Today is the day to announce the winner of the June Appreciation giveaway!!

I plugged you all with your appropriate extra entries into my nifty excel spreadsheet this morning and let it pick a random winner, and the winner is Laura!

Congratulations, Laura!

I can’t wait to design your blog! And in the meantime, you all need to go visit Laura’s blog – she’s a PhD Student at Yale studying Chemistry – now if that’s not a unique blogger, I don’t know what is! She’s got some great posts!

And I feel a special connection with her, because she decided to go back and read my ENTIRE BLOG (she might be the only person to ever read it all – I don’t think even I have done that. You know, I sleepwalk through some posts) earlier this year while she was studying for her PhD Entrance Exams (for stress relief, I suppose), AND she still passed!!

So I take personal credit for helping her study, of course. Because I KNOW my Chemistry. Especially since I managed to make it through High School AND College without ever taking a single class of the stuff.

At any rate, I’ll be sure to show y’all a before and after picture once I finish her design.

And, if you didn’t win and are still interested in a blog design, let me know.

Also, I like the idea of doing blog designs as giveaways, because I love doing them but don’t have time to start a business at this point. BUT at the same time, it’s not really fair to do that for all of my Reader Appreciation Giveaways since the prize wouldn’t apply to all of my readers.

SO what I was thinking, is that for all of my Reader Appreciation Giveaways for the near future, you could either a) pick the prize offered (usually a gift card of some sort) OR b) you could choose a custom blog design. Does that sound workable? Or does anyone else have a better idea?

At any rate, Congratulations, Laura!!!

2 thoughts on “A Meandering, Long-Winded Giveaway Winner Announcement

  1. Aahhhhh I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much Rachel!

    …this is just the inspiration I needed. My blogging hasn't been that great lately…but with a new blog design…WATCH OUT!!!…
    Thanks again!!! :)

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