A Better Choice in Rearview Messages!

I might have mentioned once or twice how much I absolutely DESPISE writing on the butts of clothing. I mean – come on. Find a better place to write things!

HOWEVER, the pandemic of butt literature just continues to grow.

So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

And since there seems to be a lacking of positive messages on butts these days, I am now launching a new line of clothing to fill this growing need:

Booty Faith: A Better Choice in Rearview Messages.

That’s right – let’s share the good news with the world the way that the world shares things – on butts!

The first line of clothing that we offer is Virtue Booty. You can choose from many virtues, including Faith:







And Chastity:


Wearing these clothes will create many teachable moments! When your daughter asks you what the words mean on your butt, you can share truth with her!Proverbs 31 Woman

(Umm…oops. All Ali learned that day was that it is apparently fun to stand against a wall and look back over one’s shoulder.)IMG_2631
Moving on to our second line-up: Denominational Booty.

Tell the world what kind of church you go to!

Is it Baptist?

Baptist copy

Or Assembly of God?
Assembly of God

Perhaps Methodist?

Or Presbyterian?


Don’t worry, Presbyterians. We as a company completely understand the importance of specifying what sort of Presbyterian you are. So the Presbyterian skirt comes in two customized options as well:


And we don’t just stop at the easy denominations. No way. All you churches out there with names longer than your pews, we have you covered too:Full Gospel Long Church Name copy
But if you want to be a bit more specific on your beliefs, our third line-up is for you: Theological Booty.

These skirts are great debate starters! Tell people where you stand on the intricate issues of Faith and just wait for all of the opportunities you will have to argue endlessly!!

Are you a firm believer in Predestination?Predestination

Or do you tend to debate the other side of the fence?

Free Will

And of course, your butt is a great place to explain your end times beliefs:

PreMill PreTrib Rapture

Yes, Booty Faith is finally here, ready and willing to fulfill our society’s need for a better choice in butt messages!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Spring 2010 lineup, including Spiritual Gifts and Love Languages!!

Thanks to Rachel from Rambling Robinsons for taking part in this quite ridiculous photoshoot with me!!