1. Admission of Guilt.

Mom gave me a dozen eggs lovingly laid by her chickens yesterday at lunch. Ali was thrilled. Nothing is better than Gramamma’s eggs.

Err, Gramamma’s CHICKEN’S eggs, that is.

Anyway. We were getting out of the car, and….

IMG_3830Yes. It fell. All of them, in their multi-colored beauty. Smashed. In the garage.IMG_3831

Ali’s reaction: “What did you DO?!?!?!”

“I dropped the eggs.”

“You broke GRAMAMMA’S EGGS??!!!”

“Yes, baby. I’m so sorry.”

“We need to go tell Gramamma. We need to go back to Mammaw’s and tell Gramamma right now.”

Dear Gramamma, Please consider this post my confession and request for forgiveness for my grevious sins. Please also pass along my condolences to the chickens, but don’t show them the pictures. I don’t want them to be traumatized.

2. Mom Jeans.

Speaking of my Mom and Mammaw (Mammaw being my Mom’s Mom), Mom told me at that same lunch that she was proudly wearing her non-mom jeans that day.

At which point Mammaw said, “I knew it!! I looked at your behind when we were walking up the stairs and thought to myself that those MUST be the jeans that you got for Rachel’s blog, because your butt sure does look a lot smaller that it did last week!! And then I thought to myself, well my goodness, it really must work!”

I love Mammaw so much!

Of course I jumped at the opportunity to back up my Mom Jeans Theories and tried to convince Mammaw to go shopping with me. For the threequel and all – Great-Grandmother Jeans.

3. Love Is…

Chris randomly asked me Monday night as we were lounging on the couch what I was thinking about, and I answered,

“I’m thinking about those two Dove bars in the cabinet, wishing that they were individually wrapped Dove Promises rather than whole candy bars. It feels so much less guilty to eat the singles than a whole candy bar, even if I eat the same amount.”


He happily jumped up and disappeared for a few minutes, and I heard much rattling and crinkling from the kitchen. He then returned with a bag full of shiny aluminum: IMG_3821
and proudly presented me with his handiwork: segmented Dove bars wrapped into guilt-free, individual bites:IMG_3823
He makes me giggle.

He also made me giggle a couple of weeks ago when I got this text message from him while he was in the basement and I was upstairs in my office, right after I sneezed (apparently pretty loudly):


Yup, he’s a keeper.

4. Kid’s Market

For those of you in the Birmingham area, I’m sure we’ve ALL been to Kid’s Market by now. I waited until Monday, eight days into our city’s hugest consignment sale, and found out that the pro of waiting that long is that it is completely devoid of other shoppers (and their screaming babies). The con, however, is that almost all of the cute, trendy stuff is gone.

Everything that’s left is either cute and not trendy, or trendy and NOT cute, like these pants, which won the award of The Most Tacky Thing I Saw At Kid’s Market This Year:IMG_3824
My two year old will NOT be wearing a lace-up-crotch pair of blue jeans anytime soon ever.

And, finally,

5. The Most Gorgeous Thing I’ve Seen All Week:

IMG_3829 Victoria Jane, the fifth child of our friends Greg and Julie and long-awaited little sister to Abby, was born this week. So beautiful, still, and peaceful….

At least she is since I’m not responsible for feeding her all night long.

16 thoughts on “The Contents of My Brain, In Numbered Fashion.

  1. Wow those pants were tacky, I wouldn't put a kid in them either.

    Yes it sounds like you got a keeper in Chris, you are very lucky to have such a sweet husband.

    Your mom and grandma crack me up with the jeans.

    And finally I am sorry about the eggs but had to laugh at how upset Ali seemed by the event.

  2. My Mom, aka: Cici, was so proud of herself when she bought her first pair of non-mom jeans. Her butt thanks her daily!

    I made the HUGE mistake of attempting to visit Kid's Market on the opening day. Oh my dear LAWWRRD!! I have never in my life experienced such madness! I walked around for a few, saw the line and walked right back out the door. No bargain is worth that. I'll be heading back this Friday for half-off day, hopefully I won't pull my hair out.

    Oh, and you have the sweetest hubby ever!!

  3. Aww, that is so sweet that Chris would go individually wrap candy for you. I love those little gestures that make us smile. :)

    Your grandma sounds like one hilarious lady…now we know where you get it from! :)

  4. It's been said multiple times already, but what a sweet hubby. My question about the mom jeans is: What did your dad say after the new grandmamma rear view?

  5. You breaking those eggs makes me sick, I love fresh eggs. And, trust me, you will not find a fresh egg in southern Baldwin Co. Oh yea, you definately have a keeper.

  6. The Blevins baby is so cute. :) :) I love that they went with Victoria Jane. :)

    I like that Chris was so thoughtful to cut that candy bar up and make bite size pieces for you.

  7. so sorry you dropped the eggs. i do clumsy stuff all the time and it's so frustrating. and yeah your hubby should get the husband of the year award.

  8. I can't believe you broke all those fresh eggs! I hope Gramamma's chickens are nice enough to give you some replacement eggs.
    I bet Chris got lots of brownie points for those sweet gestures!
    I love the mom jeans' comments from your Mammaw, sounds like she is a "hip" great-grandmother :)
    I ended up not going to Kid's Market until the 50% off day and I got 3 great really cheap things for Luke! I wouldn't even look at the baby girl section…Aubrey already has WAY too many clothes!

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