On our long date Saturday of having all the time in the world to talk and laugh, Chris and I came up with something that is very “needed” in today’s market.

You know those overly nosy/probing/into-everyone’s-personal-lives people? They might be at work, at church, a friend, or even a family member. They are the ones that come up to anyone, in front of as many people as possible, and loudly ask them intrusive questions about their private business. You know the ones.

You know how uncomfortable you feel when you witness one of these intrusions, or, worse yet, are the TARGET of such encroachment?

Well, it would be so much nicer if those oh-so-rude-people could just send people cards, rather than feeling the need to air everyone’s dirty laundry and make all within ear shot as uncomfortable as if they were wearing a pair of leather pants five sizes too small, don’t you think?

So Chris and I have decided that there is a need for:

TMI Greeting Cards
“Because you Care. Just a little TOO Much.”

Here are our first line of cards:

Card A:

TMI Tubes O

TMI Tubes I

Card B:

TMI Disowned O

TMI Disowned I

Card C:

TMI Divorce

TMI Divorce I

Card D:

TMI Episi O


TMI Episi I
Card E:

TMI Hemmorrhoids O

TMI Hemmorrhoids I

Card F:


TMI Homebirth

TMI Homebirth I

Card G:

TMI Paternity

TMI Paternity I
Card H:


TMI Rehab O

TMI Rehab I

Ahem. Yes, these cards should lessen the awkwardness quite nicely, don’t you think?

24 thoughts on “Because You Care. Just a Little TOO Much.

  1. L.O.L.
    thats awesome!
    I should print those out for the office! :)
    you are however, missing a card for the "when are you EVER going to have kids/more kids?!"

  2. LOL!! Those are amazing! If you ever needed another job you could always go to work for Hallmark's "Saturday" line of cards. Those would fit right in!

    And I agree with Ann Marie. I'm shocked that that card hasn't been made yet.

  3. Those cards are hilarious. Can you print me about 3 of the second one. I really need that so I won't be that obnoxious person who says it to their face. LYB
    I just read Ann Marie's comment, oh so true.

  4. I have to add along the same line as Ann Marie the "When are you going to get married" or "Why aren't you married" card.

  5. I'm a new reader, but your blog is refreshingly funny! Love the cards idea and love your easy sense of humor over all.

  6. Just read this. The home birth and hemorrhoids cards will be making me laugh for days to come!!! I ADORE YOU!

  7. These are pretty funny, but you are also missing "Don't you know what causes that?" when someone finds out you are expecting #3 or more…and only one person has been concerned enough to ask how we clean up after a birth. I just told them we don't clean up, we leave it for the animals…seriously?

  8. could i request a “when are you getting married?” or “when are you going to make me a grandparent?” card?

  9. From Nanny: To the mom… “I’m glad I work like crazy to raise your children properly, and then when they don’t eat their veggies you come home five minutes to bedtime, you stuff them with M&Ms so they won’t go to bed hungry.” Just with rotting teeth and a sugar buzz, “I hope they keep you up all night!”

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