Chase had two friends that dressed up like them for a party in college!!!

    Did I mention that yes, one of my friends from high school actually went to Dragon Con and sat in on the panels? :)

  21. By the way…what's up with all the offended Dragon-Con passionistas? If they're bold enough to dress up and attend this event, they should be bold enough to take your posts as it was written–light hearted.

  22. p.s. My husband looked at these pics and was so excited to see the Green Girl (something "Star Trek" he mentioned) and the Wooden Rabbit. Thanks for exposing him as the true geek I thought he was. :)

  23. I had a friend that went to the Twilight and Harry Potter parts of Dragon Con. She didn't dress up though!

    What's up with all the trashy looking lingerie? Some of those people definitely need to cover up!

  24. Hi Rachel,

    I was also at con this year and I think the passionista thing is kinda cute. I think its awesome that you came down and mingled with everyone! Honestly, compared to what some of the other football fans did to con-goers this year (one actually DID hurl an egg out at someone just walking down the street) your post is harmless. I'm glad you had a good time and enjoyed the costumes!

  25. We are fully expecting you to dress up next year.

    Forgive my cultural ignorance, but isn't it the Scottish that wear kilts?

    And, don't fret the anon comments–they fade quickly (especially if you delete them). : )

    Oh, and, go hogs go!!!

  26. "Passionista" is not cute, and I don't know what those who think it is are tripping on.

    Seriously, a word that's one letter off from a word meaning snobby rich people who are the reason stupid fashion trends like lacy leggings plague our lives? And a very dumb-sounding, uncreative word at that? Any reason why you couldn't have used the actual "politically correct" words, which are "nerd", "geek", "dork", and "otaku"?

  27. I have to agree. How about just plain old "convention attendees"? Or better yet, what they are: people. Both "crazie" and "passionista" have negative connotations, like their mental patients, members of a suicide cult, or from another planet.

  28. You know, there's a cute name for people who have no real interest in conventions yet go anywhere within said conventions that doesn't require proof of membership (i.e. badges aren't checked), take photos willy-nilly, post said photos on their blogs with snarky comments and a more dumb than cute label, and all just so they and their friends can have a cheap laugh at the convention attendees' expense. And it's not "mundane".

  29. People, good grief. Rachel did not follow anyone into the privacy of their own home and snap pictures of them.

    From what I understand, there is no way that anyone could be in Atlanta last weekend and NOT be surrounded by the Dragon*Con attendees.

    It's completely obvious that the majority of these people dress for the sole purpose of attracting attention. If you put that much effort into your costume, you want people to notice. Rachel didn't do anything BUT notice, and she wasn't mean about it… though there were a few of those she *definitely* could've been.

    Here's a hint: if you don't want people to see you, stay home. You can't expect that everyone in downtown Atlanta is going to think you're completely sane.

  30. Dear Anonymous, Anonymous, cheri, k, anonymous, A DConner who hates your new word for us, Anonymous, Anonymous, and S-Star:

    Seeing as how I am a Blogging Passionista/Crazie/Geek, I have many statcounters and information gatherers set up on my blog. Which allow me to see that all NINE of you who have negatively commented have come from the same TWO computers and IP addresses.

    And, on top of that, between your two computers, you have been on my blog well over 50 times in the past week.

    I meant no harm by my blog and only meant it in fun, which it seems like everyone else (Dragon*Con or not) understood perfectly fine. However, your attempts at making it look like all Dragon*Conners are offended would have worked much better had you made your multiple comments from different computers.

    I don't mind you hanging out here 50 times in a week at all – hey – you're helping my stats, which helps my advertisements, which helps me make money. Thanks for the raise!!

    But for your sake and happiness, the internet is a really big place, and I'm pretty sure that somewhere, out there, is your internet happy place. No need to continually upset yourself by coming somewhere that makes you so angry.

    A crazie, or passionista, or geeky blogger,

  31. Hee-hee! Way to call them out!

    And let me add, clearly, you don't go out in public dressed as some of those photos depict unless you want attention. And you certainly don't march in a parade and not expect to get your picture taken. That is all.

  32. Rachel, what a funny post. Being from ATL, I had no idea this was happening over there, but I can't say I'm sorry I missed it. :) How in the world did these folks find your blog? Google search, or they must have known in advance that you'd write about it again, maybe? I've learned that you can't make everyone happy, so just keep on doing what you do.

  33. "17. Speaking of which, NOTHING bad could have gone down in Atlanta this weekend."

    Try telling the Dragoncon goers who got egged, had beer bottles thrown at their heads, were shoved and cursed at, had racial slurs thrown in their direction, were threatend with beatings if not death, and overall couldn't feel safe thanks to the antics of some of your football-loving bretheren that.

    And I agree that you going about the convention area just so you could post this blog is on the same level of unacceptable as the aforementioned antics. Taking photos of the passing parade is one thing, but actually going into the convention itself just so you could have more material for your insult comedy bit (and so your blog gets more hits, as you have as much as confessed, not that many of us if any care to read the rest of your blog any more than we would have previously)?

    FYI, both CNN and a local Atlanta TV station reported on Dragoncon. CNN's actual reporting was fair enough, but they still included a college footbal fan calling the convention a "freak show" and the attendees "freaks". The local Atlanta station, much like you, presentd a "haha look at the freaks/crazies/fail-attempt-at-cutesy-new-words" piece. And it did not go over well.

  34. #11 (in the lobby) Hahahahaha! it is amazing how quickly we become desensitized. Oh how I love Halloween, costumes are so fun! Wearing your lingerie in public? not so fun. Thanks for the laugh!

  35. Um, Dragon*conners weren't the only ones running around in underwear or what looked like it despite what your little article here (and the one on your other blog) implies. Some people (not saying they were college footballers- they might have been, they might not have been- but they certainly weren't Dragon*conners) saw Dragon*Con and the fact that it was there as an excuse to behave such as they did, something the Dragon*conners actually frown upon.

    And although zombies have been a part of Dragon*Con for years, this year there was an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people dancing the "Thriller" in honor of Michael Jackson (this also explains why there were a lot of people dressed up as him). And now I'm wishing I hadn't just typed that knowing that it's just going to mean more derisive laughter and one more thing to snark at.

  36. Thanks, Nina! That's actually fascinating information, and explains a lot. I wondered if everyone there was really a part or not – it DID seem like there were some people there not really for the convention but just to dress up, or undress, as it may be.

    Also, that totally explains all of the Zombies. It did seem like an unusual amount. Oddly enough, the flag core for the Alabama Team did the same thing (Thriller Zombies) during halftime at the game (which, of course, I blogged about also.)

    As I've tried to say, the point of this post wasn't ever to be snarky in the least. I find D*C fascinating, as do most of my readers. As I explained in my post to D*C attenders last year (, my purpose was never to be offensive, but simply to document the event from an "outsider's" point of view. Almost everyone understood and enjoyed last year's post.

    In fact, I loved all of the (positive) interaction that I had with D*C'ers on my posts last year – they loved finding pictures of themselves, and a couple even remembered meeting me. It was really fun and cameraderie-like. I hate that there are a couple of people this year that are bound and determined to make it look like I'm out to make fun of people, because that is not at all what I'm about.

    Thanks for the info!

  37. The following are actual things said by actual Dragon*Con people on their community (names and screen names kept private):

    "People who come to D*C with no interest in fandom whatsoever just get my goat."

    "I hated, despised, returned the Twilight book. I was embarrassed it was even in my house! Now, will I stand in the back of a Twilight fan panel and make open fun of you all? No. Will I proudly wear my "Vampires don't sparkle" t-shirt? Yes. There's being a jerk and there's being a non-fan, and those that openly mock any fan base are jerks."

    And here's an actual conversation at the Dragon*Con community regarding the offending news report someone else mentioned here andto which they likened your post(s):

    "Honestly I wouldn't have been upset about a little ribbing, except that they asked the same 'dateless wonder' questions to everyone."

    "I agree with you… a joke like that just ceases to be funny after its repeated over and over… then there was the second report that focused on people's smell… It just seemed their main aim was to pick on and embarrass the attendees of the con, in the worse way."

    "They didn't show any of the really amazing costumes, talk about how we donated record-breaking amounts of blood, or how much money was raised for charity. It was 100% negative."

    And here's something someone known only as "k" posted right here on this very blog:

    "Let's see… family who spends a lot of time and money to travel to an event that is over in less than 6 hours feels like mocking people who spend time and money to travel and stay at an event that is over in four days. Not only that, you'll go to whatever game is nearby dress up with at least a t-shirt, if not face paint and dress your kids in future Alabama football player/cheerleader outfits. And you find it amusing that we'll spent time and energy on our costumes?"

    And yes, add my voice to those unnerved by the fact that this year you actually went all about the convention anywhere they didn't ask to see a membership badge with only the intent to make posts like these. Also, yes we should expect to be photographed, a lot of us like to be photographed. However, we also like that permission be asked first, as it obiviously wasn't on a lot of these.

    It's also become apparent to me that you (and your friends who compliment or defend you) were the "popular kids" in school. The ones who looked down their noses at if not picked on the "nerds", "geeks", "outcasts", "crazies", or whatever "term of endearment" you may have applied to them back then. If that is not the impression you intended, maybe you should rethink doing these posts.

    No, I'm not more interested in anything else on this or your other blog than I would have been otherwise, but just before I got to this post I saw your post about how your dentist has a cutesy term for root canal work, which you appear to hate. Well, most of the Dragon*Con people (except the three or four who said otherwise) feel the same about your cutesy names for us.

  38. Hi, I'm Saruwatari's friend, she sent me. In one of the Dragon*Con community quotes she provided a blood drive was mentioned, as well as a charity auction. With that, here's a little something from the Dragon*Con community from someone who actually runs Dragon*Con:

    "Hi Everyone,

    I have seen several people asking about the Charity Auction, Blood Drive, and the Thriller World Record Attempt.

    The Charity Auction for the Alzheimer's Association was able to raise over $25,000-this includes all auction events except the Art Auction held on Monday.

    The Blood Drive numbers as of Monday, September 7 at 12:00 PM were 2,100 people signed up to donate, 1,800 units collected, including platelets and double platelets, putting Dragon*Con at 600 units more than Comic Con.

    And last, but certainly not least, Dragon*Con had a record 903 people dancing to the full version of Thriller, there were officials on hand, and the paper work, videos, photos, etc. were sent to Guinness yesterday. They have said it will take 3-4 days for a decision, but please keep in mind that they are in England, so there could be a delay in turn around time.

    As a member of the staff at Dragon*Con, I want to thank everyone that turned out for our Charity, Blood Drive, and Thriller World Record attempt. No matter what the numbers say, I think Dragon*Con is nothing but winners, who clearly care about helping those who need it."

    A later update to the official convention website gave a more final figure for the blood drive: 2012 donors, 2600 units. According to the group running the blood drive, it was "the largest blood drive ever conducted at a convention!"

    But of course, who cares about that? Dragon*Con is just a bunch of "crazies", "scary people", "freaks", "passionistas" (hate that term and what it rhymes with, BTW), or whatever other names you and some of the other commentors may have for them who deserve ridicule.

  39. I'm a 3rd year Dragon*Con attendee and a cosplayer (what those of us who dress up in costumes call ourselves).

    I'm not sure why people are really up in arms over your blog post… I found it funny and interesting.

  40. So you won't use the word "geek" because it's as good as admitting you're "one of them"? Are you aware that that reflects just as badly on you as using the words you do use which offend a good chunk of the Dragon*Con-going/would-be Dragon*Con-going* public?

    Also, there has ben some bad blood between Dragon*Con goers and an Atlanta TV station due to said station's report on the event. The only real difference between that report and this blog is that one was broadcast on TV.

    *By would-be Dragon*Con-goers, I mean those who would go because they're Dragon*Con's target audience, not some of your friends here who only want to go out of morbid curiosity at best or for the same reasons you infiltrated the event.

  41. I invite you to come with me for one evening next year and actually learn about what you're seeing. Then maybe your comments might actually be amusing and not just insulting.

    I had the honor to be one of the organizers of the DragonCon "Thriller" world record attempt, and as I walked into the Sheraton two hours before the attempt, I actually started crying. Why did this nerd girl cry over a stupid dance? Because everyone was so excited all weekend. New friends were made, and "Thriller" bridged all sorts of fandoms to bring my favorite people together.

    I love my fellow nerds and their costumes because I love creativity, which as a blogger you should also appreciate. I hate the "look at me" costumes (or undies, if you will).

    My invitation stands for next year. Most of us are kind, polite, and are just there to enjoy ourselves and see old friends. We don't like being attacked verbally or physically, so yes, some will take offense. I understand you're trying to be amusing, and I have to admit that some costumes make me think, "Oh, no, honey, please put on some clothing!" but it's DragonCon and I shake my head and move on.

    Come as an actual attendee next year and learn about some of the fandoms, attend a panel or two, visit with us a bit, and get to know us. We don't throw eggs and bottles at strangers. We'll welcome you and yours with open arms and open minds and help you learn the magic that is DragonCon. Maybe even help us with next year's world record attempt which I am now planning.

    PS — Comic-Con is nothing but a place for the media to whore themselves. DragonCon is for the fans.

  42. I and several friends (the blogger was NOT there) sat in Hard Rock and laughed until our sides hurt that people would dress and go out in public like that. It is great if charities were helped, but, it is like a celeb roast, expect to be laughed at when dressed (or not as the case was alot) in stupid outfits.

  43. Well pardon us for putting our creative energy into costumes (though you missed most of the really nice and really impressive ones in favor of pointing out the ones that would portray Dragon*Con and those who attend in a negative light) and props instead of edible arrangments made of processed meat and stuff made from toenail clippings!

  44. Dear Kitty,

    Most of us have tried very hard to be polite, and have even offered to host you all next time so you might appreciate our creativity more.

    Your comment just shows how immature and hateful you are to people different than yourself. It's obvious who the better of the group are that visited Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend, and it sure wasn't the football fans.

    So, when you're back in your lame football costumes, prepare for the flash of the camera and blog posts, dear Kitty. And remember that it is we geeks, nerds, whatever that rule the world and usually become wealthy while you and your kind wallow in trailer parks or boring suburbia with your regulation housewife haircut.

    Oh, and when you break a world record, raise several thousand dollars for charity, AND gather record amounts of blood, you then might have a better reason to laugh at us.

    Ta-ta, Mundane!

  45. Hello, I also posted on your other blog. To reiterate what I said there, you present a very skewed, extemely biased, and unfair view of Dragon*Con. Deny all you want, but the few "positive" comments notwithstanding, that is what this and every single other post you've ever made about Dragon*Con (including your half-@$$ed "apology" from last year) comes off as.

    I'm also going to reiterate that I'm wholeheartedly joining the chorus on your main blog who called you on invading the con. I'm sorry, but despite you and some other non-Dragon*Con attendees claims otherwise, for all intents and purposes, you DID invade it. And again, had you tried a stunt like this at a similiar function in another part of the country, well, I've heard one CANNOT ENTER that convention's venue without a badge (they let you into the registration area to get the badge, but meanwhile you're not allowed past registration or into any of the building's other entrances, security guards are poised everywhere to see to that. Just because Dragon*Con's not set up like that DOES NOT give you an excuse, however.

    One last thing: what are you picking on the geeks for? Seriously, dressing your TODDLER in a cheerleading uniform for YOUR favorite team is better than geeks dressing up their little ones as Yoda, Baby Mario, or whoever how? And bouquets of unwrapped, processed meat complete with "sausage soil" that looks more like- well, you know? Again, how is that better than making and wearing costumes (which- last reiteration from my other coment I promise- are actually often more conservative, creative, elaborate, and ipressive than this or your other Dragon*Con-related posts let on)?

  46. As a Dragon*Con attendee, it is fine if you wish to post pictures of people having fun. That's what Dragon*con is all about: having fun with friends, checking out different panels (I go for the authors), and dressing up and letting go of reality for one fleeting Labor Day weekend. But perhaps you should write a little something else in your blog, about how a bunch of "Passionistas" (I think we would prefer geeks. I admit to being a geek with no problem!) did a lot of great things for the community during that weekend. Over 2000 pints of blood were donated. $25,000.00 went to charity. LOTS of money was spent in local restaurants and businesses which helped the local economy. Many of them look forward to our convention for the money they earn during that weekend. So keep posting your reports. We find them quite funny. BTW, what is it the football fans do for the local community when they come to town? Oh yeah, they make fun of geeks! LOL! Maybe we'll see you next year at Dragon*Con 2010!

  47. I across your blog after reading about it on the Dragoncon Group I belong to. I enjoyed your post. I will only say we are much better than comiccon. We are open to the public and if you toss in the SEC crowd and the Gay Pride guys/gals we blow them out of the water. I think we donate more blood and raise more money for charity to.

  48. If you had bothered to get to know the convention and those who attend better, maybe there would be less complaints from those angry and unnerved that you went into the convention areas where badges weren't checked. But since you only wanted to perpetuate the image of Dragon*Con as a "wear anything and get away with it" event and/or a gathering of "freaks" (I know that's what you really meant, your little "term of endearment" didn't fool me for a second) and are under the sad impression that only one person doesn't find this funny or amusing, well…

    For everyone's information, Dragon*Con has been around for 20+ years. There has only been a college football game that same weekend for the past two years. Dragon*Con does not, and never did, exist for the amusement of football fans and anyone else not part of its target audience. Nor do the Dragon*Con attendees come to intentionally make themselves a public spectacle or subject to blogs like this one contrary to what you and some of the others who have commented claim and appear to believe.

  49. Forgot to mention, I saw your post saying one of the color guards from last year's football game looked like they belonged at Dragon*Con and the one where you put on some gold lame leggings and said you should get them to wear to Dragon*Con. Like I said before, neither Dragon*Con or any of the other events like it exist for people to make fashion faux pas and "get away with it"- that only applies if it's part of an actual costume like a character that really does wear gold lame leggings or skimpy clothes. And again, such events don't exist so self-righteous conservative Christian moms can use the event and those who attend as sources or amusement for other self-righteous conservative Christian moms, many of whom appear to have the same name.

    While I'm here, to the person who said "they don't understand the flack football fans take because of the behavior of a few": it goes both ways- those who attend conventions like Dragon*Con get a lot of flack because of "the behavior of a few". Yet due to other things you, the blogger, and others who commented said and did, I can offer no sympathy.

  50. So glad Alabama's not playing in the kickoff game next year! You and your camera won't be in our midst, and we won't be your annual side show exibit.

  51. Really?
    I had no idea.
    I can imagine there were alot of fashion malfunctions in the lobby.
    But it looks like alot of folks had fun. Im glad they did.
    I read the comments here and I have to agree, if you are putting yourself out there, expect to be photographed and looked at. Though I in no way thought Rachel came off as hypocritical. In fact, I think she just highlighted the event and obviously brought it extra attention, which should be a positive.
    An amazing gathering of some very creative people and a few exobitionist. WHo obviously put themselves out there inmore ways than one. A fun post!

  52. I'd make like some who came before and remind you that the correct term is "geeks", but since you apparently consider yourself one, I have no desire to be lumped into a group with YOU (though I do hate the word you did use, may it never catch on).

    There's nothing "fun" about this insulting post and I wish you would take it down.

  53. Kimberworld, your offer was noble. However, I've been following this blog and this woman's other blog for quite sometime after this post was made as well as read many of her other posts (I'm perhaps the only of DragonCon's target audience to have done so, for what it's worth), and I'm seeing someone who, to say the least, is highly unlikely to take you up on it. The blogger and "Kitty" are very much alike. If the blogger's ever in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend again, it will be, with apologies to Motley Crue, the same ol' situation. I doubt she'll ever even swallow her pride and actually apologize. Sad, I know.

    Though for what it's worth I took advantage of "National Delurking Day" and posted thing that needed to be said regarding this blogger's behavior in general. Hopefully she'll actually read it and actually give it some serious thought. If not, well, there's a reason I fear for the human race, and it's not DragonCon and its attendees.

    (Like I said on the other post, my first name starts with A and that's the only personal information I care to divulge).

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