All of these moves – she’s got down pat.

Actually producing and leaving anything at all in the toilet – (even by accident due to the straining that it takes to produce the above tricks) – she has no concept.

I’m open to suggestions on how to take my Olympic Hopeful to Big Girl Panties Hopeful.

14 thoughts on “My Daughter Thinks the Toilet is a Pommel Horse.

  1. If you get if figured out let me know! I have potty trained three and am about to start on the fourth. I don't know that there is any "universal" secret as all children are different, but m&m's as a reward usually works. And it just takes lots of patience on momma's end. LOTS. There will be many accidents before it gets better. And then one day, it just clicks. I am trying to decide when to start with James. Summer is good bc you can let them run around in just their underwear and shirt, but I don't know if he is ready or no. I'll think about it tommorrow as Scarlet says.

  2. We had luck with books and videos on the subject. There might have even been some viewing of the video while sitting on the Elmo potty, as I recall.

    My kids were all about the rewards, too. One or two m&ms and a sticker on a chart go a LONG way.

    Good luck. I don't envy you, but I think you've just hit the gold mine for blogging material.

  3. We just about have our 2 year old (3 in September) potty trained. We started when she turned 2, but it wasn't clicking. So we'd stop for a few weeks and start again. Finally, the past 2 weeks it is working. She wears big girl panties all day (my husband takes care of her all day long, and he's not comfortable taking her in a public restroom yet, so puts a diaper on her if they go out) and goes to the bathroom quite often. She now knows when she has to go, but the times before it didn't click with her when she needed to go, until she felt it running down her leg while she was wearing panties.

    HOpe this helps and sorry it's so long!

  4. Yep — we did M&M's, too! :) Boy, do they work! At first, I cheered for Jaiden and gave her a few M&M's for just sitting on the potty — clothes on! Then we started moving closer to "the real deal" with sitting on the potty, diaper off. (More cheers and M&Ms — even if nothing happened.) Pretty soon, she had a lot more interest on the whole potty deal. We also talked about the potty and read a book that had a potty flush sound. AND, I made up a silly song about "Big girl panties" and let Jaiden pick some out that she could wear when she used the potty. (M&M's continued for several months during and after the process….)

  5. boys are somewhat easier with this. they can aim, which opens up a whole list of possibilities (cheerios, goldfish, etc.). (they can also go anywhere. . .) I read about a tip from someone else one time where she blew in her daughter's face. This caused her daughter to shiver and therefore became a conditioned response. All she had to do was blow when they got on a potty and her daughter peed. . .We tried it. It kinda worked. PATIENCE is the biggest thing. Good luck!

  6. It really is just a matter of it "clicking" for them. Sitting on the potty is a crucial first step, but it can take weeks if not more for them to finally leave something in the potty. At least it took that long for mine. I am praying that Amy Beth is much easier to potty-train than my boys were. Speaking of praying – it helps. A lot.

  7. we did a combination of giving rewards and letting him run around with a long t-shirt and no underwear. he was very stubborn though and he was 3 1/2 before he finally started doing it all the time.

  8. Teeheehee. I have NO suggestions and will want you to take vigorous notes for me as you figure this out, but the post was highly amusing :).

  9. Hahaha. We used "Pottywise" (the book). It worked great. Kariya showed interest at 20 months (it said it couldn't be done until 22 months) but we tried it and it worked. It did take her about a week (the book says it will only be 1 to 4 days). But it worked, and she's doing great now! Good luck! It can definitely be frustrating!!!

  10. "Rachel said…
    Maybe she'll get a gold medal in the "toilet dump," a little known russian gymnastic move!"

    My Dr. Pepper just hit my monitor.

    Bless your heart.

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