Passionistas, From a Mundane’s Perspective.

Last year when we went to Alabama’s first (in my football watching career) Atlanta season opener, we were delightfully shocked when we found out that there were not only 80,000+ football fans in downtown ATL, but there were also 40,000+ fans of a VERY DIFFERENT variety, also within a one mile radius.

Dragon*Con, a convention for all things science fiction, fiction, or really anything that you can dress up like or make up a costume for was also going on.

Since my term “crazies” didn’t go over too well with a few of the Dragon*Conners last year (most of them really enjoyed the post, but a few didn’t, even though I used the term for both footballers AND Dragon*Conners and meant it in no more of a serious manner than I would if I admitted that I was crazy due to my need to have three perfectly clean napkins in my lap during all mealtimes and if one gets messed up, I must replace it before I can eat another bite), I have decided to replace it this year.

So, to be maximally fair in every way, I am embracing my identity as a Mundane (which is what they referred to me as – I think it is somewhat analogous to a “Muggle” in Harry Potter), and replacing the term of Crazies with a more politically correct term developed with the help of my hubby. Passionistas (Passhun-eest-as).

And believe me, there were PLENTY of Passionistas to go around.

This year, since we were very excited to get some people watching in, we decided to take a stroll around downtown late Friday night (11pm +) in hopes of seeing a couple Dragon*Con sights and sounds.

And we were NOT disappointed.IMG_2873

There were thousands.

We hung around the outside of the main hotel and walked through the lobbies and conference areas of all three D*C hotels. We saw everything from the extremely classy,IMG_2851

To the halloween-esque.IMG_2854

Yes, ALL of the elements were at Dragon*Con.IMG_2944

We learned a lot about these Passionistas between our Friday night walk and their Saturday morning parade, of which we were also in attendance. And so, here are:

The Top 23 Things Learned by a Mundane from Dragon*Con:

1. Airbrushed Abs rock. I think they should offer this service at spray-tanning facilities:IMG_2819


2. Freaky contacts are totally “in” this year. And I do mean really freaky:
IMG_2809(and no, they don’t just have red-eye).

3. If your costume is too boring or Dragon*Con, just Zombie or Vamp it up to add flair:

It worked for Alice in Wonderland,IMG_2834

Marilyn Monroe,IMG_2835

Michael Jackson,

Raggedy Ann:IMG_2973
And even two girls dressed up as themselves:IMG_2810

4. Just like us Mundanes have day wear and evening wear, there is a drastic difference between Passionista day wear and evening wear.







5. Apparently, although Fred and Wilma are still happily together, Betty has been dumped and replaced with a stone-age dominatrix:IMG_2843

6. Plether is a unisex material for Passionistas:IMG_2825


7.Passionistas are just as amused and take just as many pictures of each other as us Mundanes take of them, and they are seemingly completely unaware that they are just as photographical material:IMG_2824


8. Most Tabloidable news story: Arwen appears to be sporting a baby bump:IMG_2828

9. Not ALL Passionistas feel the need to spend drastic amounts of time on their outfits:IMG_2839

I especially love the flair added by the pink house slippers.

10. Afraid to be a Passionista alone? There are plenty of duo opportunities:

”One Man, Two Retail Sales Opportunities”IMG_2842

“The Lone Ranger and Tonto Snot”IMG_2821
“Linked by Love and Robots”
“Every A is made better with a G alongside.”
”A Tale of Opposites…in so many ways”:

”A Bicycle Built for Two”: IMG_2853
“The High Fivers”IMG_2990

“Me and my pet Triangle”

11. Darth Vader has a crush: one of the Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. He tracks her…

He almost catches her by the wing…IMG_2859
But then she quickly scoots away, as he looks sadly after her magicalness:IMG_2860 (They really were there together, and they were, by far, the cutest couple I saw all weekend.)

11. It is a bit surreal to be in a five star hotel and for no one to be flinching at seeing sights like this in the middle of the lobby:IMG_2855
12. Passionista Cheeks are definitely in. Or out, as it may be:IMG_2861 IMG_2879


Even celebrity cheeks were there:IMG_2911
Although her Daisy Dukes aren’t quite the same size that they used to be:IMG_2912

And, if you don’t have a costume, no need to fret: Just wear a bra and a sheer shower curtain!IMG_2868

13. No matter how quirky and rare they are, you can always find your favorite characters at Dragon*Con: IMG_2870

But sometimes, your hero isn’t as glad to see you as you are them:IMG_3030
14. The 80’s Pop-Culture has made huge strides to come into the 21st Century, including the Mod-Squad of Care Bears:IMG_2886
And the super-Dodge Ghostbusters:IMG_2959

15. It’s best to start training Passionistas at a young age:IMG_2888 IMG_2958

16. And, in fact, miniature characters make a GREAT accessory for any serious Passionista:





And yes, even canine superhero miniatures. Of course. IMG_3032

But then again, that dog could have just belonged to a yuppy-downtown-dog-dressing-up-Atlantian.

17. Speaking of which, NOTHING bad could have gone down in Atlanta this weekend. Superheros were in abundance.

18. The Passionista band’s alarm clocks simultaneously didn’t go off in time for them to get dressed before the parade:


AND they all happen to wear very interesting pajamas. IMG_2940

19. Sometimes, every comment that you COULD make about a Passionista would just not be a good comment to make:IMG_2953
20.I was disappointed by a very low turnout of Princess Leias this year, IMG_3008
But was so happy to see my Favorite Kilted Stormtroopers once again. Because it’s just not every day that you see a man that is half irish, half Darth Vader Loyalist.

21. Just because you’re wearing matching crocheted caps, nightgowns and carrying parasols does not disqualify you from packing heat: IMG_2893
22. Jack Sparrow was there, of course…IMG_3005
But his ship has been taken by the dreaded Pirate Dodge. IMG_3002

23. And finally, NO pop culture conference would be complete without a (Monty Python) giant wooden rabbit! IMG_2932“….WHO’S supposed to jump out of the rabbit?”

***More pictures and video features from our Dragon*Con adventures will follow in the coming days, most likely on B-Sides. And don’t worry, football fans: I’ll blog about the REAL reason we went to Atlanta soon enough.****

**More Pictures Added September 7th